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Change. It was something he both feared and respected, feared because it threatened to destroy the comfort-bringing routine of his, and respected because as evolution is genetic improvement at the barest minimum, Homo Novus would not have existed were it not for the cycle of evolution and hence could not been able to rule and dominate over the inferior-minded Homo Sapiens. Although he never actually ruled over any humans before... Perhaps he should start now?

Once again, his thoughts got the best of him as he looked up from his Thai food. Nearly two weeks had passed had passed since the last time he had planned his revenge although with every passing day his interest waned but then again, Howard's tales and lack of disrespect for the female Homo Sapiens was good enough reason to keep going with his plan, and not to mention his tales were astoundingly disgusting.

"- and she was all over me! I can't believe how easy it was this time!" said Howard, a grin plastered on his face as he gladly shared the details of his 'adventure' to his 'nerd dizzles'. Both Raj and Leonard were sitting unimpressed on the couch and the chair, respectively.

"Oh c'mon dude, we all know she was a hooker. Why lie and make up all that attraction stuff?" asked Raj, making Howard squirm uncomfortably and argue with Raj. Leonard just chuckled from the lone chair on which he was sitting on.

"Howard, whilst your tales about paying people who have coitus for money are very interesting, and that was sarcasm, I request you to cease from bringing to attention such rather disturbing imagery." said Sheldon, going back to eating his Thai food. The guys looked at him strangely before simultaneous shaking their heads and continuing to eat their food as well.

"You know, Sheldon. You could have said too much information and saved yourself some time." noted Leonard while munching on his Thai, earning him a glare from none other than Dr Cooper himself. Some minutes went by, neither of them saying anything. Sheldon sighed, putting down his empty Thai food container on the coffee-table in front of him, and taking a close-by napkin to clean his hands. Although Leonard was trying his best to be discreet, Sheldon had long noticed that his room-mate was watching his every action.

Drat. I must have had inadvertently dropped a clue.thought Sheldon, before attempting to alleviate some of the suspicions. Being silent was suspicious... At least, it was in Sheldon's case. "When threatened, the cryptobranchus alleganiensis, also known as the Japanese Great Salamander by the uneducated lot, excretes a pepper-smelling substance which scares off its would-be attacker." commented Sheldon, shifting his gaze between the other three occupants of the room. As usual, Leonard was the first to speak.

"So? What's your point?" asked Leonard as he also put down his empty container.

"Nothing, I just thought it would be a great conversation starter. It engages the cerebrum and also provides an opportunity for those who are not particularly educated to be able to participate in the exchange of knowledge." said Sheldon, purposely looking at Howard during the middle of his speech which made Howard roll his eyes. Another minute of silence passed, silence which Sheldon enjoyed as he knew that if his fantastic conversation starter was not enough, then whatever his 'friends' would use to make one would effectively make him even further disinterested in the soon-to-happen conversation. He was not disappointed.

"I have a Master's Degree in Engine e-" burst out Howard whilst staring at Sheldon before he was interrupted by Leonard.

"Why didn't Penny come to eat with us tonight?" asked Leonard, looking between Howard and Raj. Raj shrugged, picking the bottled water in front of him and taking a chug out of it. As they engaged in a heated discussion that Sheldon had no interest for, he excused himself and went to the hallway although his absence was not noted by the other occupants of the living room.

Safe in his room, Sheldon marched over right to his bed, bending over to pick a whiteboard out of it and placing on the three-legs in the middle of his room. Good thinking, Cooper.thought Sheldon as he started to think over his plan again. He had already perfected the 'The Hofstader Counteraction Procedure', which would take at least three months if applied correctly according to his calculations although he had no doubt that the plan would not fail. Grabbing a marker from the top of his dresser, he started to chalk up a strategy to find a way to, metaphorically, also eliminate Howard. Raj was the least of his problems, as his involvement in the sabotage of Sheldon's work was minimum if the data Sheldon had amassed from his conversations with his so-called friends was solid enough backup proof... which it was not.

Overhearing the conversation outside coming to an end, he stood still and listened to the exchange of farewells and the shutting of their apartment door. He had to wait around two hours before he was sure Leonard had went to his bed. It was past his bed-time as he quietly opened his bedroom door and crossed the hallway to reach the kitchen. With a small vial in hand, he opened the fridge, and picked the sole lactose-free milk carton. Because Leonard was not a Homo Novus, Sheldon was sure that Leonard would not even notice the very small dose of bioluminescent protein that he dropped into his milk. Putting the carton in the fridge and positioning it to appear the exact same way it was before he opened the fridge. He held the vial in his hand and sneaked back into his bedroom again.

Leonard is a socially-depending person, always wanting to be approved by the common people, and that is his main weakness. Other than his success with women, of course, which was terrible at best but as it is a merely branch of his constant search for public approval, it wasn't really really note-worthy for Sheldon. Given the dose Sheldon planned to covertly introduce to Leonard's daily milk-intake, Leonard would be a walking human light bulb in three months, with the glowing aspect beginning to show around the first month and reaching a peak at the third. Nobody, other than Leonard, was aware of Sheldon's fish-nightlight project but Sheldon was confident that the luminosity that Leonard would emit would give the false impression of him being exposed to radiation and drive people away from him, rendering him insecure and thus unable to directly and\or indirectly link the happenings that would occur to Sheldon's beloved fish-nightlights.

As it would take at least one month for him to glow, Sheldon was sure that Leonard's suspicions would die by then. I love my mind. thought Sheldon, his Kill-Batman smile forming on his lips as he tucked himself in his bed and slept in the tight cocoon he made from his blanket.

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