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Chapter 1

Harry sighed softly as the shifted in his seat, he hated traveling by muggle means they always took so slow. At the moment he was sitting in the backseat of a muggle automobile also known as a car and was going to his Professor's Manor. Why they couldnt floo was besides him. Why the hell did he hve to spend his Dursely free summer with Snape of all people? He squirmed in his seat again, and looked out the window. He really needed to pee, and was getting borderline desperate as the minutes ticked by. Snape was sitting in the drivers seat, leaving Harry to ponder when his teacher learned to drive. He thankfully was sitting in the back, needing space to lie down, which also meant that he could hold himelf if he needed to.

20 minutes rolled by and found Harry giving himself occasional squeezes to keep his liquid in. Snape was still driving along having not noticed a thing was wrong with his charge. He didnt want to embarrass himself in front of Snape of all people, giving the man more things to taunt him with, so he better speak up.

"Professor, how long until we get there?"

"We'll be there in about 6 hours Potter."

"Oh, do you think we could stop at a petrol station sir?"

"Why? Surely your not hungry, if I recall there is food in the basket on the floor."

"No sir I'm not hungry."

"Then what did you need?" Snape asked getting annoyed.

"I just wanted to..uh...stretch my legs sir." He replied hurridley, somewhere along the way his courage vanished.

"Right, have you forgotten that you are a horrible liar Potter?"

"Sorry sir"

"What did you really need?" Snape pressed.

"The loo sir," Harry finally whispered.

"I see," was all the man said.

Harry was grateful that the man had dropped the subject but his bladder was still throbbing and the man never actually said he was going to stop somewhere. Harry found himself involuntarily gasping and moaning softly in an effort to keep it all in. The last time he had used the toilet was that morning when they left Hogwarts. It was now 2:00pm and he really needed to relieve himself, or he would soon have a humilating situation on his hands.

Severus could hear the boy quite cleary behind him making noises, surely the boy didn't have to go that bad? Of course he was putting on extra for the attention, since he was acting Severus figured he would mind waiting.

"Sir please can you pull over?" Harry finally begged, tears springing into his eyes.

"No Potter, I'll pull over in about an hour. You are 12 years old and not a baby so I know that you can and will hold it."

"I really cant sir, I'm not even joking."

"1 hour Potter, now cease this incessant talking."

Harry now had his left hand firmly grasped in his pants, he knew his teacher was cruel but he never imagined the man would stoop this low. What part of he had to pee didn't he get? He felt a spurt of pee leak out into his boxers before whimpering to himself, he was going to wet himself soon he just knew it. He quickly blinked away the traitorous tears that threathned to fall, and focused on his bladder. As another spurt followed, he found himself frozen in fear, he was going to wet himself in the man's car.

Severus looked discreetly in the mirror where he could check on the boy. The child's face was beet red and he looked like he was struggling to hold back more then just the tears in his eyes. He had thought the boy was pretending but now he was having second guesses on that.

"Potter, when was the last time you used the loo today?"

"When I woke up this morning sir," the boy said as he sniffled.

"And you did not think to inform me of this why?"

"I didn't think it was important sir," he answered.

"Foolish child, of course it's important. The next rest area isnt for another 30 minutes do you think you can hold it?"

Harry felt himself nodding that he could but on the inside he knew he couldn't. He was slowly leaking and he casually looked down to see if his blue jeans had a spot. They didn't but he knew that if he couldn't hold on they would. Suddenly he sat rimrod in his seat, as a 2 second spurt leaked into his pants, he could feel his bum getting wet. And ingoring the tears that were now falling freely down his face he squirmed with all his might to keep it in. As he was fighting his bladder, his Professor suddenly swered the car startling Harry. Spurt after spurt came out, and by the time he gained control the back of his pants were soaked. He could feel the pee dripping down his leg. He was wet and when he got out Snape would know what he did. What was worse was that he still had to go really badly.

"Are you alright there Potter?"

"Yes sir, what happened?" Harry asked trying to keep his voice from cracking on his tears.

"There was a dead animal in the road."

"Oh, are we almost there sir?"

"In about 15 more minutes we should be. How are you holding up Potter?"

"I'm fine sir," Harry stated miserably.

"Are you sure, you don't sound fine."

"I am sir," Harry answered.

He rocked back in forth trying to keep the remaining pee in, for all it was worth. They had just taken the exit when all of a sudden Harry gasped loudly, startling Snape. His poor bladder just had enough of the abuse and forcibly released itself all over the man's car. He heard the sound of his pee hitting the floor and he was sure that Snape could hear it too, but the man never said a word.

Severus looked in the mirror at the boy who had a look of intense fear in his eyes, he could already guess what happened by the look in the boy's eyes. His face really was an open book at times. They were both at fault here, him for not thinking to take the child's needs into account and the boy for not speaking up. But he shook his head at that, the boy did speak up, he just didnt believe him. Shaking his head at his stupidity this was exactly the kind of thing his father had done to him as a kid, and he knew how the boy felt.

It was warm and flowing out of him like someone had turned on the tap and left it on. He tried to stop it but he had no more control over his body, and he sagged in relief. As he finished he found he couldn't say anything if he tried, he only hoped the man wouldn't tease him for this. They pulled into the petrol station and parked.

"I don't need it anymore sir," Harry finally whispered his throat thick with tears.

"I realize that Mr. Potter, but I figured you wanted to clean up." Snape replied gently.

"Yes sir, I don't want to go in there and have them see me like this."

"Mr Potter I am a wizard am I not?" Snape asked sarcastically.

"Yes sir"

"I will spell you clean, stand by the car please."

Harry slowly got out the car, his trousers were now a very dark blue and when he stood up his pee from the trousors ran into his shoes, it was a horrible squishy feeling. The seat in the man's car was soaked and the floor looked like someone had wasted a liter of water in it, but the smell gave it away that it wasn't just water. He felt the rush of warmeth from the spell as it cleaned him. He made no eye contact with his teacher, he kept his face low to the ground and scrubbed his face with the back of his hand. He was 12 as the man had pointed out, and 12 year olds do not have accidents. He got back into the car when the man finished and layed down on the back seat tears once again springing into his eyes. Covering his head with his blanket Harry softly cried himself into an uneasy sleep.