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Chapter 101

Severus laid Harry down on the couch in their quarters, making sure to slip on a pull up for the child. He set an alarm to alert him him the child was in distress or waking up before he went back into his office. He took a seat, and looked at his old friend carefully.

"What do I need to do, to keep you quiet Lucius?" Severus asked quietly. They were all Slytherins here and he knew that no matter what Lucius while a good friend, tended to look out for only himself. He wanted to know just what he and Harry were up against.

"Nothing, I'm not going to use this against you. I took an oath if you recall, I have no desire to serve the Dark Lord when he returns once more. I'm not going to hurt Emery," He told him seriously.

Severus nodded slowly. "I need another oath," he told him tightly.

"I know, and you'll get it. Just not right now, I need to process this. I need to understand why you hid it from me. I've been looking through ministry files trying to make sure that the little boy stays with you and he's been with you all along," he stated bitterly. He remembered the helplessness feeling of telling his nephew that he had found no way for him to stay with his father. He was a Malfoy and that had been a completely new feeling to him and he hadn't liked it.

Severus knew that was all he was getting from the man now and he sighed but there was really nothing he could do, short of obliviating Lucius and Merlin he didn't want to even go there.

"I also need to know something else. How long Draco known?" He asked dryly, a bit peeved that his son had known before him.

"Draco knows?" Severus asked barely able to hide his shock from the man. When had Harry told the boy? Merlin, first Narcissa, then Draco and now Lucius, didn't Harry grasp the meaning of a secret?

"He does, he burst into the toilet looking for him, and saw him. No doubt now, as soon as class is over he will be running down here to warn you that I've taken Emery. You should have seen the look he gave me. You would have thought I was taking him to the Dark Lord, my own son," he sighed with a shake of his head.

"Well, if we're being honest your track record isn't the best. Even Draco knows that," Severus said truthfully.

Lucius had to smile ruefully as it had been true, but leave it to Draco and now Severus to have no such tact when it came to such things.

"Since Draco and I both know, would it be okay, if I told Cissy?" Lucius asked him quietly.

Severus scoffed at that and gave a light chuckle. "She's known since my birthday dinner, Harry told her when we were arguing," he grinned.

"Wow, that's not good. No it's fine that she knows, but Emery needs to learn the meaning of a secret," Lucius muttered dryly.

"Why do you keep calling him Emery, especially as you now know the truth?" Severus asked curiously.

"It doesn't mean much to you, but to I and the child the name is significant. It was the name I was introduced as your son, and it's the name he identifies as being someone I like. As we all know I disliked the Potter family, and him by association. Emery while he may be Harry Potter, he's not. He's different and I think you too, can see the difference, one is more childlike and the other is a front to see be what everyone else want's him to be," Lucius explained as he stood up. He had to get home and talk with his wife and discuss his findings today.

"I'll floo you tonight," Severus said thoughtfully as the man's explanation had shook him a bit. He too had noticed the differences between his son when he was one persona and then the other. That would explain a bit more on just why he didn't want to part with Emery. He would have to talk to the child when they got some time. He nodded and stood up, watching as Lucius flooed home. Well he had a lot to think about.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*2 Months later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Harry was excited, the end of the year had come up pretty fast and he was very excited for his 3rd year to be over. Tt was now the end of May and leading into June, the school year was just about over and he was definitely ready for this summer. He noted with great relief that Sirius Black didn't seem to be gunning for him anymore. That was weird in itself as Harry hadn't heard any more in the paper or by word of mouth that Black was trying to get him. He was just trying to settle down, and he loved the fact that Paddy hadn't belonged to anyone so now he was his. Which worked out as Snape had even tolerated the dog now, it helped that Paddy didn't seem to growl at him anymore.

At the moment he was sitting in the common room with Ron, it was empty for the moment, being just after dinner and they were taking advantage of it. They were currently looking at the map wanting to see what Ron's brother's were up too. He hadn't had a chance to really look at the map at all that year as every time he went to grab it Paddy would growl at it so Harry didn't want to get it ripped to shreds. But now that the dog was roaming the castle he felt relatively safe.

"What are they doing near the entrance doors, they know curfew is in effect since the Dementors are still here," Ron muttered to himself as he got up with Scabbers in his hands.

Harry sighed as he followed suit, he didn't want to get into any trouble. If Snape caught wind of this, or Merlin forbid Draco he was a dead man walking. Harry had thought Ron could be over protective, well the blonde Slytherin took the cake there. He followed his friend out the tower and headed down towards the entrance hall. As they made their way there, Harry got a chilling feeling in his stomach, along with a familiar pressure in his lower stomach. It also didn't help that it was full moon, what if they're were werewolves out here?

"We should go back, I don't like this," he whispered out to Ron.

"Relax Harry, it's just the twins trying to scare us," Ron told him as they hurried towards the doors.

"Let's hurry though Ron okay? I hafta use the toilet," Harry told him quietly. He had gotten quiet good at speaking up about his need, especially when he was with his friends. He was definitely more confident about that then he had been at the beginning of the year.

"We won't take long," Ron promised him, not really planning on staying outside long. He was just curious to see what his brothers were doing.

Once they got them open, they looked around curiously, it definitely looked later then it really was and Harry was starting to get freaked out. And he noticed that Ron felt the same, if the look on his face was anything to go by. At least he thought that was the reason until he heard a loud angry growl behind him, that had him frozen in place.

"What bloody hell? Harry isn't that your dog?" Ron whispered out fearfully as he pointed somewhere behind his friend.

"Where?" Harry asked softly. "Paddy, would never bark at us like that," he replied horrified as he slowly turned around. He watched the dog snap his jaws, a low growl escaping the animal, though he knew better to run. He could see the collar that he had gotten for the dog, gleaming proudly in the the light.

"He's gone Rogue!" Ron screamed, trying to push his friend behind him, as Harry was trying to move towards the dog.

"No Paddy would never hurt me," Harry pleaded, even as his eyes told him that they weren't lying to him and this was really his grim looking dog ready to attack them.

"Well he looks mad, oh where's Snape when you need him," Ron muttered out before the dog got into a crouch.

"No Paddy!" Harry screamed, and covered his face as the dog jumped at them. His whole body trembled from the horrific fear he was feeling, but the animal brushed right passed him and went for Ron. He watched wearily as his dog attacked his friend, biting his leg and dragging him away. "Ron!" He screamed.

"Get help! Help me!" Ron yelled out, afraid for his very life as he was dragged away by the dog.

Harry was besides himself, looking around crazily for anybody. He found himself screaming in fear when he turned around a second time as someone had grabbed him. He found it to be Draco, and he launched himself at the boy, babbling incoherently through his sobs.

"Harry, Harry, what's the matter? What happened? What's wrong?" Draco asked frantically. He was thanking Merlin that he had decided to follow Weasel and Harry when he did. He had watched Paddy attack the Weasel and he knew that Harry would go after them.

"Draco we hafta save Ron! Paddy just attacked him, I don't know what happened!" He cried, for how he was feeling and how helpless he felt, and how it seemed he failed Ron.

Draco winced as the boy cried into into his chest but they were wasting time, standing there and doing nothing. "Get yourself together Potter," he snapped out harshly in a tone that he hadn't used with Harry in a long time. He was rewarded when the boy flinched back from him as if remembering what he was doing. He frowned, knowing he would definitely be in trouble for that later but he didn't care right now. This was serious, and he could always apologize later.

"Sorry Malfoy, I don't know what came over me," Harry replied stiffly, blinking rapidly, trying to control his tears. What had he been thinking of course Draco didn't care about Ron? And here he was blubbering all over the boy, he had let his emotions get the better of him, well never again. He wasn't Emery right now and when he was, Draco didn't truly care for him anymore anyway. At least that's what he was telling himself.

"Gods Harry, you know I didn't mean it like that. I need you to calm down, so we can figure out how we're going to get Weasely back," Draco told him firmly but his voice was gentler this time.

Harry wished with all of his heart that Hermione was here, and not Draco. She would never make fun of him like this, he shook his head, he didn't want to go anywhere with the Slytherin boy anymore; ever.

"Just go get help, I'll wait right here, I don't know where they went," Harry gulped out tearfully. He was lying slightly, but Draco couldn't know, not after that. He brushed his tears away angrily as he stared at the ground, lest his eyes give him away.

Draco nodded, not truly believing the boy but he took off to get his head of house, he would know what to do. As he ran, he passed Granger on the way, but he didn't have time to think about her, knowing she would probably be able to get Harry to calm down.

Harry allowed himself to cry a bit more when Draco ran away, but he hastily brushed his tears away when he saw Hermione running towards him.

"What happened Harry?" Hermione panted out when she reached him, she had been chasing them since they left the tower. She had called for them, but apparently they hadn't heard her.

"Paddy went rogue I think, and he dragged Ron out here, and towards the Whomping Willow," Harry replied sadly.

"Why are you crying?" Hermione asked quietly as she took in his appearance. She was a bit more worried now.

"I'm not okay! I'm just worried about Ron, and you weren't there, and stupid Malfoy was; and he was making fun of me!" Harry exclaimed out as he wiped his face as more tears had escaped during his tirade.

"Oh Harry," Hermione soothed, before she took his hand, squeezing it slightly to comfort him a bit.

That could all be dealt with later, as they had a friend to save. And they headed towards the tree as a run, seeing Ron disappear into what looked like the base of the tree. They looked at each other unsure of how they were going to do this.

Inside the the Willow, or better yet the shrieking Shack, Sirius had transformed and had stolen Ron's wand. He knew that Peter was in the boy's pocket, but he was staying silent, not wanting to do anything or say anything for that matter before Remus got here. He simply took the wand and tried to cover up all the exits that a rat might be able to fit into. He was ignoring Ron, who was staring at him on the bed, in fright. He hadn't meant to scare him or his godson but he saw his chance and he took it.

He stiffened as he heard some footsteps coming towards the room, and he turned and hid behind the door as he opened, and in ran his godson and Hermione.

Harry ran for his friend, looking at his leg in horror. "I'm sorry Ron, I didn't know Paddy would do that. I don't know why he bit you," he started off before he noticed his friend was pointing to behind them.

"He's not a dog," he whimpered out in his fear. "He's Sirius Black!"

Harry turned around and gasped, his wand immediately coming out, as he pointed it at the adult. He swallowed heavily, feeling terrified at this point for all of them, but he knew who Black wanted and it wasn't Ron or Hermione.

"Just let my friends go, and you can do whatever you want with me," he said bravely, but inside his heart pounded fast into his chest. He swear it was going to pound right out of it, not to mention that he hadn't forgotten his urgent need. He didn't want to die.

"I don't want you Harry, we need to talk. But right now, I'm more interested in him," Sirius told him as he pointed the wand at Ron.

"Ron didn't do anything to you!" Harry shouted out angrily, wasn't it him he wanted?

"Not him, the rat," Sirius stated impatiently, looking over as the door burst opened a second time to reveal Remus.

"Sirius, I trust you found him?" Remus asked him calmly, ignoring the children for a moment as he looked at his friend.

"Remus? You can't do this, Dad trusted you!" Harry screamed as he realized that his DADA teacher wasn't on their side.

Remus sighed, this wasn't what he was trying to do. "I can explain Harry," he said before he waved his wand. "Expelliarmus!" The last thing he needed was to get stunned by the child before he explained everything.

Harry's wand went flying and he stared at the man in fear as he was rendered defenseless. He shifted back on his feet as he moved with Hermione towards the wall.

"How could you do this?!" Harry shouted out, hell if he was going to die, he wanted some answers.

"Because he's a werewolf!" Hermione suddenly shouted out as she glared at him. This was incomprehensible to her, as teachers just didn't turn on their students right?

Ron and Harry were looking between their Professor and Hermione in horror. It was silence for a few moment before Ron was the first one to speak.

"What the hell does that have to do with him turning on us Hermione?" Ron asked quietly but everyone heard him.

"He's working with Sirius Black, and werewolves are evil," Hermione said softly.

"Not all of them, I have an Uncle who was bitten by one. He's not evil, he's just turns into a dangerous creature once a month," Ron replied with a shake of his head. "Professor Lupin, is not evil because he's a werewolf, what's evil about him is that he's helping the guy who help murder Harry's parents!"

Harry was shuddering by the wall, this was too much for him to taken in and he just wanted Snape. Why the hell did this always happen to him? Why had they ventured outside? He swallowed fearfully as the adults conversed to themselves, and shook a bit more as he realized they still had his wand.

"Don't hurt us please," Harry whispered out, the fight in him gone, as he couldn't defend himself now.

"Merlin, we're not going to hurt any of you. The other day Harry, you mentioned on the map that you saw the name Peter Pettigrew," Sirius started off.

"I know, but Peter Pettigrew is dead," Hermione rushed out.

"He's not, he was shown on the map," Remus interjected.

"Maybe the map was lying?" Harry asked timidly.

"The map never lies!" Sirius yelled out, effectively scaring the children in the room with them.

Harry jumped back in fear as he found himself pushed behind Hermione, he was supposed to protect her. "Mione what are you doing?" He asked her softly.

"You're frightened and more important at the moment. Besides you have no wand," Hermione murmured out truthfully.

Harry made to argue before he turned over to look at Sirius and Remus who had advanced on Ron who was now holding out a scared Scabbers. He watched as the minute he set the rat down, it tried to flee. Their wands tried to get him, and missed but just when the rat ran underneath the table, they hit him and made him transform. He watched all of this with wide eyes, squirming urgently from where he was behind Hermione.

"Remus, Sirius my old friends," Peter said as soon as he was transformed.

"You're no friend of ours," Remus spat out angrily as he glared at his ex-friend.

Harry was watching them interrogate the man, his dancing getting quite frantic in the corner, but he didn't want to draw any attention to him. So Sirius Black hadn't decided to kill him now, but that could change right?

"Harry? What's the matter? Are you okay?" Hermione asked him in concern as she turned to look at her friend. She could feel him bouncing behind her, especially as he had bumped her a couple of times and she was curious to know why. Was something wrong with him too?

"Nothing Mione I'm fine," Harry mumbled out miserably, as he crossed and recrossed his legs. He was trying to find a position that would take the pressure off his bladder but it was hard given the little space he had pressed up against the wall in the corner.

Ron was staring at his friend in disbelief as he watched all of this. "Harry please don't tell me that you have to do what I think you have to do," he whispered out as he also become aware of his friends movement.

Harry stared at Ron silently, neither denying nor agreeing. He figured it would be best not to say anything as he didn't want his friend to get mad at him too like Draco had done.

Ron looked at him attentively. "Are you just dancing for lack of something better to do or do you have to use the toilet Harry?" He asked bluntly, very much aware of Hermione's blush but he had no time for that. They had to figure this out.

"Yes I have to go Ron. I had to go before we left the castle, I told you that," Harry stressed out to his friend in a defensive tone. This was NOT his fault, he would not be blamed for this. He had told Ron, he just hadn't listened to him. Not to mention where in the hell was Draco?

"Oh yeah, sorry mate," Ron said with a wince before he gave his friend and apologetic look.

Harry whined softly as he jumped up around, the stupid apology doing nothing to aid him at the moment. He groaned and soon his wiggling intensified, and he was no longer paying attention to the men on the other side of the room.

It was Sirius who had noticed it first, having become very adapt at spotting his godson's potty dances when he had been a dog. And he found himself groaning as well but for a different reason and hefelt Remus stiffened next to him.

"What's the matter Padfoot?" Remus called never taking his eyes off of Peter before nodding to himself. "Incarcerous," he stated calmly, as the man on the floor was bound in robes before stunning him once more for good measure.

"It's Harry, I tell you the kid has horrible timing," Sirius stated. He was agitated at the whole situation now.

"What's the matter with him?" Remus asked, as he calmly continued to watch Peter. He wasn't sure if the spell would stop him from transforming so for the time being he was watching Peter and not Harry. He was taking no chances.

"He's gotta wee, he's really working himself into a state," Sirius replied with a sigh as he turned to face the children. His godson looked to be besides himself at the moment and seemed to be getting worse as the minutes ticked by.

Harry gasped softly, as he was suddenly forced to hold himself lest he lose control as he paced around in a desperate potty dance circle. "I want my daddy!" He whined out anxiously, wanting to be anywhere but where he was right now. He couldn't stay by the wall forever, sooner rather then later he was going to wet himself.

Sirius sighed, but he had enough. He was not going to let Harry pee himself, that would win no points with Snape when this all ended. "Harry, could you come here please?" He requested.

"Please don't hurt me Mr. Black!" Harry cried out as he jumped around in place. "I'll do anything you want me too, please!"

"Harry, Harry, Harry, I'm not going to hurt you kiddo," Sirius told him gently, ignoring his title for the moment. He had more important things to worry about then what Harry called him.

"Then what do you want with me?" Harry asked tearfully as he bent at the waist in his desperation. He was trying everything he could to relieve a bit of the pressure in his bladder without peeing himself.

"I need you to come with me before you have an accident and Snape kills me," Sirius told him reaching for the boy.

"I don't...I don't know what you're talking about," Harry whispered out, ignoring the small voice in his mind that said he didn't have time to deny this right now .

"Harry I can see your bloody dance. I have familiarized myself with it having lived with you since Christmas," Sirius told him seriously. "I didn't betray Lily and James Potter, Peter did and as soon as someone finds us, he will talk. But until them, come on and let's go take of your problem," he said as he grabbed his godson by the shoulder and led him out of the room.

Harry gulped nervously but he couldn't deny that his need wasn't urgent. "Where will I go? Is there a toilet down here?" He asked the man hurriedly as he followed him.

"No there isn't, but there's a small room that will fit it's purpose," Sirius told him as he led him into the room.

Harry looked around warily before looking back at the man. "You want me to go on the floor?" He whispered out horrified at that. One just didn't pee on the floor like they were animals, it was much to reminiscent of him being locked in his cupboard with only a bucket for relief.

Sirius shook his head, of course Harry would be against that, so he wasn't at all surprise. No what had him pausing was the fearful look on the child's face. "No, give me a moment," he said as he pointed the borrowed wand at one of the chairs near the wall and transfigured it into a toilet. It was bascially a replica toilet, and it wouldn't flush but it would serve it's purpose.

"Thank you," Harry told him gratefully as he rushed over to the toilet. He stopped in front of it, pulling his robe up, and trying to get his buckle off. But he had waited much too long and he had entered the land of no return and Snape was nowhere in in sight, Ron wasn't even near him anymore.

"You have a problem there kiddo?" Sirius asked curiously, but he didn't move from his place by the door.

"I can't get my trousers undone, I need my dad!" Harry told the man desperately as he paced in front of the toilet. "Or I need Professor Lupin!" He told the man seriously, he honestly didn't care that the man turned into a werewolf. At least somethings made sense on what his father and the Professor had been saying when they thought he wasn't paying attention.

Sirius nodded but instead of going to get Remus he made his way to the boy. He knew that if he switched places with Remus, he wouldn't be able to stop himself from killing Peter. And that wouldn't get him his freedom, not to mention it would scar the two other children in the room with him. And he knew he couldn't have that, if he wanted to be in Harry's life, and he did.

"I can help you with that kiddo," he offered as he stopped next to the child.

"And you're not going to hurt me right? You're not going to hit me in my privates when I turn to let you help me? Or try to touch me inappropriately?" Harry asked warily. After all he didn't know Sirius Black and for all he knew the man could be a creeper or something.

"Hell no, why would I do that? What do take me for, a bloody pervert?" Sirius asked, appalled at the whole situation as he got his godson's pants undone, and pulled them down for him before he stepped back..

"No, but I wanted to be sure," Harry breathed out loudly, as he quickly turned to face the bowl. He was all set to go when he heard a dangerous silky voice in the room he had just left and he knew it could only be one person. "Dad!" He called out, unable to go anywhere as his stream as just started. He was however rewarded when he heard footsteps coming into the room.

Severus burst into the room, with his wand raised and Draco in tow, looking frightened and relieved at seeing him. "Harry are you okay?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at the position he found his son in. Honestly, he had not expected to find his son doing this, while Paddy laid on the floor near him.

"I'm okay, I just had to pee," Harry replied with a shrug as tried to hurry up his stream. "Did you see Peter Pettigrew in the next room on the floor?" He asked the man.

"I did, I sent my Patronus to Albus to inform him of the fact, but Lupin seems to have it all under control. I'm only surprised that Black isn't here," Severus muttered out truthfully.

"Daddy, he is here," Harry told the man seriously.

"Where is he?" He asked tensedly.

"In here wiff us," Harry replied softly as he turned to look at the dog.

"No way in hell," Severus said completely unlike himself as he followed his son's gaze to their dog. He watched with wide eyes as the the dog transformed to the person he never expected to see. "Black," he hissed out, but it was more shock then anything else.

"Hey Snape," Sirius said as she shook out his hair and looked at the flabbergasted man whose wand while still in his hand wasn't pointing at him like he had thought it would have been.

"You've been living in our house for months and you didn't hurt us. Why?" Severus asked tightly.

Sirius sighed. "I'm not going to hurt my godson and he told me early on that if I bit you he wouldn't be able to keep me,"

Severus wheeled his eyes to Harry. "You knew he was Sirius Black?" He asked out dangerously.

"No daddy, I didn't. I only found out today, honest!" Harry said as he zipped up, his eyes wide he was so not trying to get into trouble. Especially when it was so close to summer.

"I meant as a dog Snape. We need to talk, but not right now. We have to go, it's still the full moon and I don't know if Moony took his potion," Sirius replied seriously.

"He did, I made sure of it, but you're right. Let's go," Severus said tightly as he picked up his son and ushered Draco back out of the room.

"Merlin, you don't have to carry him everywhere. He can walk," Draco muttered out.

"You sound jealous, little Malfoy," Sirius said in a teasing tone.

Draco pouted but said nothing to his cousin, he wasn't about to go there. Besides that was his mother's favorite cousin and he anticipated seeing the man once he was freed and he didn't want to start anything off on a bad note.

Harry giggled as watched Sirius pick up Ron, and apologize for biting his leg so hard. He grinned happily as Remus with a floating and stunned and tied up Pettigrew as they all trooped out the Whomping Willow. He hugged his father tightly as they all trooped up to the Castle, feeling the happiest he had ever felt. He couldn't wait for this summer, excited to see what it had in store for him. He had a father, a cousin who wouldn't beat him up, and Aunt and 2 Uncles that wouldn't hurt him, not to mention his best friends, new and old. And now he had a Godfather to top it all off, his family was complete and he had never been more happier. He sighed happily, and emjoyed the ride back to the castle, breathing out a breath he hadn't known he was even holding. It was all over, finally.

The End