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Chapter 98

The rest of the winter break had been a bit too much tension for Harry and Severus. The Potion Master knew that he was at fault, and it hurt his heart to have his child look at him like that. He had tried hard to remain patient, and it seemed to be working thankfully, even if it was slow going. He didn't know how he would handle it if Harry continue to ignore him. The man looked up from his papers, noting for the first time that he wasn't alone anymore. He could see Harry on the couch, coloring in one of his activity book. And he could only hope that this was the end of the punishment for both of them. After all they return to school tomorrow morning.

"We return to the school tomorrow. Are you eager to get back to your friends?" Severus asked conversationally.

Harry nodded silently. "I wanna see Mione," he replied softly. He was feeling a bit out of sorts the past few days. He had been ducking his father's attempts at apologies and comforts, and the little boy was miserable. But he wanted Snape to understand something, but not at the expense of himself.

"I'm sure she's anxious to see both you and Mr. Weaseley," Severus replied soothingly.

"Yeah, I hope so," Harry said seriously before startling as the floo started to ring. He looked at his father fearfully but the man only calmly stood up.

"Severus it's me Lucius, would it be alright if I came through?" The Aristocrat's voice resounded through the fireplace.

The man in question suddenly turned sharply to look at Harry who had taken on a terrified expression as he was not in the disguise of Emery Prince . "Go to your room Harry, and take the potion next to the bed," he told him in a hushed tone. He knew that Harry would definitely be unable to stay away to see what the blonde man was doing here, and he would be safer if he was in his 'Emery' persona.

"Okay," the little boy replied quickly before running out the room and back upstairs.

He was very curious to know why Mr. Malfoy was doing here, not to mention the little boy had taken a bit of fondness for the man. He actually liked the man and his family, at least when he wasn't Harry Potter. He drank the contents of the vial in one gulp and waited for it to take effect.

Severus strode over to the fireplace and unlocked it for his friend to come through. He was very glad that he had sent Harry upstairs when he saw that the man wasn't alone. He had brought Draco with him, though he noted the time at 7:00pm and knew that they probably wouldn't be staying that long.

"Sorry to just barge in like this Severus, but Narcissa insisted that I floo you tonight," Lucius said apologetically as he took a seat. He could see from the chair that he was sitting a child's coloring book and a cluster of crayons, so he knew that Emery wasn't yet gone.

"That's alright Lucius," Severus told him as he took a seat across from him and called his house elf for tea.

"Where is Emery?" Draco asked finally when it became apparent that the men were about to have a talk. He didn't want to hear what they had to say, and he wanted to see what kinds of things the boy got for Christmas.

"Upstairs, knowing him he should be coming back down," Severus replied, his lips quirking into a smirk as the sound of feet was soon heard coming down the steps. And a few moment's later the boy burst back into the study, his eyes big.

"Uncle Lucius!" Harry yelled out childishly as he ran to the man who quickly got out of the chair and picked him up and spun him around to the surprise of both Draco and Severus.

"Well hello there Emery. I thought I wouldn't get a chance to see you before you left," Lucius told the small boy and he tickled his sides.

Harry giggled as he hugged the man tightly. This is what he would miss most when 'Emery' went away. He and his father hadn't talked about it yet, but he knew that the disguise wouldn't last forever. He knew that he couldn't always hide. He would miss the fact that Lucius Malfoy treated him like he wished his own Uncle had; but he would enjoy it until it was over.

"Uncle Lucius?" Draco asked with a frown as he contemplated that. This was a first for him, and the Professor.

"Well you call my Dad, Uncle Severus. It's the same isn't it?" Harry said with a pout.

"Yes it's the same little one, Draco was merely curious," Lucius said smoothly once he saw the pout. He did however give his son a stern look, now was not the time to start fights.

"Oh, okay," Harry said with a sigh as turned to steady himself by putting his arm around the man's shoulder.

"So where were we Lucius? What brings you and Draco here tonight? I would have thought that you would have been preparing him to go back to Hogwarts tomorrow," Severus said as they retook their seats.

"We have, but as I said Narcissa wasn't sure when Emery went back with his other relatives," the blonde stated carefully. "And she wanted me to see if he would be around the 9th of January or so," he said seeing the man's eyes narrowing.

"What's happening on the 9th?" Harry blurted out before his father could speak.

"Uncle Severus's birthday, he doesn't like to celebrate it. But mother wants to take him out to dinner, and you as well. So I hope you're going to be there, otherwise I'll have no one to talk too," Draco told him as the men seemed to be silently conversing above their heads.

"Oh, Daddy am I still going to be here?" Harry asked softly, as Lucius set him down. He didn't need to know that the two blondes in the room were openly staring at him. They had known he was Severus's son for a while, but they had never heard him address the man, so casually.

"Why wouldn't you be? Father says that with your mum gone, Uncle Severus is your only remaining guardian," Draco drawled out

Severus sighed as he gave Harry a look, his dark eyes calculating and trying to think this through. By their story, he was supposed to have gotten rid of Emery, but he now realized the flaw in their plans. Why had he he said that the child's mum had died, where else would he go? How were they going to get through this, he could see when the eyes soon shifted to him and he forced his face blank.

"We will have to see, I do not know if that will be possible as I work at Hogwarts. I've had that job for years, and with your sudden appearance, I don't want to put that in jeopardy," Severus replied slowly.

Harry hung his head silently, knowing now was not the time to have this conversation. The hand of the blonde's aristocrat on his shoulder suddenly felt heavy. Guess this was the end of then, he simply wasn't allowed to have a father AND and Uncle figure who cared for him. His father didn't even want to see if they could find away around it. He blinked back the sudden tears as he wrenched himself from the blonde man. He moved to grab his coloring book and all of his crayons. Better make sure that it looks like once he's gone he won't be returning.

Severus didn't need to make eye contact to see the inner turmoil in the child's eyes plain as day. He sighed as he turned to his tea, as the boy suddenly ran out of the room.

"Emery!" Draco called out giving his own father a look before soon following after the small boy.

Lucius had been quiet during the whole conversation as it wasn't his business. But now that the boys were gone, he turned his eyes to his friend to let him have it and know how utterly ridiculous he was being.

Draco meanwhile had caught up with Harry who was shoving the crayons and crayons in a drawer, sniffling slightly. He didn't turn around when he heard his door open, knowing that it was Draco. What did it matter? After tomorrow, Emery would cease to exist anymore and Draco Malfoy would go back to hating who he really was; Harry Potter. He had never had a cousin who he enjoyed being around, and once he got one he didn't want to let him go.

"I guess this is goodbye then," Harry said softly.

"No it's not Emery don't think like that. Father will get Uncle Severus to see reason." Draco said confidently.

Harry shrugged as if he didn't care, besides prolonging it only made it harder on him in the long run. He glanced at the clock to see it at 8:30, and he knew they both had school tomorrow. And he himself was a right grouch if he didn't get his recommended sleep.

"If you say so Draco," he mumbled out as he walked over to his bed and pulled his pajamas from under his pillow and proceeded to get dressed. He didn't care that Draco was in there, after all they were both boys anyway.

"I know so Emery," he replied seriously.

Harry had to smile at that, he could hear the over protectiveness in the the boy's tone. Was this what having an older brother was like?

"What's that?" Draco asked quietly, his eyes narrowing as he looked at the younger boy.

Harry stilled from where he had been pulling on his t-shirt. "What's what?"

"The scar, on your arm," Draco replied slowly as he pointed too it.

Harry grimaced as he recognized the scar, from where the basilisk's fang had gotten him. The bloody bite, still gave him nightmares. "Snake bite," he replied honestly.

"Oh must have been a hell of a snake," Draco said with a horrified tone. "That looked liked it hurt alot,"

"It did, but it was a couple years ago," Harry said with a nonchalant shrug before he finished putting on his shirt. He ran over to his dresser drawer and slyly wrapped his nighttime underwear in his pajama bottoms before giving his guest a shy look.

Draco was nodding thoughtfully, wondering what type of snake bit the child when he noticed the look he was now getting. "What?"

"I...I'm going to go to the toilet, to get dressed and stuff. Is that okay?" Harry said politely.

"Yeah that's fine. It's your house Emery, you don't have to ask me, but I thank you anyway," Draco told him as he took a seat on the bed.

Harry nodded, smiling shyly at the boy before he ran out the room and to the bathroom to get dressed for bed.

The next day found Severus and Harry flooing back to Hogwarts. Harry didn't want to take the train back, and risk the possibly of running into Draco. He didn't honestly think he could handle fighting the boy. Draco had shown another side to himself when he was Emery, and he hated that they had to go back to fighting. He didn't dwell on it, the same way that he had countered his father whenever he tried to bring up never being Emery Prince ever again. He didn't want to talk about it, or deal with it.

The first day back passed by without any problems, and Harry was happy to see that Ron caught Hermione up on everything that they had done over break together. He mostly stayed silent to himself, especially at Dinner when the Headmaster had announced if anyone was currently missing a dog. Paddy was his, and he couldn't even fathom if someone turned out to claim the dog. His rest that night wasn't restful, and he spent the whole night tossing and turning, having nightmares of Paddy being taken away from him forever and he just couldn't handle it. The little boy woke up the next morning, in a foul mood. Add to the fact that they had double potions with the Slytherins and the young Gryffindor was being a right git. He trudged down to the dungeon classroom with his classmates and friends and they took their seat. He could see the lines on his father's face once he appeared in the man's classroom to know that he hadn't sleep well either. After sitting next to Ron for about 2 minutes, he found himself sighing along with the rest of the class as they were assigned partners, and of course who would he be with; Draco Malfoy.

Harry frowned but he slowly made his way to the other side of the room, knowing that Draco would never get up. He took a seat with a loud exaggerated sigh, wincing as he saw the look his father shot at him. He straightened up before turning his gaze to look at the Slytherin.

"Malfoy," Harry said quietly, but without his usual venom. So much had changed between them, but the sad part of it was that Draco didn't even know.

"Potter," Draco muttered as he got up to grab the ingredients for the potion they would be making. It was a simple burn paste, so Draco had no worries not that he would anyway, but at least Potter couldn't mess anything up.

Harry eyes flicked to Snape, the man was currently walking around the classroom, checking on his classmates. Harry knew the potion they were making and he set the cauldron over the flame while the Slytherin started to prepare them.

"It says to dice them Malfoy, not slice them," Harry muttered after a moment while he watched the blonde work.

"Oh yeah, you think you can do better Potter. I'll have you know that I do know what I'm doing," Draco replied haughtily, very much aware that he had messed up. He knew once he reread it that he had gotten the cutting wrong.

"I will, here hand me the knife," Harry replied confidently.

He wanted to show Draco a bit of his skills, he couldn't understand just what it was in him that made him want to make the other boy proud. He shook his head, he wasn't making any sense. Harry looked at the root and and quickly shoved up the sleeves on his robes and got to work. He was so into his work, he didn't hear the soft gasp of the Slytherin boy next to him, when his arm revealed the same scar that he had just seen on Emery only a day ago.

Draco's eyes flicked to Snape, and back to Harry for a moment before shaking his head in denial, this couldn't be could it? As he watched the boy work, he noticed how similar the mannerisms were to Emery. How had he not seen? And how could Snape do this to him? The blonde boy was strangely silent the rest of the lesson, trying to figure this out. His first thought was to owl his father, but something was holding him back. He had seen the way the man had held Emery, he didn't know what to do, but common sense was telling him to shut up and leave it be. He sighed, and stayed in a contemplated mood, the rest of the period, with Harry none the wiser.

~*~*~*~ 1 Week Later*~*~*~*~*~*~

Draco pulled on the dress shirt, that his mother had forced him to wear. Never mind that she wasn't even at school with him. He would be seeing her in a couple hours and he didn't want to bring her ire down on him if he chose to wear something else. He sighed, dreading this dinner. How could he go and pretend to be friendly with a kid that he knew was Potter? But he also knew that if he did anything to the boy, that Snape would kill him. And he had no desire to experience any embarrassment any time soon. The Slytherin sighed before he headed downstairs to wait in the common room for Snape to get him.

Severus was making sure that Harry had drank his potion. He hadn't had a chance to really sit down and talk to the boy about what they were going to do about Emery, but now was not the time. He looked at the child, who he noticed was giving him shy smile.

"Are you ready for us to go get Draco?" Severus asked him.

"Yeah," Harry replied softly, though inwardly, he just wished the whole night was over. He hadn't been that oblivious. He had seen the other boy giving him looks this past week when he thought he wasn't watching. And he was currently creeped out, he didn't like being watched. He said nothing of how he was feeling and simply reached for his father.

"Emery, don't you think you're getting a bit old for this?" Severus sighed as he picked the child up.

Harry shook his head stubbornly, as he buried his head in his father's shoulder. "I just wanna be close to you," he whispered out.

"What's got you so out of sorts?" Severus asked softly, but he only got a shrug for his troubles.

Severus said nothing else as he flooed with Harry to the Slytherin Common room to get Draco. He stepped out of the fireplace and after nodding to the child, they left. They were going to go to the edge of the Hogwart's boundary line before port keying out of there to the restaurant. Severus made sure that both boy's were holding the sock as they disappeared with a small pop.

They landed in front of the restaurant, and looked around for a moment trying to get a feel of their surroundings. It was a muggle restaurant but no one was around them, not to mention this was an expensive place so he had to wonder where everyone was. They didn't have to wait for long when Lucius suddenly appeared.

"There you are, Narcissa is waiting for us inside," Lucius told them, ruffling Harry's hair on the way as he led them inside.

"Where is everyone?" Severus asked curiously.

"We rented the place out for the night, more or less," Lucius answered smoothly.

"I see," he replied slowly. "Do not tell me you went all out for my birthday? You know I won't like that," Severus warned him.

"Of course not, I did no such thing. Narcissa however, had no such qualms," Lucius replied honestly, smiling when he heard his friend groan.

"It wont be so bad daddy," Harry whispered in the man's ear. "We'll get to eat birthday cake," he said happily.

"You would only be concerned about that," Severus said dryly as they all headed into the restaurant.

Harry was soon set on his feet, and made to walk with Draco towards their table. He looked around the place in awe, as this was an extremely fancy place. And he knew that his Aunt Petunia would kill to be able to eat here. He giggled as he pictured that, earning him a funny look from the Slytherin. He figured, he'd better speak to the boy, which he was feeling good about as he missed talking with Draco.

"Hi Draco," Harry said shyly, but his tone warm and inviting. He had forgotten just how young his voice sounded when he was in his Emery persona.

Draco stared at the small boy, unable to believe what he was seeing. If this was truly Potter(which he knew now) then why was the boy being so nice to him. He could hear it in his tone, and his smile was not at all fine. "Hello Emery, how have you been?"

"Good," Harry replied cheerfully. That was all he needed to get over the initial shyness. After all Draco(as far as he knew) had no reason to suspect him. Harry continued to talk to the Slytherin even as they took their seat at the table.

Lucius was grinning at the interaction between the two children, and he wished that Emery was the same age as Draco once more. It would be great for the Malfoy heir to have one friend and cousin who liked him for him and not his name. He sighed, but there was nothing he could do for it.

"So little one, what have you been up too? Did you go to Hogwarts with Severus?" Lucius asked conversationally when the child had taken a breath in speaking.

Harry eye's widened as he turned to look at his father. They hadn't discussed this, and he had to refrain from automatically speaking that he was at Hogwarts. He had been, but Emery wasn't, he forced a frown on his face and looked down at the table.

"No sir, I haven't gone to Hogwarts," Harry replied softly.

"Then where have you been staying?" Narcissa piped in, a frown gracing her elegant face.

"In Hogsmeade, I have a flat there. Dad got it for me," Harry replied, thinking that he was being smart but the gasps he got from both Lucius and Narcissa told him otherwise.

"Severus what were you thinking? He's 10 year old, we could have taken him in, if you truly despise having a child around you so much!" Narcissa said angrily.

Severus gritted his teeth, his infamous Snape glare, turning into the direction of his son, who nearly fell off his chair from how bad he had flinched. He toned it down, when he realized that Harry was shaking. "Sorry Emery, I forgot," he murmured softly.

Draco was looking from each of them, his eyes narrowed but he wasn't about to disrupt this conversation. He was never more then grateful then when their server appeared to take their orders.

Harry looked up suddenly, he didn't know what to order and he looked to his dad for assistant. The man was currently in a staring contest of sorts with his Uncle Lucius and he sighed before turning to Draco. "What do I order to eat?"

"Whatever sounds good to you," Draco replied simply.

"Well, what are you ordering?" Harry asked slyly.

Draco gave him a look that showed him he wasn't fooled. "Filet Mignon, and mashed potatoes with sauteed squash," he replied in a serious tone.

Harry's mouth dropped opened, he didn't know what that was and he didn't want it. He frowned, this wasn't good, even if the mashed potatoes bit sounded good. "I want mashed potatoes too Daddy," he told the man.

"Get something more then that, you need a meat and a vegetable," Severus told him.

"Can I have baked chicken and broccoli?" Harry asked softly.

"Yes you can," Narcissa replied as they ordered. "Now pick something to drink honey, and your done," she told him.

Harry's eyes flicked to his watch and shook his head. It was only 6:30pm, but by the time they got the food it would be about 7pm. And his dad had been speaking about limiting his drinking after 7, and he didn't think he would be allowed anything. "I'm not thirsty," he mumbled.

"We're not starting tonight Emery, so you may have whatever you like," Severus interjected before the other adults could question him.

Harry nodded happily, and ordered a fizzy cola drink with a grin, before turning back to Draco. As their waitress came back with their drinks, he immediately went for it, and gave her a grin when she laid down a coloring mat for him. "Thank you," was the cheerful reply before the little boy went silent as he started coloring.

Draco frowned, as he silently observed the behavior of the other boy. He could see now, how he never saw Potter in Emery. They truly were two different people, even though they were one in the same. He noticed how happy the little boy looked and he sighed, knowing that he couldn't put this off anymore. He needed to talk to Emery now, but he wasn't sure how to get the boy up without drawing suspicion. He didn't stop to think that the answer would come to him soon.

As soon as the food came, all was forgotten as papers were moved aside and conversation was halted as everyone started to eat. Harry was grinning happily at his choice as he silently tucked in. The food was great and the soda was even better. He was still excited to see what the cake would look like. Harry was only halfway through his dinner when he felt the first jolt in his lower stomach, and his eyes immediately flicked over to his father who seemed to be in conversation with the elder Malfoy's again.

He knew already to have an accident in his dress trousers were out of the question but he also knew it would be rude to interrupt. Harry tried to ignore the urge, but like always once the child acknowledged it he couldn't ignore it and he was soon wiggling around in his chair. He turned to look at Draco, only to find the boy staring at him strangely, and he opened his mouth but the Slytherin beat him too it.

"Are you okay Emery?" Draco asked quietly, he was nearly sure he knew what was wrong.

Harry nodded but he bit his lip as he looked around the restaurant again. "I don't see the toilet, do you?" He asked softly.

Draco's suspicions were confirmed and he realized that he could use this to his advantage, and speak with the boy. He only hoped that the child wouldn't freak out. "Me either, but they have one here. Father would never dine in a place that didn't have it," he promised the boy.

"But I need to go though, and my dad is still talking with yours," Harry said worriedly.

Draco sighed, this side of the boy he could remember seeing as Potter. When he had made the boy pee himself that horrible day. He would have regret until he was sure the child forgave him. He sighed before turning to look at the adults, he owed the boy this much.

"Excuse me Father, but I have an urgent question," Draco stated formally. And like he knew it all eyes suddenly turned to him, or in his Professor's case, they went straight to Emery.

"What is it Dragon?" Lucius asked, wondering just why his son's tone was so formal. They were in the company of family and there was no need.

"Do you know where the toilets are?" Draco asked, a small frown gracing his face.

"I believe they are in the back of the restaurant," Lucius replied slowly before turning around so he could signal their waiter. He turned to look at Severus only to find the man staring at Emery silently. "What is it?" He asked the man softly.

"Emery, is you who need's the toilet?" He asked his squirming child.

Harry nodded jerkily as he rocked in his chair. "I do, can I go?" He asked urgently.

"Of course you can. Lucius, if you'll excuse us," Severus said as he stood up so he could take his son to the bathrooms.

"No problem," Lucius replied easily.

Draco stood up as well, that wasn't the part of the plan. "Wait, I need to go too," he blurted out, embarrassment flooding his face as everyone turned to look at him.

Lucius sighed, of course Draco needed to go he had asked after all. "Severus, I think that Draco is more then capable of taking Emery to the bathroom alone," he said in a quiet tone that told the former spy that he needed to discuss something serious with the man and was taking advantage of the children not being there.

Severus nodded curtly as he looked down at his son who was jumping up in down in place. "Alright, you can take Emery. But hurry, he's nearing the edge of no return," he warned his Slytherin.

"Okay Uncle Severus," Draco told him as he grabbed one of the child's free hand, and followed the waitress to the bathroom.

The Slytherin rushed in when he heard the boy's whine, but something stopped him from letting the boy go right away. He felt the other boy yank at his hand trying to get him to let go but he held on for a moment.

"Draco let me go, I have to wee," Harry whined out urgently.

"In a moment, I have something important to speak with you about," Draco rushed out. He was very much aware that the boy's bladder wasn't as strong as it should be and he didn't want the child to wet himself. He knew that his mother, his father and Uncle would kill him.

"Can't it wait until after I go?" Harry pleaded out desperately.

"No I'll only take a second," Draco promised before he turned so he was facing the other boy. "I know your secret, about who you really are," he whispered out. He watched the boy's face pale and the hand that he was holding started shaking.

"I..I don't know what you're talking about," Harry whispered out fearfully.

He knew the jig as up, he could see the knowing look in the Slytherin's eyes and it was all he could do not to start bawling right then and there. He sniffled and hung his head and crossed his legs before he gulped.

Draco sighed. "Yes you do, I know you're really Harry Potter, " he stated bluntly.

Harry's heart dropped, stopped and restarted in overtime. His free hand unconsciously grabbed his crotch as he tried to understand the ramifications of the other boy's words. "Are you going to tell on me?" He asked tearfully.

"No," Draco replied softly. "I'm just confused, who is Uncle Severus really too you?" He asked curiously.

"My daddy," Harry said sadly before he suddenly bent over at the waist in his desperation. "Oh I hafta go!" He groaned out loudly.

"Merlin's bloody beard, I forgot!" Draco said in a horrified tone as he quickly pulled the other boy over to the stalls.

"I gotta wee!" Harry whined out frantically.

"I know! I'm sorry, please don't wet yourself. I don't wanna get into trouble," Draco told him worriedly as he positioned the child in front of the toilet and finally let go of his hand.

Harry didn't answer as he agitatedly tried to undo his trousers. They were a bit big, so his father had made him wear a belt which is what his main cause of trouble was coming from.

Draco was watching the scene horrified. He knew the consequences and what his father and Uncle would do if the boy wet himself. He would be spanked and punished, and that was embarrassing. Now knowing exactly who the boy was, having his suspicions confirmed and everything he was of course apprehensive about helping the boy. But he also knew if he didn't that he was screwed.

"Move your hands," Draco instructed as he moved to stand in front of the boy and hurriedly unbuckled his friend's trousers.

Harry had just pulled the pants down, when his forceful stream released, grateful for the toilet bowl below. He didn't look at the Slytherin, his head hung down low as he relieved himself.

"Are you going to tell?" Harry managed to choke out.

Draco thought about that before shaking his head. He had a week to process this, and he wasn't about to let their relationship go because Emery turned out to be Harry Potter. He knew their was a reason why they hid him, he just knew he needed to speak to his Uncle Severus immediately.

"No, I'm not, finish going Emery," Draco reassured the boy as he moved to get out of the stall.

"Where are you going?" Harry asked worriedly.

"I needed the toilet too remember?" Draco said with a hint of a smile as he disappeared out of the stall.

Harry smiled in return, even as the boy was gone. He had hope in his heart for the first time in in his life, that he might just be able to keep his new relations. Which was good as he didn't want to lose his Uncle Lucius.