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Chapter 99

The boys returned to the table, Harry was worried out of his mind as he retook his seat. He smiled at his Uncle sadly, knowing that he was probably going to lose the man's love, when this was all over. The little boy bowed his head tearfully and didn't look up again, not noticing the looks between Severus and Lucius.

"Did something happen in the washroom Draco?" Lucius asked quietly, he had seen the heartbroken expression on Emery's face and he was worried. That hadn't been there before they left.

"No Father," Draco replied quietly, already knowing what the other boy must be thinking if he had a forlorn expression on his face. He could understand it, because he didnt think he could ever give up Severus.

"Then what's the matter with Emery. What happened?" Severus said his voice low and dangerous as he looked pointedly at Draco.

"I didn't do anything, we just talked about some stuff," Draco replied honestly. He didn't have to tell them exactly what was said however.

"What kind of stuff?" Lucius asked before Severus could get the chance too.

"Like how long he was going to be here for, and if he was going to stay with Uncle Severus forever," he muttered out.

"And what was his reply?" Severus asked, curiosity peaking his tone.

He knew as well that he and Harry needed to come up with a plan for Emery to go away when the time came. But from the looks of it, it seemed that Harry didn't want the other persona to go away at all. He only had to wonder why for a second, when it was revealed to him in the most horrifying way.

"It was no," Harry replied quietly, speaking up for the first time since returning back to the table. "I told him that freaks such as myself do not get the benefit of having a house with a loving father AND and Aunt and Uncle who won't beat me but who will love me instead," he said bringing up all of that inner hurt and causing the three adults and Draco to gasp at his harsh words.

Harry swallowed heavily, as tears welled in his eyes. It was the truth, no one could understand the loss he was currently feeling. Was he not good enough to have more then one caring adult at one time? Why did fate hate him so much?

Lucius had a grim smile on his face, as he turned to look to his good friend. He had never understood the reluctance of why Severus wouldn't just take Emery in. But if the child had endured abuse and it seemed like he had he couldn't understand what the hell was wrong with Severus. He would take the child in a heartbeat if Emery had of been his, and even if he wasn't. No child needed to feel like that ever.

"Emery little one, you are not a freak. Severus just isn't ready for a child that's all, but know that our house is open to you if you wish to live with us," Lucius told him gently, offering his home to the child to the surprise of both Draco and Severus.

Harry said nothing, choosing to bury his head into his arms on the table. This is what he meant he would lose all of this, and he hadn't even gotten the chance to really know them. That was all it took for the little boy to burst into tears effectively ending the night for everyone.

It was Narcissa who spoke first when Harry started to cry. Her motherly instincts took over when she turned to see Lucius and Severus in a heated discussion, over no doubt the child. She stood up immediately and made her way over to the small boy, picking him up quite easily in her arms and hugging him to her chest.

"There there Emery, it will be alright in the end I promise you," she soothed trying to get his tears to stop.

"No it won't, you don't understand," Harry whispered out harshly as he sobbed sadly into her shoulder.

"Then help me understand honey," she pleaded to the child softly. It wasn't pureblood decorum to plead to a child, but she needed to know how she could help him.

"You'll hate me forever," Harry mumbled out softly.

At that small admission, Narcissa moved a bit away from the table, making her way to the small garden that the restaurant had and walked in it with him. "Now tell me, why would I hate you Emery?" She asked seriously.

"I can't tell you, I already told Draco and I think he hates me now too. I've already lost him, but I can't lose you too," Harry said as he swallowed a lump in his throat.

Narcissa pulled him back to look at her, and wiped his eyes. "There is nothing that you can tell me that will make me love you any less. I will never change how I feel about you," she promised sincerely.

Harry took a breath, as that was a far as promises go in his mind. He felt so loved in that moment, and he noticed that Mrs. Malfoy wasn't at frigid as he always thought. Her hugs were just as warm as Mrs. Weaselys were, but they were yet different. Probably because the woman were as different as they come. "Even if I was really Harry Potter?" He whispered out.

"Even if," Narcissa replied back in the same tone. She could see through the shock that was coursing through her that he spoke the truth but she had to know something else.

"Oh," Harry replied softly a weight lifted off his shoulder. One was still there as Lucius didnt currently know but to know that he would still have Narcissa was enough in that moment. "Snape is still my daddy though, but it has to stay a secret," he told her mid yawn.

"I understand much more then you do sweetie, try not to worry so much. We will find a way for you to stay with Severus," Narcissa promised as she rubbed his back, knowing he wasnt that far off from sleeping.

Harry believed her, and found himself falling asleep quite fast in her arms, to the amusement of the woman.

Narcissa needed to have a talk with Severus sometime this week before they approached Lucius with this information. She walked back to the table, not to surprised to find everything gone and everyone else standing up. "I take it we're done for the night?"

"We are, Lucius and I have not reached an agreement. Oh he fell asleep, I wondered if he tired himself out," Severus murmured as he reached for his son.

"Yes I can see that happening, when a child finds out that his father who is supposed to love and cherish him would rather he go back to abusive relatives then take the child in," Lucius said bitingly as he glared at his friend.

"Do not speak of, what which you do not know Lucius," Severus stated warningly.

"Oh Severus I know quite a lot. And I really thought you were better then this," Lucius said with disappointment shining in his grey eyes. "Come along Draco, say goodbye to Professor Snape," he said as he walked out the restaurant.

Draco looked at his professor and gave a small shrug. "Goodbye Professor, see you Friday," he said as he hurried after his father, leaving his mother and Snape with a sleeping Harry.

"We need to talk as soon as possible Severus," Narcissa said as she fixed her coat.

"About what Cissa?" Severus asked carefully.

"The child in your arms," she replied simply before she followed her family out the restaurant, leaving Severus to wonder what the hell was going on.

The day after that disastrous dinner, Harry was mostly back to himself. He had distanced himself as far away as he could from Draco, and then by association his father. He could not, and would not allow himself to fall into the lull of false security. He couldn't believe his moment of weakness when Narcissa had wormed out the true. He felt happy that she knew, and felt nothing would change but he hoped to Merlin or whoever that she didn't tell Lucius as he couldn't handle it if she did.

The weeks started to blur together, once Harry got it into his mind that it didn't matter. But every time he saw Draco get mail in the Great Hall he was worried that Lucius had somehow found out. He was worrying quite a lot, and was barely aware of the passing weeks. Before he knew it January had past and February was making it's way out. It was the last day of February when Harry felt like everything would be okay. If the woman hadn't said anything in almost two months, then he knew she would keep his secret.

Which that new found sense of relief, Harry allowed himself to calm down. He even started enjoying school again, then again it helped that Sirius Black had stopped looking for him. Currently he was in the library studying with Hermione and Ron. DADA had a project coming up in a few weeks, and they each had to give a solo presentation about a defensive tactic they had chosen, explained what it did, how one could hurt someone else with it, and what were the repercussions if it was used wrong. After all that they then had to demonstrate it to the class against Professor Lupin himself. It was half their passing grade and everyone was really excited and stressed about the whole thing, but they knew the man was fair.

Harry sighed for a moment as he listened to his friend's bicker, as annoying as it was this was nothing new, though he had decided it got worse each year went by. He sighed and opened his book, unsure of why they all had to study together when they were each doing separate things. He wished his had his game boy but it was back in his dorm in his trunk, trying to tune his friend's out he started reading.

Eventually the two Gryffindors settled down, and followed Harry's example, and it was quiet in the library. Then again that had to do with the fact that it was a Saturday and most people preferred not to come here, including Harry and Ron had it not been for the fact that they had a project to do. Back to the situation at hand, Harry was shaking his head as Ron tried to come up with every excuse in the book to get out of the library but Hermione wasn't one to be moved and it didn't work. After chuckling some more Harry finally got into a bit of a groove and got to work.

Because it was a Saturday they were able to work a couple of hours without having to leave for classes, and it was during the 3rd hour when Harry felt it. He knew it was going to happen as they had lunch before they came and thought he didnt need to use the toilet then, he did now. And from the way he could feel it pulsing in his stomach he knew he had to a go a bit badly. Thats what he got for ignoring his body, but on the bright side he was nearly done with his assigment. He nodded to himself and stood up, alerting his two companions.

"Harry where are you going? We agreed that we would work here for 4 hours, it's only been 3," Hermione said with a frown.

"I know, and I'll be back. I just need a bit of a break," Harry told her easily.

Hermione shook her head. "I dont believe that, you leave and then Ron will want a bit of a break and then neither of you will come back. And I'll be stuck bringing all of our work back to the Tower," she said smartly, looking pointedly in Ron's direction. The boy looked like he had thought just that.

"I'll be back Hermione, I promise," Harry repeated, as he shifted on his feet. Standing up when one had to go was never the smartest thing. He moved to go, when he felt her grab his arm.

"Harry do you want me to get Snape? I don't want too, but you know that if you fail he won't be happy about that. And you dont want to disappoint him do you?" She said trying another tactic to get him to stay. She knew her friends, and she knew they didnt like to study like she did.

"No you dont have to get him. I promise, I'll be back. I just need a break is all," Harry told her seriously, his need was more then urgent now and he knew his limits and he was reaching it.

"We'll be done in an hour, whatever it is you're trying to do. You can do that then," she told him firmly.

Harry shook his head, as he retook his seat. He didnt want to fight with her, and he couldnt tell her because she was a girl and he was embarassed. He frowned as he turned to look at Ron.

"It's okay mate, I know how you feel. Just one more hour," Ron said with a encouraging smile.

"But you dont Ron. I hafta go use the toilet," Harry whispered desperatly.

At that Admission Ron's eyes snapped up to his and Harry mentally shuddered at the gaze that his friend was now looking at him with. It wasnt disgusting or anything like that, but he had seen that protective gaze in Draco's numerous times. He knew what this meant, he just hoped that Ron wouldnt do anything rash.

Ron stood up, and nudged Harry up. "We're going to the toilet," he announced as he set his quill on the table.

"No way Ronald, what do you take me for? You both just don't suddenly need to visit the toilet at the same time," Hermione said as she launched into a tirade.

Ron frowned as he looked at Harry who immediately sat down when he heard Hermione's tone. He shook his head as he looked at his friend before turning back to the girl.

"Shut up for a minute Hermione, you don't know anything. Are you in our bodies? How are you to tell us when we have to pee and when we don't?" He asked, enjoying the way her face flushed in embarrassment. Well it served her right.

Hermione sniffed as she looked at him. "I just know you guys, and I know you're probably going to go down to the Quidditch pitch," she retorted.

"You don't know us that well, get up Harry. We're going," Ron told him seriously, as he noticed the relieved look on his mate's face.

Harry quickly got out his chair and made to follow Ron when he felt the back of his robe get yanked. "What? Hermione what are you doing?"

"Harry don't do this," she told him seriously as she looked at him knowingly. "We both know you and Ron don't need to go, so stop fooling around and come finish your essay. You're nearly done,"

Harry bit his lip and squirmed as tried to yank his robe free from her, but Hermione was stubborn in her own right and she didnt want to let go. "Stop it, I do hafta go," he whined.

Hermione frowned before sighing. "Fine, go then. And i'll just tell Snape that you didnt do you work," she said lightly as she took a seat.

Harry's eyes widen at that, he didnt want to make his dad angry over nothing. But the man did tend to jump to conclusions, regarding him sometimes. He wiggled in place as he looked at Ron worriedly.

Ron for his part was shaking his head, wishing there was someone who was here who could obviously see that Harry needed to go. It was like once they were in the library Hermione was blind to everything but a book. He didnt say anything, but he did however breathe a huge sigh of relief when he saw Professor Lupin walk into the library. The man looked intent on Madame Pince, but turned in their direction and Ron waved him over.

Harry by then was doing a sit down potty dance in his chair, his essay long forgotten, he couldnt concentrate on it long enough to even do it. He couldnt even be still, he didnt see Professor Lupin until the man was in front of them.

"Hey kids, I didnt expect to see you guys here, what are you working on?" Remus asked easily.

Ron was the first to stand up. "Our project for DADA, but Harry needs a break and Hermione won't let him go. She keeps threatening to tell Snape, that he's trying to skive off his work, but he isn't," he told him bluntly. There was never beating around the bush when it came to Harry and his bladder.

Remus's eyes flicked to Harry who was grimacing and bent over the table in a position he was all to familiar with. He nodded quickly. "If you can assist Harry, that would be great Ron. I need to have a bit of a chat with Hermione," he told the boy seriously.

Ron nodded, as he nudged Harry up again and grabbed the smaller teen's arm and started rushing out the library. He took a seat and looked at Hermione who was was looking at the scene with wide eyes. Ron shook his head, but it was her own fault and he didn't feel sorry for her. He pulled Harry along, until the the bathroom's just off the library.

"Come on Harry, you can do," he murmured.

Harry whined, pulling free from Ron and running into the bathroom already pulling up his robes. He stopped as he entered as he saw Draco and Theodore in washing their hands by the sink. He couldn't help it but he swallowed hard and started backing away, and into Ron as he ran in. He knew or he thought he knew that they wouldn't prevent him from going but last time they were in the bathroom spoke otherwise.

"Hey Harry, we were just leaving. You can go," Theo replied quickly, as he saw the way the other boys robes were already pulled out the way.

Ron was watching them with narrowed eyes, his wand already drawn even if theirs weren't. He didn't understand as neither Slytherin had their wands out but he wasn't taking any chances even in his confusion.

Harry swallowed fearfully, as he took a step forward. He hadn't spoken to Draco since that night when he had confronted him as Emery and told him he knew who he really was. Even though they had class together he strayed away from the blonde boy. He didnt know how to act and currently was trying hard not to pee himself. He was trembling with need, barely able to stop from jumping up and down in his place.

Draco was frowning as he looked at Harry before shaking his head. There was only him and Theo and then Weasely in the bathroom. He couldnt understand why the boy wasnt already going, did he want to piss himself?

"Harry, just go to the toilet!" Draco finally snapped out, when it seemed the boy was trying to turn into a pretzel.

"Don't tell him what to do," Ron retorted but he was completely agreement with Draco even if he didn't want to admit it.

"Harry, you know we're not going to hurt you. Just go, and oh we're not going to kill each other either," Theo said calmly trying to be the voice of reason.

Harry whined as he nodded, looking to all the boys before he ran into a stall. His heart was beating fast as he jumped up and down, his robe ending up on the floor as he struggled with his belt buckle. He couldn't hear any sounds in the bathroom, but he knew they were all still there. He just needed some help, he didn't care from who.

"Harry, you need help?" Draco asked finally when it seemed a long minute of silence had passed and nothing had happened in the stall.

"Yeah, my belt is too hard," Harry replied, his voice hitching in his desperation.

"Okay, Theo is coming to help you. Because Weasely has his wand on me still," Draco told him calmly.

"Kay, Theo I gotta go really bad," Harry told the boy urgently, wishing he'd hurry up.

Ron was looking at the scene in confusion as he had assumed Harry would have called for him but he seemed perfectly comfortable with the Slytherin's presence after that first initial fear reaction. He said nothing as Nott ran into the stall that Harry had gone in, and his fear intensified but he didnt think he could help Harry and watch their back from Malfoy so he had to let it. He however breathed a sigh of relief when his friend didnt freak out or anything when the Slytherin went in.

"Why did you wait so long?" Theo chided gently as he bent down and started unfastening the boy's pants.

"Because Mione wouldn't let me an Ron go, she didn't believe us and then she said she would tell Snape on me," Harry rushed out his hands gripping the sides of his trousers tightly.

Theodore frowned at that as he yanked down the small boy's pants and turned him towards the toilet, breathing out in relief when he heard him pee.

"Good job Harry," he murmured as he stood up and walked out the stall to see that Draco and Weasely hadnt killed each other yet.

"Since when did you care about Harry?" Ron asked the Slytherin when he saw him again.

"I'm not sure actually," Theo replied with a shrug as he sauntered out the bathroom.

Ron watched Draco follow suit, his eyes narrowed as he wondered if this was some sort of Slytherin plot. He would have to ask Harry if he knew why Malfoy hadnt cursed him. He didnt understand what was going on, and he didnt like it.