"The Parent Trap"

Chapter 1

It was 11 pm on Wednesday, 11th of June, when Emma Bass came home from her birthday party. When she got out of the elevator she saw no one else but her father, still in his suit, sitting on the couch in the living room with a glass of scotch.

"Aren't you home too early?" Chuck asked her with his smirk on his face. "I mean, you don't turn fourteen every day!"

She didn't answer and simply went upstairs in her room. "Emma?" Chuck called her but again got no response from his daughter. He sighed, left the glass of scotch on the table before the couch and went upstairs, too. When he got in front of Emma's door, he knocked lightly.

"Emma, may I come in?" he asked but wasn't given an answer so he took that for a 'yes'. "Emma, are you OK?" Chuck asked as he entered the big room and closed the door. He saw his daughter lying in her bed with her face on a pillow. It looked like she was in another crisis. 'Where is Blair in moments like this?' he thought and the answer came into his mind – Blair left him and was now probably married to some nobleman in France.

Emma's voice took Chuck back to reality, "Go away!" she said.

"I'm not going anywhere, Emma," he insisted.

"Don't you have some whore to entertain in your bedroom?" she spat.

"Emma…" Chuck sighed, sat on her bed and caressed his daughter's curls. Three days ago she caught him with a woman in his bedroom. Again. He thought that Emma was still on a trip from school and decided to have some fun. Unfortunately he messed up with the dates and when his daughter came home he was in his bed with a half-naked prostitute by his side. If only Blair knew what kind of father he was, she would have killed him at least ten times. But it was too easy for her – she left him take care of her daughter. Yes, her daughter. Chuck felt like he was raising a mini Blair. Emma was so much like her mother – her chestnut hair, her ruby lips, her large doe eyes, her attitude… everything.

"Dad, please don't act as if you care!" Emma lifted her head from the pillow in order to face her father.

"Don't talk like that, Emma! I am your father and I am worried about you. What happened?" he said and really meant it. He loved his daughter and wasn't letting anything or anyone hurt her.

"Someone sent Gossip Girl something very embarrassing about me," she replied with a pout.

"Oh," was all Chuck could say. The specialist about embarrassing Gossip Girl's blast was Blair. It's not like Gossip Girl hadn't posted anything about him when he was a teenager but it was not like he cared that much. He never had the reputation of the 'Golden Boy' – he was always known as the 'Play Boy' and he pretty much liked it but Emma… she was a whole different story which pretty much looked like Blair's one.

"And I'm absolutely sure that it was that stupid Brooklyn poseur who sent it," Emma's voice brought her father out of his thoughts. "How dare she to humiliate me, Emma Bass, in front of everyone on my birthday?"

'Oh, God!' Chuck thought. Brooklyn poseurs and Gossip Girl blasts? It sounded like a page from Blair's diary. He asked himself again where she was now when both he and their daughter needed her and then again he answered to himself.

"Do you want to talk to Aunt Serena?" he asked his daughter since he couldn't say or do anything to help her.

"No, Dad," Emma responded. "I don't want to talk to Aunt Serena or Grandma Lily or anyone else but… my Mother," she said and burst into tears.

"Emma, your mother…" Chuck began, not knowing what to say. Not having a mother, while growing up, was may be the only thing Emma had in common with Chuck. And he regretted that because no matter how much he blamed Blair for leaving them, he knew that it was his own fault that his daughter was living without a mother.

"I know my Mom died while giving birth to me," Emma said through her sobs. One day, when she was seven years old, for the first time she got the courage to ask her father why she didn't have a mother like all the other girls, whose moms help them dress up, take them to school and read them bed stories. When she asked that question she caught Chuck completely unprepared and he said the first thing that came into his mind – the same lie that his father had told him. But even if he was prepared, he actually couldn't tell Emma anything else. If he had told her that he and Blair simply divorced, sooner or later she would look for her mother. And that was definitely not an option since Blair made it perfectly clear that she didn't want Chuck in her life. So, he just made up some story and told it to Emma. He told everyone to keep up to it. Of course, Serena and Nate were pretty much against it but eventually decided that it was for the best. And now Chuck spent every day of his life blaming himself for letting an innocent girl believe that she killed her mother… Just like his father did to him.

"Shhh…" Chuck tried to comfort his daughter. "This is not your fault, Emma," he said. "Hey, come here," he pulled his daughter into a hug until she stopped crying. After all, he wasn't such a bad father – he loved Emma very much and was always there for her, though he couldn't give her girly advises (that was what Serena and Lily were for) and still hadn't forgotten his old habits. And even if Emma and he had fights sometimes, she adored him. According to her, Chuck was 'the best Daddy in the world'.

"Dad?" she said when she finally calmed down. "Can I ask you something?"

"You already did," Chuck smirked. "Say it," he said when he saw the frown on Emma's face.

"Can I leave town for a while?" she asked. "I mean, for a month or two after the school finish on Friday."

"Sure," he answered.

"Really?" Emma asked surprised.

"Yeah. I mean why not? You know you can always go to the house in the Hamptons," Chuck said.

"Dad, I didn't mean going to Hamptons," his daughter said and he looked at her confused. "I wanted to go to Europe."

"Europe?" Chuck asked confused. He didn't want his daughter to be so far away from him. She had always spent the summers in the Hamptons in the van der Woodsen house with her cousins. Hamptons was quite near to New York so Chuck could simply get in his limo and go to see Emma whenever he wanted. But it wasn't all that simple with Europe.

"You always travel around the world," she told him. "You've been to Austria, France, Belgium, last year you even went to Japan! But you never took me with you."

"I thought you wouldn't like it since all my trips were business ones," Chuck said.

"You're right here," Emma giggled. "But still… And right now I just need to escape from here. I know you have this charity thing next week and how much you wanted me to go but…" she began but was interrupted by her father.

"You don't have to worry about that," he said. "This is not the first and definitely won't be the last charity event."

"Really? Does that mean that I can go?"

"Absolutely," Chuck smiled. He had suddenly changed his mind. Something bad had happened tonight and she needed to be away from it for a while. And being in Hamptons wasn't away enough. He understood her – going abroad when something not so good had happened was something natural for people from the Upper East Side, especially for him and Blair when they were younger. "I'm only worried that you will have to be a whole month in Europe by yourself," he said.

"Who said I was going to be alone?" Emma asked.

"Wow! Shall I take that as a sign that you and Nick are getting serious?" Chuck teased his daughter. She had been with her boyfriend, Nicholas Whitney since they were twelve and Chuck knew him very well because his father was one of his business partners.

"I don't know," Emma said hesitantly. "I mean, our relationship has been pretty… complicated lately and I'm not even sure it still exists after tonight," she said with a deep sigh and then added, not giving her father a chance to question her further, "However, I wasn't planning on going to Europe with Nick, anyways."

"If you want me to come with you, I'll have to disappoint you because I'm closing a big deal for 'Bass Industries' right now."

"I wasn't talking about you, either," she said. "I want to go to Europe with Katherine." Katherine Archibald was Emma's best friend and her sort-of-cousin since she was Serena and Nathaniel Archibald's daughter. "Last week we talked about how great it would be if we had the chance to go to Europe together sometime. And I think this 'sometime' should be now. Oh, by the way, she mentioned that Aunt Serena told her that when they were in high-school, she and my mother used to go to Europe very often," Emma said the last sentence with a more cheerful voice.

Chuck sighed. Everything was about her mother. And he was even sure what the destination would be.

"I guess you will want to go to Paris, then," he told Emma. "Your mother always went there when something was wrong… or when everything was fine… It was her favourite place."

"Actually, Dad, I was thinking of a place a bit more southern, where there is beach and sea," Emma said.

"And what place will that be?"

"Monte Carlo!"

Blair Waldorf was sitting calmly on the couch in the living room of her huge penthouse in London and was watching 'Roman Holiday'. She wasn't expecting her daughter to come home from her birthday party in the condition she did.

"Grace, sweetie, is everything OK?" she asked when Grace stepped out of the elevator with tears in her eyes but her daughter totally ignored her and went to her room.

Blair paused the film and went upstairs to see what was going on with Grace. However, when she reached her door, it was already locked. Blair took a deep breath and knocked but the door remained locked. She knocked once more but again got no response. She was losing her patience.

"Grace Eleanor Waldorf!" she shouted. Blair had changed Grace's surname the minute she divorced Chuck. She wanted him out of her life and thought that the best thing to do as a beginning was to change her daughter's surname so that Grace doesn't know who her father was. And to be absolutely sure that she won't ever make an attempt to look for him, Blair told Grace that he died in a plane crash when she was only one year old. Of course, that version was still working since Blair made her mother, her father, Cyrus, Roman and Dorota to keep to it. "Open the door!" she shouted irritated.

Blair heard footsteps on the floor and her daughter opened the door.

"What do you want?" Grace asked. Blair noticed that she had wiped away her tears but it was still obvious that something was wrong.

"I just wanted to check up on you," she said sweetly. "You didn't seem to be in a birthday mood when you came home. What happened?"

"Nothing," Grace shook her head.

"Grace, you don't have to pretend," Blair sighed. "You know you can tell me everything," she caressed her daughter's cheek. "May I come in?"

Grace thought for a second and then nodded. Her mother entered the room and closed the door. She sat on Grace's bed and put a pillow in her lap.

"Come here," she said.

Grace lied on her bed and put her head on the pillow in her mother's lap, just like Blair and Serena did many, many years ago.

"Now," Blair said. "Tell me what's bothering your pretty head?"

"Dylan," her daughter spoke. "He… he broke up with me."

"On your birthday?" Grace only nodded and burst into tears. "Hey," Blair caressed Grace's curls and tried to comfort her.

"I just don't know what I did wrong. I…" the younger Waldorf spoke through her sobs.

"You haven't done anything wrong," her mother said. "You are a Waldorf and he is just a stupid boy, who doesn't know what he wants."

"But, Mom, I felt so embarrassed and I…"

"Shhh… Everything's fine. At least it will be very soon."

"Mom, can I go abroad after school finishes? Please!"

"Of course," Blair said. She remembered when she was a teenager she went abroad very often when something was wrong. She used to think that if she was away from her problems, they would just disappear. Now she knew that this is very far from the truth, but it still helps to clean your mind and calm down. "Do you want to go to Paris to see your grandparents?"

"As much as I love them, I would have to say that I want to go someplace different," said Grace, who wasn't crying anymore. "Monte Carlo, for example."

"Monte Carlo?"

"Yeah, I watched a movie a few weeks ago. It was taking place in Monte Carlo. This place is amazing!"

"I understand you, Grace, but I cannot come with you because of the magazine and I definitely won't let you go to Monte Carlo alone," Blair said.

"Then, can Brooke come with me?" Grace asked with hope in her voice.

Brooke Evans was Grace's best friend since the kindergarten. She was a very nice girl and Blair liked her a lot. The two best friends somehow reminded her of Serena and herself with the small exception that Grace and Brooke weren't constantly fighting over some stupid things.

"Well, it's OK with me," Blair said. "But I don't know if her father will agree to let her come with you."

"Trust me, he will," Grace grinned. "Especially if you ask him. You know he's kind of into you."

Brooke's parents were divorced and she was living with her father. The girls once decided that they have to hook up Brooke's father with Grace's mother. They went on a date but things didn't work out. However, according to Brooke, her father still thought that Blair was a very attractive woman.

"Well, then I guess I will have to call John and ask him," Blair laughed. "But that, my dear Grace, doesn't mean that I will go on a second date with him," she added when she saw the devilish look on her daughter's face, who only giggled. "However, if you're lucky and he lets Brooke come with you, on Saturday the two of you will be on your way to Monte Carlo."

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