Logan x Remy AU: Logan just wants his car fixed but the annoying mechanic pisses him off. Remy only wants Logan to like him but the other man treats him like he was the eleventh Plague of Egypt. Male x Male Romance story. SLASH yaoi (past Logan x Scott) I DON'T OWN X-MEN and I don't profit from writing this story.

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Another weird noise from the engine made Logan actually worry. If the stupid junk died right there then he would have to walk all the way to the town! From this point he would have equally far to any civilization either way. He slowed down but didn't dare to stop, fearing that the car won't start again. Just a few more miles was separating him from his hometown and he never wished so badly to be already there.

Finally the town appeared in front of him. A walk from there would still be a nightmare in this unbearable heat but it was viable. The engine gave another cough but didn't stop. Logan was going to take it to Charlie as soon as he gets home. Charlie was brilliant with cars.

When the car rolled in front of his old house he almost fell to his knees to kiss the ground. He made it! He took his stuff inside and had a quick shower. Finally clean and ready to face the world he went to see his friends.

The town looked exactly the same as it always did. It never changed. He was 19 when he had run away from there for the first time and when he came back it looked just the same as it did now. Always exactly the same. Back then he came back to play a father for his daughter but he wasn't really suited for that task. He was a kid. He got his girlfriend pregnant when they were fifteen. Marie was born when he was sixteen. It was too early. Their parents forced them to get married. It was hopeless. Marie's mother left so he applied for divorce. His parents in law adopted Marie so he left to start collage. He was nineteen back then and he was determined to never come back. But he did, after six years. He wanted to meet his kid and they actually became friends. They never had a typical father-daughter relationship but they liked what they had.

He entered the bar. He didn't even cross the threshold before he was greeted by the chorus of countless greeting. They all knew each other since forever. In this town everybody knew and liked him. James Howlett was one of those people that were hard to ignore. He was tall and handsome. He was the heart throb of this town. Back at school all the girls were in love with him and then later women were always at his feet. He was intelligent, funny and quite easy going but the best thing about him was that you could always count on him, no matter what. It was hard to not like a guy like him so he was everybody's friend. And that's why he had to have a drink with everybody! It was fun until someone finally asked the dreaded question. "How's Scott?"

Logan tensed. He didn't want to talk about Scott. It's best to tell them right away and move on. "You mean you don't know? He has girlfriend. I think he's getting married."

"Are you mad?"

"No. I can be jealous, but that's it. I'm glad if he's happy. He always wanted to have kids…"

"It's just a girlfriend, Logan. You don't know if they're going to get married."

"Yea, but I know what he wants from life and I want him to get it. I really wish him all the best."

"You're incredible, Jimmy."

"I know."

But in all honesty Logan was mad and he didn't want to talk about his ex. He was going to start over and for reasons unknown he decided that coming back to this hell hole would help. He already regretted his decision. Everything in this town reminded him of Scott and it was worse than he thought it would be. All he could do now was drink some more with his friends and try to relax. He was home and he was having fun. He didn't even notice the new face in the crowd. All he cared about was to forget.

The next day after sleeping of the hang-over he decided to take the car to repair. He called Charlie and the man told him to bring the car and leave it at the garage.

"You know, if it's urgent then Remy can take a look."

"Who's Remy?"

"My wife's cousin from New Orleans. He's on a parole so I'm helping him a bit."

"Fine. It's not urgent. I'll just leave it there. Thanks."

It was miracle but he managed to start the engine and even reach Charlie's garage in a decent time. The garage was the same as it has been two years ago. Hell, it hasn't changed since last fifteen years! He could leave the car key in the car. Surely no one would steal it from Charlie's backyard but still Logan chose to leave it in the garage on Charlie's desk.

The garage was kind of dark but the shadows made the summer air cooler, more bearable. He heard some noises and muffled cursing partially in French and partially in English but still with a heavy accent. So the new kid was a Cajun. Logan heard that Charlie's wife's family was from Louisiana. When he moved inside he heard another noise and even more cursing. He couldn't help but smile. The view that greet him was a very pleasant one: long legs clad in dirty jeans, narrow hips and surely the tightest ass he had ever seen. The kid bent over the engine of some old Camaro was tall and slim. Logan cleared his throat and spoke.


"What the fuck do you want, homme?"

So, the kid wasn't in a good mood but Logan didn't care.

"I'm here to leave my car for a repair."

"Can't you see I'm busy right now?! Come back later!"

"Charlie said I can leave it here right now."

"Well, Charlie's not here!"

"Do you need a hand?"

Only then Remy straightened up and turned to face the newcomer. He was going to vent some of his frustration him but all offensive words died on his lips and he just stared at Logan for a moment wondering what was that he was going to say. His mouth were still open so he closed them and then opened again but still nothing came out. The guy standing in front of him only raised an eyebrow in a silent question to which Remy had no answer to offer. He was lost. He felt like a total idiot. What the fuck was that…. ?

"Okay kid, if you don't want any help suit yourself. Good luck with that. I'm leaving my car keys on Charlie's desk. He will check on my car."

Remy really wanted to say something instead of standing there like a complete dork, gaping like a fish…

Logan threw the keys on the desk and turned back to the flustered boy and checked him out. His shoulder length hair of deep chestnut color with some vibrant copper strands suited him very well. His face was sharp and very pretty. He looked like a model from some jeans commercial but his eyes were glistening dangerously and looked almost black. They held mysteries or at least some dirty secrets making Logan wonder for what the kid had been in jail. Or maybe they just looked sexy shining in a dim light. Logan didn't really care either way. He was here to fix his car and this guy as attractive as he was, was just that - a kid and Logan wasn't even gay. He was with Scott because he had simply fallen in love with Marie's uptight teacher. He wasn't into guys before Scott and he wasn't now. . . much.

"What, I'm not good enough to fix your goddamn car?"

Logan turned to face the kid again.

"I don't know. I don't know you. I have no idea what you can or can't do. And I don't care. You said you don't have time for me, so what's the problem? Charlie said he would check it himself anyway."

"What the fuck was that suppose to mean? I'll fix your stupid car and if you have problem with it than you can take it elsewhere!"

"Easy kid, I don't care who fixes my car as long as I get it fixed, alright? So chill."

Logan turned to leave again. He didn't come here to tease some rebellious kid. He was tempted to discipline him a bit though and that was a sure sign that it was time to get the hell out of there. Charlie was his good friend and he had no intension of pissing him off.


Logan sighed and turned back to face the kid one more time. The boy looked embarrassed.

"If you help me with this shit I will have time to look at your car. How about that?"

"It's fine with me… What do you have here?"

Logan stepped closer and looked down at the engine that the kid tried to remove from the car.

"Ok, kid, I'll hold this and you take care of that one and screw it."

Remy tried to do as he was told but it pissed him off. He was the mechanic here. This guy had a nerve to tell him what to do and Remy was an idiot for complying so easily…. Maybe the heat was getting to him. He acted weird. And felt weird too. Especially when this guy was coming so close, invading his personal space. It made him almost... panic.

"Your hands are shaking, kid. Are you an alcoholic?"

"I'm not a fucking alcoholic! …baiser…"

"Easy, Cajun. I was just joking. Calm down."


Remy was angry. His hands were shaking and he didn't know why or what to do about it. It pissed him off to look like an idiot in this stranger's eyes. This guy was pissing him off too.

"Right, so what now? You want me to help you to take it out?"

Remy dreaded the moment when he would have to take the engine out. It was a pain to do it with Charlie's help but to do it alone was impossible. This stranger looked strong… it wouldn't be that bad if helped.

"Are you serious?"


"Than wait a minute. I'll call a friend and he will help too."

"Fine." Logan waited.

"Ok… I'll be right back…" But the Cajun was still there… staring with his big dark eyes.

"So… what ARE you waiting for?"

Remy turned and almost run out of the garage trying to hide the furious blush that covered his cheeks from embarrassment. Why didn't he leave when he said he would? Why the fuck was he standing there longer than necessary? He really felt sick. It was weird. He had a heatstroke for sure.

He run to the neighboring house and called his friend. Lance Alvers was cool and Remy liked to go to parties and drink together with him at least every weekend. He was more than surprised when Lance greeted the stranger with very loud, enthusiastic greetings and a bear hug. The stranger frowned but seemed unable to stop the small smile when he returned the gesture.

"Logan! You really DID come back?"

"Yea, it looks like I did…"

"Wanna go to the party tonight?"

"I don't know yet, Lance..."

"Fine, than on Friday?"

"We'll see. Help us with this."

Lance glared at the engine.

"Fuck, are you serious? That's heavy!"

"That's why we called you. Let's get this over with."

Lance looked at Logan skeptically.

"Man, your T-shirt is fucking white. You'll get it dirty. Take it off."

Logan smiled teasingly.

"I knew you wanted to see me topless…"

Something about the comment made Remy feel even weirder than before. And then he watched fascinated as inch by inch Logan's T-shirt was going up showing his tanned skin and defined muscles. He had amazing abs and Remy blushed when his eyes stubbornly travelled to the small trail of black hair below the man's navel.

"Come here kid!"

Remy reluctantly approached the car positioning himself on the furthest possible spot away from Logan. That man made him nervous and he didn't like it one bit. All three of them bent down and grabbed the engine.

"Ok, guys, on three…One… Two… Three…"

Next events were like a blur. Everything happened much too fast. They all pulled the heavy part up but then some intense smell hit Remy's nostrils. It was a cologne mixed with… something else… something musky that gave Remy an instant hard on.

He looked up scared that someone saw and met Logan's face mere inches from his own. Their eyes locked for the briefest moment and the poor boy was so shocked that he didn't even notice his hands shaking again, letting the engine slip away.

"FUCK!" Logan wasn't by any means a sissy but the engine falling on his hand really fucking hurt!

"Why the fuck did you do that, you punk?!"

"I… I didn't mean to… sorry…"

"Yea right! You did it on purpose. I saw it!"

"I did not…"

"Forget it!"

Logan took some rug from the work top, bandaged his hand and put his shirt back on.

"I'm leaving."

Right outside the door Charlie's wife called him and dragged him to the house for a coffee. Sometime later Remy walked in but Logan ignored him completely.

"Come on homme, I need to go to the shop for some parts. I can drive you home if you like."

"Thanks kid, I'll walk."

"Don't be like that, man! I didn't mean to cut your hand."

Charlie's wife gasps. "Logan, you said you did it yourself!"

"I'm fine. But I still don't want to go with HIM!"

Chrlie's wife was more than willing to show up in town with Logan.

"Come on, Jimmy, I'll give you a lift. I need to buy few things for dinner anyway."

Seeing them leaving together made Remy kind of depressed.

Later Logan forgets all about the kid but for Remy it's not that simple. He couldn't stop thinking about Logan and about everything that happened earlier in a garage. He wasn't gay. Why did it happen? How was it even possible? And he acted like a total twit. What was wrong with him? He had heard about Logan many times, especially from girls about how incredibly sexy he was… Maybe that was the reason?... but still… it was kind of scary that a guy could make him feel that way.

Frustrated he abandoned working on the Camaro and got into Logan's car. He smiled spotting a "Home Décor" magazine on the front seat and started to rummage through the car. Except quite cool sunglasses the only interesting thing he had found was a lighter and a picture of two people. One, as he assumed, was Logan's daughter. He heard about Ravens' granddaughter but he couldn't recall ever meeting her. She was about thirteen on the picture. The other person was a handsome young man, wearing glasses. Remy instantly disliked him for no particular reason and felt like tearing the picture into tiny little pieces but he didn't dare to do it. Logan would notice it was no longer there and it would be obvious who had gotten rid of it. Instead he wondered who was that guy on the picture. He was too old to be Marie's boyfriend but he was hugging her, almost like a family. Was he a part of Logan's family? His cousin maybe? Who knows…

He put the picture back behind the sun visor and sighed. He would have to ask around. In this town everyone knew everything about everybody. And they loved to talk about it! He looked around and found a can of some energy drink and… a leather jacket. It was mostly black, a bit old school but really nice. Remy liked it. It was for driving a bike… How would it look on Logan…? ….

He didn't even realized what he was doing until his pants got distinctly tighter. FUCK! He pulled the jacket away from his face and threw it onto the back seat. Did he just smell it? Fuck, he was sick! He was a pervert! He got a boner from smelling some guy's jacket! What if it wasn't Logan's? What if it was … his uncle's?! Yes, thinking about his uncle definitely helped to fight the arousal.

Then someone knocked on the window. Remy jumped out of the car and slammed the door shut as hard as he could. Stupid door! Stupid jacket, stupid car, and stupid Logan! Merde…

"What were you doing in Jimmy's car?"

"Nothing… I was just… looking for a… a… button to…. To… pop the hood…"

Charlie's wife glared at him like she always did.

"If anything's missing from there…!"

Remy ignored her completely (like he always did) and went to the garage. Once in there he dug out some bottle and drank to calm his nerves. That was close…

Later Remy gets drunk with his friends and in the morning he feels terrible.