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"Do I really have to, chère?"

"For the thousandth time, Cajun, YES."

Logan held Remy's jacket so he wouldn't run away and pressed the door bell. After a moment the door opened reveling Remy's cousin.

"Hi, is Charlie home?"

"Yes, Logan. He's in the living room. Come in."

Logan grabbed Remy and dragged him into the house ignoring his protests. Charlie was standing in the middle of the room, waiting. He heard them coming.

"Look what the cat dragged in. You finally grew a pair and decided to come back?"

"Non… Logan made me…"

Logan smacked Gambit's head and decided to do the talking himself.

"I'm sorry, Charlie. WE are sorry, right, Cajun?"

Remy sighed and nodded. He didn't want to be smacked again so he just let Logan to continue.

"I know you're still angry and all but I really wanted to apologize. I didn't mean to deceive you or anything like that. I didn't plan that, Charlie. It simply happened… I understand that you feel like I lied to you but I didn't."

"Neither did Remy!" Cajun really needed to point that out.

"You DID lie to me, brat, so you better keep quiet! Jimmy… I'm sorry for the whole …'gun thing'…. But you pissed me off, my friend…. I don't want my boy to be anybody's bitch! Even yours!"

"He's not my bitch, Charlie. Don't call him that or I'll kick your ass again!"

"Is that true that he lives with you now?"

"Yes… He had nowhere else to go… Well maybe he had but he chose to stay at my place."

"Yea, I figured! You still fucking?"


"I knew it… I just fucking knew it from the start… He acted like Allerdyce's boy… What the hell do you have in your pants, Jimmy? Why the fuck are those boys losing their minds for you, huh?"

"Hey, I've never fucked John Allerdyce!"

"Yea right, what about that Wagner freak? They're ALL ga-ga over you, Logan and you know it."

Logan blushed. Charlie didn't miss Remy's hands making fists at his sides. He will probably kill Kurt as soon as he finds him….

"Look, Charlie…. I don't care what those kids want from me and I don't care what they say… I never did anything with any of them!"

Charlie nodded but added. "Except Remy!"

"Yes… except Remy."

"And Scott!"

"Yes… but that's all. I'm not some pervert, Charlie. And Remy's not a kid. He's twenty six. He has the right to choose who to sleep with."

Charlie snorted. That's what he thought about the brat's maturity…

"This kid can't even keep a decent job for a month and you try tell me he's so grown up… All he can do is gamble and fix cars… and spread his legs for other guys as it seems…"

"I will fucking hit you Charlie!" Logan really didn't like the mechanic's comments. His blood boiled and made him loose his patience. Remy on the other hand had a gall to blush. He didn't know why but what Charlie said turned him on. He was spreading his legs for Logan alright! And he loved it! Why was Logan so angry?

"Sorry, man… I just can't stand it… People say you've found him a job."

"Yes, at the company I work for…"

Charlie sighed and turned to Remy for the first time.

"How is it kid? Do you want to work there or come back to the garage?"

"I… I don't know…."

"I didn't kick you out, kid… I was just drunk and I wanted to punish you. You can come back anytime you want… but preferably when he dumps you…."

"Hey!" The angry Cajun tried to throw himself at Charlie to hit him but Logan caught him before he managed to do it. He held the younger man tightly pressed to his chest calming him down.

"Easy, Gambo, I'm not going to dump you, you hear me? Stop it."

Charlie just watched. Remy already fell head over heels. There was no point in trying to convince him to leave Logan. He wouldn't do it. He would turn his back on his own family and friends… for Logan. Charlie had seen it before. Summers was engaged and in love with dr. Gray, he had a good job and a NORMAL life with a future but for Logan… He left it all and didn't look back.

"I know that's what you want, Charlie! You want Logan to leave Remy but Logan already knows that it's not that easy to get rid of me! Remy was stalking him since the beginning… Since I first saw him in the garage… I won't let him to leave me! You hear me?"

"He's like a son to me, Logan. If you hurt him…"

Logan smiled sadly, still hugging Remy loosely to his chest.

"It will be the other way around, Charlie. You'll see."

Remy's elbow dig into his ribs making him cough and loose his breath for a moment.

"If you say something like that again, chère, Remy will NEVER wake you up the way you like. And I mean NEVER AGAIN!"

"Fuck, kid… you have more strength than you look…"

Charlie laughed at that. Logan was already totally whipped! Maybe Remy actually knew how to deal with that brute. That teacher was a mistake but Remy… He's boy had balls alright!

"Alright Logan… You came for my blessing, didn't you? I appreciate that. I don't like the idea of you two together but when I see how the kid freaks out already I think I can't do much about that… So why don't you and your new bed-warmer come for dinner tonight?"

Logan straightened up still rubbing his bruised ribs. "Sorry, bub. We already agreed to meet with Scott and a bunch of guys for some drinks. You're welcome too. We'll be celebrating his engagement and the little Summers that is on the way to this fucked up world…"

"Summers is having a kid?" Charlie grinned. If Summers could do it then maybe there still was a future for Remy too…?


Even though it was Sunday the place was crowed again. They were all talking and drinking having fun… and making fun of Scott. It was kind of like his stag party. The atmosphere was great. Everybody were laughing and talking and no one really noticed Scott's longing looks. Logan didn't sit beside him. He was directly in front of Scott killing his hopes for any accidental touches… If they sat closer to each other Scott would be able to lean on his shoulder, smell him… whisper to his ear… maybe even put his hand on Logan's thigh… He would do all these things because Jane was not there and it was his last chance for any intimacy with the love of his life….

But Logan ruined it all sitting opposite him. It wasn't really Logan's fault of course. It was Remy who pulled him into THAT seat and made himself comfortable on his laps clearly showing Scott where was HIS place. It was driving Scott crazy more and more with every drink. Seeing Logan with another man was like a torture. He wanted Logan so bad…. Soon he would be married and back to his life, far away from Logan, but now he was here and had Logan practically in his arms reach. He wasn't drunk yet but those few drinks surely helped him relax. When his foot touched Logan's shin for the first time that evening it was really on accident. Logan probably didn't even noticed that.

The second time was just to feel Logan… The third was bolder and got him a strange look from his ex lover, who probably still couldn't believe that Scott would do something like THAT in public….

Scott needed… something. It was his last chance. The very last chance in his life for anything with Logan… This man was like a magnet. It was like that since Scott first saw him all those years ago. There was no use in trying to fight it. It was like gravity. It pulled him toward Logan even though he had chosen a different direction for his life. He chose Jane… But he would spend the rest of his life with her and Logan… was here…

At the moment the perspective of getting married and having a family scared him. He used to think that he would spend the rest of his life with Logan. That thought had never scared him. He was only afraid that he wouldn't be enough for Logan, but the perspective of the two of them was always his greatest dream. Having a family, being a father – all that was a huge responsibility and terrified him. But it was in the future and at the moment he was in the pub with Logan…

He rubbed his foot on Logan's leg and tried to lift his trouser-leg. Logan sent him a questioning look and Scott responded with a small seductive smile.

Logan didn't know what the fuck was going on. Was Scott really doing this or was it just his imagination? NO! It was not his imagination. Scott was flirting with him. It could only mean he was drunk. He would never do anything like that knowing that his pregnant fiancé was waiting for him at his parents' home. Scott's foot traveled higher so Logan moved his leg out of the younger man's reach and scowled at him.

It was a silent threat. It meant Logan didn't appreciate it. But why? Maybe he really didn't want it but there was a chance that he was only afraid of the Cajun sitting cheerfully in his laps. He risked and found Logan's leg with his own again.

"Gambo, let me go for a moment."

Logan slapped lightly Remy's ass then subtly shoved him off and stood up.

"You want me to go with you, chère?"

Remy's smirk was telling all his thoughts. Logan smirked back but then he only tousled Gambit's chestnut hair affectionately.

"Sorry kid, I really need to take a piss."

Remy's eyes never left Logan's retreating back. He saw Logan disappearing behind the toilette's door and sighed. Then he saw another person going in there and his blood boiled. It was Scott!

Logan needed some space. He stepped to the urinal. He didn't even managed to pull down the zipper of his pants when he heard the door opening again. He turned around to see Scott approaching him. He didn't expect that.


"Logan… I missed you Logan…"

He moved forward way into Logan's personal space and put his hands on the other man's shoulders.

"Scott don't…"

Logan removed his hands and tried to push him away. The door slammed again and Logan saw Cajun with a will to kill shining in his eyes. He tried to say something but then Scott was kissing him…

Remy saw red. When his fist collided with Scott's face he felt the glasses crushing under his fist. He didn't pay attention to the blood or pieces of glass that bore into his fist. Scott was shocked at first but he quickly got himself together and retaliated. Even though his vision was blurry without his glasses he still managed to hold his own. Logan tried to separate them but after getting another elbow to his ribs he called Victor to help him. Of course Logan's brother was hardly the only one answering the call. Instantly everybody went there to see what's going on.

"YEA! The cat fight!"

They cheered, and wanted to place bets (mostly on Cajun) but then Logan took a hold of Remy's lithe form from behind, while Victor pinned Scott to the wall.

While the two fighters were cooling off the questions started.

"What the fuck, guys? What the hell happened?"

Logan didn't know what to say. Scott surprised him not only with this kiss but also with the way he fought back. They both fought too serious. Remy's hand and right temple were bleeding profusely dirtying the floor, sinks and even some parts of the wall. Scott's glasses were a mash, his face was covered with cuts from shreds of broken glass and he was spiting blood. Logan hoped there were no teeth in the clots that were falling to the tiled floor from his mouth.

The evening was fucking brilliant. Slowly Logan and Victor let them go but as soon as they did they were at each other's throats once again. After another tousle Logan was holding Remy while Scott was being held by two other guys. Beside them Victor who was now sporting a split lip looked like he was going to end both brats' miserable lives right then and there.

"Victor! Calm down!" Logan knew his brother would most probably smash Scott's and Remy's heads together to finish this shit. Logan didn't want that to happen.

"Let me go, Logan! Remy will fucking kill him! Let go! I saw the way he looked at you the whole evening! What did you try to do, asshole? You hoped for a quick shag in the stall, didn't you, fucker?!"

"Calm down, Cajun!"

"No! He fucking kissed you! He followed you to the bathroom and fucking kissed you! I'm gonna' kill this fucker! Let me go!"

John Allerdyce laughed at that. "Let them go. We'll see who will win!"

"You better shut the fuck up, John! I see the way you look at my Logan too. You're next! And YOU Logan…. You lured him in here! How could you?!"

"What are you blabbering abut, Cajun? I was taking a piss when he came in and attacked me! What the fuck is your problem?"

"You still love him! And you wanted to be alone with him!"

That pissed Logan off. He took a better hold on his Cajun and turned him around so they would face each other. He looked into the pair of beautiful, hurt eyes.

"You don't believe what you're saying, Gambo, do you? You know it's bullshit. I chose you, Remy... You know it, I know it and Scott knows it too. I told him that and I have no idea what the fuck did he try to pull just now."

Logan was scowling at Scott demanding some explanation.

"I just wanted a kiss… one last kiss, Logan. I will spend the rest of my life with her… I just wanted a kiss. I'm sorry... I'm drunk…. I should go…"

"Wait… you can't go back on your own without your glasses. Call Jane."

Logan still had this habit of taking care of him. It was sweet… Scott left the bathroom still escorted by others. Remy wanted to follow but Logan kept him in place. The Cajun was pouting.

"Look at me Remy…"

Remy looked up but he was still serious and angry. Logan moved his lips close to his ear and whispered softly, slowly tightening his hold on Remy.

"I chose you, Remy, you! And I want you. You made me forget about him, you made me want only you… You have nothing to worry about, you hear me? I pushed him away. And I'll say it only once but it turns me on when you take things into your own hands. I love the way you fight to keep me, and I love the way you're not afraid of anything, not even me… You drive me crazy, Cajun…"

Logan was hugging him so tightly that Remy hardly could even breathe but he loved every second of this. He even started to suspect that he also loved the man who was hugging him so he hugged back with an equal strength and then pushed Logan into one of the stalls for a quick shag…


Remy looked brilliant in a tuxedo. He was slim and tall and had impossibly pretty face. His shoulder length auburn hair were neatly brushed to one side, almost covering his right eye, were he still had the souvenir from the bathroom fight. It was now just a scar but still he chose to cover it.

Besides Logan thought he looked sexy when he styled his hair like that…

Logan also looked dashing. His tuxedo hugged his body perfectly and it made Remy instantly hard. The older man walked up to him and kissed passionately. His hands traveled down Remy's body and fondled his buttocks. Suddenly he pulled away with a confused face.

"Cajun, are you going commando to the wedding?"

"Oui, chère. Is that a problem?"

Logan thought for a moment… "…under the tuxedo?"

"Oui… Is that wrong?"

"No, not at all." And he kissed Remy again.

Remy couldn't wait to see it. Scott would be finally and officially out of the menu. They moved the wedding on an earlier date so the Jane's pregnancy wouldn't show.

They quickly got into Logan's car and sped through the streets toward the church. Remy almost cried out of joy when Scott finally said 'yes' and gave himself forever away to the woman that had more patience than Remy stupid ideas. After their unfortunate fight in the bar's toilette she came to take Scott home. He told her what he did and she had once again forgiven him but after that day she had never left Scott alone with Logan in the same room, not even for one second. She didn't trust her fiancé and nobody blamed her for that. Scott would have the rest of his life to earn her trust again…

The party was huge and some of the cars in front of the place ridiculously expensive. Scott's job in Europe surely earned him some important friends… (His boss offered him a trip around the world as a wedding present!) Half way into the party someone apparently came by the helicopter! Better late than never…

Alex – Scott's brother was exceptionally happy. He knew he was a disappointment for his parents and Scott having a baby was a huge relief for all of them.

Logan was surprisingly good in his role. He was a great best man. Scott's mother thought he would be aloof or angry and that he would spoil the party. Oh how wrong she was. Logan wasn't by any means a party animal but he did great. At the moment he was dancing with Scott's mother while Remy and Alex talked about some guy Alex was interested in.

After the dance Logan walked up to the table to have a drink.

"Excuse me, could you pass me those appetizers?"

"Sure, here." Logan reached for the plate and handed it to the stranger looked kind of familiar ...

"Thank you. Are you Scott's best man?"

"Yes I am. James Howlett."

"Tony Stark - technically Scott's boss."

They shook hands.

"Tony Stark, like that genius philanthropist…?"

"That would be the awesome me!"

Tony smiled brightly missing Logan's surprised face because at that moment they both turned in the direction of Remy's laughter. It was so joyous and carefree that made you want to laugh too. Tony smiled, not only from what he had heard but also at what he saw. The young man with a copper hair covering one side of his face was gorgeous. He wore a tuxedo but he somehow rolled up his sleeves half way up his forearms exposing his lean arms and fragile wrists. He was charming in a rebel kind of way. In a way that was very appealing for another rebel type, like Tony. Especially that he was so different from a certain uptight blond recently plaguing Tony's thoughts… He needed some distraction from what he couldn't have.

The beauty was talking to Alex – Scott's gay brother. Were they together? Tony needed to plan his moves. He graced the party with his presence awfully late so he didn't have too much time to seduce the brunette… No matter! He would need twenty minutes tops.

He looked the man beside him. The best man's eyes were also on the same young man. He snorted.

"I see you're thinking along the same lines as me."

Logan looked back at him a little confused, with a scowl on his face.

"I don't think so."

Tony laughed. "Come on, man..." He slapped Logan's shoulder but retreated his hand very quickly. Judging from his frown Logan wasn't very fond of touches from strangers… even as great as Tony…

"I saw the way you look at that guy, but I'm afraid he will be leaving with me tonight, so why don't you just… look some other way?"

"Excuse me?" Logan just couldn't fucking believe it.

"I mean that beauty there!..." He pointed at Remy with a toothpick from an appetizer. "I like the way he laughs. You think he would like to fly a helicopter with one and only Tony Stark?"

Logan sighed. "I think he has no idea who Tony Stark even is."

"Don't make me laugh, my friend… Can I call you my friend? You're Scott's friend and Scott's friends are my friends! And believe me, man it's good to have a friend in Tony Stark. Remember!"

"…um… sure… I bet a thousand that this guy had never heard about you."

"Are you serious?"

"Yup!" Logan looked like he wasn't sure of what he was saying… A thousand dollars was nothing for Tony but he always loved to show people how awesome he was.

"Great! Let's check it then."

They walked up to the small group.

"Hello gentlemen, let me introduce myself, I'm Tony Stark. You must be Alex but who would THAT be?" They all shook hands but Tony was looking at Remy the whole time.

"Remy LeBeau."

"I'm enchanted…" Tony smiled at the Cajun and brushed some hair from Cajun's eye.

Remy blushed but didn't say anything. He didn't know what to say actually. Was this guy making a move on him? Remy wouldn't know. He was too new to the whole male x male relationship thing.

Now, Logan trusted Remy completely. The Cajun was crazy about him and Logan would bet anything that he wouldn't even look at other men but here he was blushing at Tony Stark. The billionaire's hand touched Remy's face and it made Logan's blood boil.

"So tell me, Remy, what do you think about what I do?"

Remy just frowned cutely. "I don't know, homme. What do you do?"

Tony turned to Logan with a wide smile.

"I'll send you a check…"

Logan shrugged insensibly and then looked at his lover who almost fainted when their eyes met. He panicked. Logan was pissed! He saw him talking to another man! What would he think? That Remy got bored with him already! He would think that Remy is interested in that stranger and he would dump Remy!


Remy pushed Tony aside and tried to limberly sneak under Logan's arm. He often did that when he wanted to be closer and normally Logan let him. This time he didn't. Remy tried to remove Logan's hand from his pocket to drape the strong arm over his own shoulders or something but he couldn't move it. Was Logan made of steel (or Adamantium…)? He looked up at Logan pleadingly and prayed that he would move.

"You were rude to Mr. Stark, Cajun…"

Remy wanted to cry. He settled for being stuck pathetically to Logan's arm and glared at Stark silently wishing him all the worst.

"I was rude? That bastard touched my face! You should kick his…"

Logan's arm finally sneaked around Remy and his hand sealed Cajun's faul mouth. In all honesty he was quite pleased with Cajun now. He loved whet his young lover acted like a total twit sometimes. It was fun. Remy enjoyed being pressed to Logan's chest but the hand over his mouth pissed him off so he glared at Stark again like it was all his fault. And it WAS!

"I'm sorry for him, he's got a temper…" Logan smiled brightly at the stunned billionaire. It wasn't often that people pushed him around, rejected and insulted…

"I can see that. Now I can imagine how he got that scar on his temple."

Logan chuckled and pointed his finger at the approaching groom.

"That was actually HIS doing."

Tony looked at Scott and then back at Logan.

"Summers hit him? Seriously?"

Scott joined them with a nervous smile. "Hey, he knocked out two of my teeth! I paid fortune for implants!"

Tony still couldn't believe. He knew Scott well enough. He was uptight and... well he just wasn't the type to get into fights…

"What did he do to you?"

Remy tried to present his own side of the story but after a few insults his mouth were once again sealed by Logan's hand. Scott was blushing furiously. He didn't want his boss to know, but his brother spoiled everything.

"They fought over Logan. Leave them in one room for five minutes and they will kill each other!"

Tony's big brown eyes grew even bigger. "Over…. Logan? But Scott's just gotten married…"

"Let's just NOT talk about it right now! Tony, I'm so glad you've made it. You didn't have to…."

"It's alright, Scott. I made it in no time with the helicopter - especially that I was piloting. And I'm really glad I came. I learned a lot about you today…" He smiled at Scott who bleached and didn't really know what to say. What did they tell him?

Tony only laughed at that.

"Don't make that face Summers. You 're a lot more interesting than I thought!"

Remy mumbled something against Logan's palm.

"What was that?"

Stark looked at Logan and pleaded with his eyes to let the Cajun go already. Logan did. Instantly Remy draped himself all over Logan just the way he loved it and repeated.

"Remy said, it's just a false impression!"

He hugged Logan with both his arms possessively and glared at his rival. Scott wanted to walk up to him and push him away. He knew it was not the time for shit like that but he also really wanted to punch Remy.

"Stop hanging on him like that!" He yelled with an accusing finger pointing at the Cajun.

"Why? Jealous much?" Saying this Remy snuggled closer to Logan's neck.

"You know well you stupid fucker!" He took just a few steps toward Remy when…

"SCOTT!" Jane's voice was like a bucket of cold water for the angry ex-teacher.

"Jane… I was thanking Tony for coming and for his amazing present…"

She just rolled her eyes. "Sure you were." She looked at the best man. "I came here to ask Remy to dance with me but since I see he managed to force his way into your hug Logan, I probably won't be able to rip him off of you…"

Logan chuckled feeling Remy's arms tighten. "Come on, Remy, don't be like that. It's her wedding night."

Remy looked at Jane and sighed. "Just because you are taking that freak away from my Logan!"

Remy kissed Logan's cheek and walked away with Scott's wife. He was an excellent dancer. Logan watched him sliding over the dance floor with an unimaginable grace.

"So…" Stark was watching the Cajun too. "He's not coming home with me, is he?"

"No, I believe not… Unless you knock him out maybe…"

"Too bad. I really wanted a piece of him."

"That's the problem, bob. You can't get just a piece. If you take him once it's impossible to get rid of him… Cajun gives everything and takes everything. It's all or nothing with this guy as it seems."

"It looks like Summers is still jealous. Did you dump him for that cute Cajun?"

"No, we broke up after Scott moved to Europe. We both wanted it."

Stark snorted. "Or so you think!"

Another helicopter landing disturbed the party.

"Shit…" Even though he cursed Stark looked quite happy. Logan gave him a curious look.

"What is it? Is that your wife or something?"

"Yea…" Stark grinned like a maniac. "Something like that."

Not a minute later a tall, muscular young man approached them. His face was stern but it was obvious that he wanted nothing more than rip Tony's head off.

"Logan, meet Steve – my wife as you called him. Steve, meet my friend and today's best man, James Howlett."

The uptight youth bowed to Logan overly politely. "I'm pleased to meet you Mr. Howlett. MR. STARK! This was the third time this week! I am supposed to assure your safety! How am I supposed to do that if you run away every time I take my eyes of you?!"

Tony's smile changed a bit. It wasn't teasing anymore.

"Well then, Steve… maybe you shouldn't take your eyes of me then?"

The young blond bodyguard flushed from head to toe. Apparently he wasn't used to Stark's flirting just yet.

"Mr. Stark… I… You… You shouldn't take the helicopter and leave without me… It was… reckless, irresponsible and… very dangerous. Please… Please don't put your life on the line just to tease me…"

"I wasn't teasing you… just trying to get your attention."

"M-Mr. Stark…!"

Logan chuckled. The blond must have a major crush on his boss… Suddenly something jumped him again hugging possessively.

"Who the hell is that, chère?"

Remy was glaring at Steve and not waiting for any explanation or introduction he started to push Logan away from the billionaire and his blushing companion. He didn't want to know who they were or what the fuck did they want from Logan. He just wanted to take his lover away from them all. He was actually kind of tired already. Maybe it was time to start whining and force Logan to go home?

He wondered if Logan was just pretending to be fine with Scott's wedding. It was possible… Maybe he needed Remy to cheer him up a bit?

Remy dragged him across the lawn, away from the tables and in the direction of the building's entrance. A lot of people was making fun of Logan being pushed around like that but Logan found the situation amusing and didn't mind. He kind of liked to make Cajun jealous and do crazy things. He couldn't wait to see what the kid would come up with this time around. And of course he didn't have to wait long. A moment later he found himself being shoved into some tiny storage with brooms and buckets and Gambit was kissing him.

"Wait… kid… Not on Scott's wedding! Let's go home…"

He could feel something what might have been a vacuum cleaner digging into his back quite painfully but when Remy started to work on his erection with his sinful mouth he didn't mind anything anymore.

The place was cramped. He had to lift Remy up and help him position his long legs around his waist. Remy had to hold onto the shelf over his head to stay upright when he was lowering himself on Logan's slick from saliva waiting cock.

So yes, they did it on Scott's wedding… twice. When they finally stumbled out from the store Remy looked thoroughly fucked and Logan perfectly satisfied. The older of the two was still tucking his shirt into his pants while Remy didn't even bother anymore. He could hardly stand. He wiped his forehead again with the jacket he kept in his hand. His bow-tie was gone and he was all sweaty… Now he really wanted to go home.

Logan helped him stand but when he wanted to walk he realized Logan wasn't moving. He looked up at the two figures staring at them, one with amusement the other one with pure horror. Logan only smiled at them gesturing at the closed door of the storage.

"Tony, Steve – it's all yours."

They left too quickly to see if Stark and Rogers took him on his offer.

He needed to take his horny Cajun home.



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