Episode 1

Memories of a Knight

Author's Note: Well, this is a reboot of my previous fanfic. An entirely different story. Starts before the Anime series and tells about the first avatars of the Accel World. Read, Rate and Review please!

"The moon was shinning brightly in the darkness of the night sky. The beauty of the stars up above and shooting stars comes and goes. The silent breeze of the night and the howls of the ferals beyond the woods. The buzz of the insects around the bushes and the flaps of wings of the bats and the fear beyond those creepy trees. Suddenly, cries of children were heard: "Help me! Please don't! Stop it!" and at the same time, sparks of electricity were also heard at the same time combined with the strikes and roars of lightning and thunder. It started to rain and the wind started to blow fiercely as the roof was cracking a sound like it was about to be blown away. It was November 5th, 2036."

"Mr. Yagami! Mr. Yagami! Wake Up!"

"WHOAAA!" a boy who looks like in his early teens screamed loudly as he suddenly stands. He has silver hair and dark eyes. He seems to be 5'7" as he was taller than the one who screamed at him. He wears a uniform that has a logo of "Nerima Junior High" on it. That boys, was me. I am Shusuke Yagami of Nerima Junior High. I am 12 years old and I am at my freshman year. I was somewhat underage but for some unknown circumstances I was still accepted as a freshman. Well, I have high IQ I guess. You could say I am an ordinary high schooler in this world. Hardheaded and sarcastic is the best way to describe me. But then again, everyone has their own secrets, talents and even their own worlds that we don't know about. Their own life.

*ha~ha~ha~ha* giggles and laughter from students around were heard.

"Shusuke-kun, sleeping inside my class is prohibited! Detention for you!*BAM*" shouted by theteacher in her mid 40's smacked a book in my desk. That was my Algebra teacher Mrs. Wong. I sleep a lot in her classes but this was the first time she got angry this bad. Well, I could'nt blame her. I sleep everytime yet I still ace her pop quizzes and exams.

"So—Sorry, sensei." Shusuke replied quietly while having a dumbfounded face.

*DING DONG DING DONG* The sound of the school bell was heard. It was already lunch time in Nerima Junior High School. I did a long long talk with Mrs. Wong in the room earlier. It was about being the number 1 student in my class but always sleeping and not paying attention. She said if I keep that up I would become a bad influence to my classmates and think that studying is easy. I can't blame her, she's right. I am a bad influence. My nature of easygoing and serious at some occasions can be really annoying to the extent I have grown with lots and lots of enemies. Right now, I am carrying a small tray with two hamburgers and one orange juice. Please don't accuse me of being a glutton, I just love eating and I have to refill my fuel tank everytime so I won't lose some energy. Energy is important, right?

I was walking in the cafeteria looking around and searching for at least one vacant seat.

"Every seat seems to have been taken, *sigh*." As I thought of this, I gave a short sigh and was already thinking of eating on the roof. But that thought changed suddenly . .

"Hey Shu-kun! Over here!" a female voiced was heard from over the far end of the cafeteria. A very serene voice that is as soft and smooth as a cloud in the sky. She has purple eyes and pinkish red hair. She has a small trey lying on a table on the corner with at least one seat vacant in front of her. That girl was my senpai and mentor. She was the whole reason of my fortunes and misfortunate. Pretty ironic don't you think? To describe one person as the cause of both your luck and bad luck that is basically an antonym for each other. I approached her slowly and was already thinking of what to say to that beautiful maiden. On the table is a tray that has a salad bown and a glass of water on it.

"Thank you for calling me, senpai. Don't you have someone to eat lunch with?" I asked humbly to the girl in front of me.

"Don't worry Shu-kun, I'm all yours.* he~he~*" She giggled softly while saying those words.

"Whaaaat?!" I shouted in my mind. She was always like this. Teasing me everytime we are together.

"Look! Those two are together again. What did Ayano-san likes about that guy? They are not fit for together. Not at All!" murmurs of these words were heard in the seats and tables near us. It was like this everytime. First, I was like; "Hey we don't have a relationship like what you think! But then Ayano-senpai said; "Please, mind your own business everyone! Don't interfere with our moment." Great, just great. Everytime someone whispered harsh words on us, Ayano-senpai only would make it worse.

"Very well, thank you for the seat senpai!" I thanked her courteously while taking the seat in front of her. The sweet face of the lady in front of me, her beauty shines along with the Sun's sunlight. Her magnificent aura makes me feel like we are the only person here in the cafeteria.

"So, Shu-kun, How was Algebra?" she asked while she plays her salad bowl.

"Well, gr— . I got detention." I laughed quite a bit but quickly brought back my composure and made a serious tone.

"Aahh. You'll have a punishment later on in training." The girl infront of me said happily. Wait—

"PUNISHMENT!?" I exclaimed in disbelief for what I heard. The entire cafeteria were stunned by my loud voice and everyone was staring at me.

"Sorry. *cough*"

*giggles* "Yup, that's right. Punishment." Ayano-senpai reminded me once more as she drank the glass of water that is rested beside the bowl of salad.

"I can't believe this! And I thought she likes me!" I thought while having a manga-like face.

"I know, you're thinking that why am I punishing you even though I LOVE you." Ayano-senpai said with a bit of rising intonation on the part ofLOVE.

"Eh?" I was only able to give this short remark on what she said.

*giggled* "Oh, Shu-kun, meet me at the Café later after class, okay?"

"Sure senpai." I answered quickly while she gave an angelic smile and her eyes just twinkled like stars.

"Goodbye for now, my class is about to start." The girl humbly pointed out the clock in the cafeteria. She left her seat and grabbed her shoulder bag. "Mwah!" She then gave me a ..—

"Flying kiss?!" suddenly, a warm feeling filled my body. I got used to this though because this happens everytime she leaves. As I was thinking this, I glanced at the clock—

"O MY GOD! "I'm late for my Chemistry class!" I shouted as I hurriedly left the cafeteria and ran the hallway as fast as I could. My next class is 2 floors above the cafeteria and the stairs were a bit slippery so running too fast would be futile however, I don't have a choice.

Chemistry Class—

"Alright everyone, as we all know, gold is the most malleable precious metal while platinum is . ."

The teacher was discussing about precious metals and elements. As for me, I wasn't listening to anything he is saying. While I look outside the window, I can see the azure skies and the beauty of the sun. It was an amazing sight to behold.

*sigh* "Maybe I'll just take a nap." I whispered while lying my head to my desk and folded both my arms on it.

After a falling asleep—

"Idiot kids! What're you doing!? Didn't I tell you to remove the scales properly! Now the fish won't be done early. Because of this, all of you won't get any food tonight, got it!?" A man in his late 50's are scolding a group of young children around 5 to 7 years old. The man has white hair all over his hair and an overly grown beard with pale gray skin.

"Mister. . we are sorry. .we didn't know how—." Before one of the kids finished answering the man's anger the man furiously slapped him in the face.


"Don't you dare answer me child!" Roared by the man while the child shivers in fear and pain.

"Tsk. Worthless runt. You're lucky you even got a home here." The man pointed out while he left the room that looks like a kitchen.

"Hey, are you alright?" another child approached the young boy who was slapped earlier. The one that was slapped earlier has silver colored hair and dark eyes. The other boy that approached the silver haired was a child that seems to be suffering from heterochromia, an illness that is described as a difference in the color of the iris. His left eyes is somewhat brownish while the right is like the sun, golden color.

"Ye—Yes, I'm fine. Thank You." The boy who has silver hair answered the other's concern.

"That's great." Said by the boy who is suffering from heterochromia while he reached his hand to the silver haired boy. "Hi, I'm Alister."

The silver haired then accepted the young boy Alister's proposal of a handshake. He then replied to him;

"Nice to meet you. I'm—."


A sudden roar was heard and I woke up from my dream. The Chemistry teacher was very furious and fiery eyes can be seen in his iris.

"How dare you sleep in my class?!" exclaimed by the angered teacher.

"Sorry sensei. I'm feeling a little dizzy today, can I go to the Nurse's office?" I answered his fury with this humble excuse. I was already crossing my two fingers that I could fool him. Luckily. .

*cough* "If that's the case, very well. Here's the hall pass." My Chemistry teacher answered my request and gave me the hallpass. Yes, success. I fooled him.

Down the hallway, there was no human being that can be found. You can only see lockers and security cameras all around it. As I recall my dream, I saw a young man that has a golden eye and the child that was being offered a handshake is somewhat familiar. I thought of all of this while waking slowly. I initially planned on going to the nurse's office but my intentions changed when I started to feel the urge to take a nap again.

"If I get lucky, maybe the rooftop's door is not locked." I whispered this words as I stared on the the tiled floor. I decided to give it a try. It won't hurt to skip class and also skip going to the nurse's office even though I really feel some dizziness in my head. Is this dizziness caused by those dreams that kept appearing in my head? I again tried to recall my dreams and noted that there was screaming and shocking of electricity. Those dreams never happened constantly before. .but some of them happened in the past. Yes, four months ago, a dream kept plaguing my mind everytime I feel naucious or take a nap. It was and still a nightmare. I finally reached the stairs to the rooftop as I climbed it up the door seems to be open. "Lucky me." I murmured this as I slowly twist the doorknob and the door opened with a little squeaky sound because of the door looks very old and rugged.

Rooftop . .

I stared at the sky. .there was a pleasant breeze of wind that you can easily feel. According to the sun's location, it is around two but I'm not really that sure. I slowly closed my eyes and muttered some words—

"Unlimited Brain Burst."

Suddenly, my entire world collapsed one by one. The windows of each room in the bulding was shattered one by one. The bulding itself slowly loses its constitution. The sky turned bright red and the clouds looks like smoke in the sky. The feeling of the pleasant wind disappeared and all you can feel are dead and scary atmosphere. The place was full of bones and dead corpses. Yes, you may describe this as a boneyard.

"I was expecting of the metallic field but I guess this is fine." I said while taking a glance at a broken glass.

I saw my face completely different. My entire body is made of metalloid compounds that are colored gray-like while my chest until my abdomen is somewhat navy blue in color. My shoulders has spike-like curves that stretches until my back where a cape that is blue in color can be seen that sways like a flag. My gauntlets and greaves are almost the same features as of my other parts of the body except for my chest and abdomen. My helm is also of the same metallic compound but has a sword-like horn the is curved at the point in the middle part of my helm but it forms another curve and a small bulging point can be seen. You can say it resembles a horn a beetle but made of metal. My eyes are glowing somewhere beneath the helm. Fur lie substance can be seen between the two shoulders of my avatar right in my neck that looks like a polar bear's fur since it has a white color appearance. Some parts of the armor or say my body has golden colored ridges and edges as well as some linings that are colored silver. In my right hand a sword can be seen, I was holding it for quite some time now. The sword, in classification, looks like a medieval longsword. The Cross of the sword which is the typically straight bar or "guard" of a Medieval sword, also called a "cross-guard" as it makes a curve that resembles a bow. The blade of the sword is very long as it stretches from the tip to the handle as it looks like as tall as my bodies leg. The edge of my sword which is the sharpened portion of the blade looks like a double edged type. A sword may be single or double-edged. For example, a Japanese katana has a single edge but a Scottish claymore is sharpened on both sides. As for mine, a medieval longsword is double-edged. The Forte' of my sword, which is also known as the lowest part of the sword that can be used to parry, curved inside the blade making it thinner than the upper part of the blade which is as wide as my character's abdomen. The grip of the sword is made of metal or should we say gold like in color and has a very rough texture but I got used to it.

"It's great to be back in this world and wield this sword once more!" I exclaimed while I swing my sword up, down and sideways. The sword name is called "Rakurai sodo" meaning: Lightning Blade. But even though I am already 3 months in this world, I still don't understand why my sword is called like that.

As I started to walk downstairs the building of my school which is now a part of a battlefield here in a place called Accelerated world, I started to recall why and how I am in this world.

"The moon was shinning brightly in the darkness of the night sky. The beauty of the stars up above and shooting stars comes and goes. The silent breeze of the night and the howls of the ferals beyond the woods. The buzz of the insects around the bushes and the flaps of wings of the bats and the fear beyond those creepy trees. Suddenly, cries of children were heard: "Help me! Please don't! Stop it!" and at the same time, sparks of electricity were also heard at the same time combined with the strikes and roars of lightning and thunder. It started to rain and the wind started to blow fiercely as the roof was cracking a sound like it was about to be blown away. It was November 5
th, 2036."

"Wake up! Wake Up!" A loud noise stunned my sleep and was able to awaken from a horrible nightmare.

"Uh—Good morning mom." I greeted my mother who was at my side and was also the one who woke me up.

"Oh, Shusuke, you're having a nightmare again because of that your late for school." My mom told me with a very concerned face. The mom I was speaking to was not really my real mother, but rather my stepmother. Though you can see a concerned face from her, she doesn't really care about my well being.

I exited the room after my mother and went to the dining room to eat breakfast along with my so called "family." I sat beside someone who is at the same age as me. His name is Atsushi, he is 13 years old and his freshman year as well. He is, the exact opposite of me. He is a bully, no good and a very idiot brother. Not to mention a very ugly attitude. He doesn't give respect to his own parents that loves and cares for him. O, yeah, right infront of me was my so called "father" and was the one who adopted me. He is a member of the police department of Nerima. He treats me fine and like a true son unlike the other two. My mother only shows compassion while dad is around and Atsushi's true nature comes out when we are alone. In this house, I was like a guess from another world. No real name, No real family. In fact, my real name is not Shusuke. I don't remember anything from my past except for flashes of electricity and cry of children begging for help. Along with those forgotten memories is another child, who is telling me stories about two knights: The White Knight and the Black Knight, brothers in arms and heart but torn by ideals and fate. That story kept me happy everytime I dreamt of it or remember some of its detail. The only thing I remembered was I was the white knight and I was the hero of a world. Well, dreams are dreams after all.

"As I walk to school, of course along with Atsushi, he always bothers me with an electric tazer. A device that can shock you small electrical voltage. But it hurts so much when he does so and also my head starts to feel pain and some memories began to spur up. Yes, those electric shocks again. I can't understand why but my dad always tells me that I need to face it and move on. That's why even though my dad urged to stop Atsushi teasing me with the tazer, I never complained, thinking it is the best way to face my fears.

At school, well it was like hell there. Nerima Junior High, sounds great but when you are a wimp like me, your life is as short as a strand of hair. My life before was pretty much horrible. .but everything changed when I encountered an application that suddenly appeared in my NeuroLinker.

Back to the Accel World. .

I looked around the dead wasteland field. It was almost empty but suddenly a bullet was shot at my location. However, I quickly dodged that attack as I leaped backwards and hid in a bungle of rocks.

I looked at my character information, it says: Avatar Name: Platinum Crusader, Level 2, Win/Loss record- 18-3-0. My avatar has 18 wins and 3 losses so far with no recorded draw. My avatar name is Platinum Crusader which is already two. In just 3 months of playing, I am already level two which is a great achievement for someone who is a pioneer or in other words, "The First Generation". In this world, Burst Linkers are the ones called here not humans. Pioneers are considered the first ones or the first hundred(s) of players that was able to enter this world due to free give away of what it seems a beta key like application sent in our Neuro Linker around 3 months ago.

"Come out, come out wherever you are." An avatar that has reddish color but somewhat pinkish as well appeared out of nowhere holding a rifle like gun. In his pocket, a long revolver can be seen as its barrel extends to the avatar's ankle. Base from the avatar's ankle I can say it's a male as the name is seensCardinal Payne. The red colored avatar, a long range specialist. My avatar is metal colored which has high defense but weak against physical attacks.

"In order to fight him I need that." I whispered this words as I clicked some buttons and equipped a weapon called "Shockwave." A shield that has metallic edges and at the center, bluish background with a W mark in an Algerian-like font style.

"Over here!" I shouted as I charged towards the red avatar. I am right now in a place called Unlimited Fields where 1 second is equivalent to 16 minutes and 40 seconds. Unlike normal battles that has a time limit of 3 minutes, here it has no limit and thus if your character dies here, you will have to wait for 1 hour or so for your character to be reborn once more. But that's the irony of it, 'cause if you are reborn at the same place, the enemy might still be waiting and kill you again.

"Hello Platinum Crusader!" The red avatar greeted me in a high-shouting like tone as he fired his rifle at me multiple times. But because of my shield "Shockwave" I was able to deflect some of it and received minimal damage but still receiving enough for a Killer Gauge increase.

"That won't work Cardinal Payne!" I shouted while dashing towards him. The difference in distance was already 2 meters.

"Tsk. How in the world . .no matter." Cardinal Payne hopped backwards multiple times while continuously firing his rifle at me.

"Oh. .trying to wear me down. Unfortunately for you. ."

*THUD*Cardinal Payne stumbled in a dead end. A wall of bones was blocking his path.

"No way. ." He whispered.

"Now, its my turn!" I shouted as I am already inches away from him. I slashed my sword multiple times

*Swish* *Swish* *Swish*

His health points are already half while only making three slashes so far. "I guess focusing my points on Sword Sharpness and Shield Constitution payed off." I thought while continuing slashing Cardinal Payne.

"RAAAAA!" My enemy shouted as bothe our Killer Gauge are full.

"Don't get cocky!" He exclaimed. "Cardinal Bull—!" he shouted a killer move but he was too late as I made my killer move faster than him."

"Crusader Fury!" Because of my weapon a melee sword, I don't have another 2 seconds to clicked the gun's trigger to activate my killer move. That's why I was able to slash him completely to pieces as Crusader Fury is a move that slashes the opponent 12 times in close range combat.

My enemy avatar disappeared into data like pieces and small light appeared at the ground bearing the name Cardnial Payne and a time on top of it.

"I guess I have to leave here before he is revived." I said this while sheathing my sword back to a scabbard at my back that was supposed to be never there. I walked away the battlefield while holding my shield as I was headed to the exit point.

After two minutes of walking, only 5 meters away from the exit. However before I can continue . .an arrow struck my back. *BAM*

It exploded into tiny pieces and my Avatar came crashing down 10 meters away from the exit itself. As I look around, I saw an avatar on top of a building as it jumped that high to the ground but received only little damage.

"WHO ARE YOU!?" I exclaimed while trying to get up. I was hit at the back and the arrow seems to produce no particular sound as I wasn't able to react with it to block it.

The avatar didn't respond but it looks feminish in appearance. It has crystal like body with indigo color around it. She has two long horns on her helm but it looks more of an antenna. Her eyes is hidden because of her helm. In her chest, her metallic avatar breasts can be seen as it too looks like a crystal as it has a pointed tip. Her abdomen is colored black but has pinkish lines on it. Her shoulders has a circular object on it while both her hands has some as well but smaller than that of the shoulder. Same circular object can be seen on her ankle but rather triangular as it curves towards the ankle itself. Her tassets has crystal-like indigo colored feature. Back to her hem, hair strands can be seen as it is swaying with the winds of the Accel World. The hair is colored whitish pink and a cerulean blue scarf like in appearance that has black edges are hanging from her back. She is holding a bow at her right hand. The bow looks like a wing of an eagle and it is like the others, indigo in color. She is holding the arrow that looks like a pointed nail in her left arm.

"You're Platinum Crusader,right?" She asked me while pointing the bow that is loaded with the arrow at me.

"Ye—Yes, Yes I am." I answered as I prepared to unsheathe my blade. "Who are you?" I asked as well.

"He~He~He." She gave a slight giggle that is very familiar.

"The name is Diamond Priestess, now shall we begin the fight?"

That was her answer to me. From the name itself Diamond. .a very scary metal is right at my face right now.

"No way. ." I thought while thinking . .HOW ON EARTH CAN I BEAT A DIAMOND AVATAR!

~End of Episode~

Mado no soto no keshiki
Utsuri kawatte
Kisetsu made ga atashi wo oiteku

Dare yori chikaku ni ite
Fuan no tame ni
Doushite ano toki kizukenakatta
Anata no sugata ga mienaku naru mae ni
Tatta no tatta hitokoto
Ikanaide ga ienakatta

Anata ga shiawase nara sore de
Ii nante zettai ni ienai
Nejima ga ata konna kokoro ga
Doushiyou wo mo nai kurai
Atashi wa kirai

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