Episode 8

History of Past and Present

AUTHOR's NOTE: Sorry for the very late update of new chapter! I got sick and has a lot of school duties so I hadn't have much time to do it. But still manage to complete one so thanks for the wait!

"12 o'clock. Fire at 12 o'clock Phlox Raider." A golden avatar standing on top of a hill is narrating a purple avatar leaping on top of some rocks while its palms are glowing purplish red.

"Roger Sun King." The purple avatar nodded with a feminine voice and appears to be ready to fire something from her palms. The purple avatar has wings-like attachment on her back as it produces electricity and sparks continuously. Four coils can be seen hanging on her wings like-attachment that connects with her nerve-like wires that is also connected on a small orb on her chest.

( BOOM! )

An explosion occurred on the position of the purple avatar and it seems she was tossed five meters away and is left stumbling on the ground.

"Phlox Raider, are you okay?" Asked by the golden avatar.

"Y—Yes. Sort of."

The golden avatar then replied, "Wait for further instructions. Second Phase is now next, Midnight Lycan, scan the area with your hounds."

A dark blue avatar with a head of a wolf and is covered with a dark robe with a symbol of a head of a wolf can be seen on it. He has hands with sharp claws and small fangs can be seen on his helm. He also has a small tail and seem to be standing on four legs.

The dark blue avatar answered, "Feral Wolves, aim for point C." The dark blue avatar summoned two black metallic wolves that after being commanded by the avatar, quickly ran off to the point selected by their master.

( GROWL! ) ( GROWL! )


Fire balls started running down the running path of the two wolves. Fortunately, the wolves managed to dodge the fire balls and jumped over a large stone where an avatar lies hiding—

It has a very demonic and murderous aura. It has a long tail and a head of a dragon with a pair of hors. Saliva is drooling of the avatar's mouth and seem to be wearing a devious armor in appearance.


The avatar roared as it swiped its tail to get rid of one of the wolves while the other managed to bit the avatar's right arm.


It roared because of the pain it felt as its HP show on a bar on the screen is slowly deteriorating together with his special attack gauge. Enraged, the monster avatar blasted the remaining wolf with a flame coming from its mouth and was burned to ashes.

The dark blue avatar that summoned the wolves spoke, "Sun King, task accomplished, I have the Chrome Disaster's scent. I can track him down now!"

"Very Good Midnight Lycan." Praised by the golden avatar. "Then, let's move on to phase 3. Diamond Priestess and Crystal Symmetry, prepare for the operation."

"Affirmative!" Exclaimed by two avatar standing behind the golden avatar. The avatar on the left side is colored indigo and has a feminine appearance. It has a long scarf hanging on its neck and is wielding a bow on its left hand. The avatar on the right is rather dull in appearance, no particular color can be observed and is somewhat transparent in prescence. However, it wielding a transparent rapier that emits a silver glow stands out the most.

"Priestess-san, let's go now." The transparent avatar said to the indigo avatar while it replied with a nod and said, "Sure. Good Luck Crystal Symmetry!"

With that said, the transparent avatar nodded and uttered some words, "TRANSMIGRATE!"

He slash his rapier forming the word SPACE and both he and the indigo avatar disappeared.


The monster avatar kept growling in rage as dead avatar bodies can be seen below him. They seem to be incapacitated and some are already dead because a faint light can be seen with a countdown on it. However, if they respawn, they might just die again because they will be killed by the monster over and over again. Until they lose all their burst points. . .

( BLAST! )

An arrow hit the monster avatar's back and it exploded sending the avatar away from his former location.

"Symmetry, send these avatar to safety with your ability, I'll distract him while Sun King waits for phase 4." The indigo avatar explained while aiming her bow loaded with an arrow at the monster avatar.

"Roger that Priestess-san. Take Care. TRANSMIGRATE!" The transparent avatar exclaimed and with a slash of the rapier, he and the other avatars disappeared except for the dead ones.

"Now, I'm your opponent for the next 30 seconds Chrome—

Before Diamond Priestess can react, the monster avatar appeared in front of her!


It began gathering energy for its flame breath and Priestess is stunned! Fortunately—

( BLAST !)

As the monster avatar fired its flame, a small barrier shielded Diamond Priestess from the Explosion.

"Waning Moon." It was the word murmured by someone before the shield appeared as the monster avatar jumped away from Diamond Priestess.

"Thanks for the help." The indigo avatar shaken a little, gave her thanks to the one that saved her. "Black Wings. . ."

"Anything for you mademoiselle." The black avatar said while bowing his head. The black avatar has feathers of a bird on his body and has sharp feather blades on both wrists and legs.

The golden avatar, Sun King, standing on top of a hill spoke to the ones below, "Black Wings, you came too early but I'm glad you came too early."

"Is that a compliment of rage or joy Sun King?"

"Either of the two."

"Then, can we proceed to phase 4?" Asked by the black avatar.

"Very well, let's begin phase 4!"

"Time for you to perish Chrome Disaster—"Night Raven's Absolution!" The black avatar gathered his black feathers and it all glowed darker and darker until the point that it seems ready to explode.

"Using a killer move this quickly Black Wings?" asked by the indigo avatar.

"The quicker we finish this operation, the faster we can finish the others, right?" The black feathered avatar pointed out.

"Seems legit—"Arrow of Justice!" The indigo avatar exclaimed as her bow and arrow glowed intensely.

As both killer moves are at its peak, the monster avatar roared ferociously and a huge amount of energy is concentrated on its mouth—


The golden avatar then sent a message to the two avatars fighting on the ground, "Guys! With Magnesium Drake—no, Chrome Disaster's ability Flame Breeze, that killer move will surely be able to take down even with your combined powers!"


"You're joking, right?!"

"No, this is not a joke. Even if you land a hit, he will surely survive the attack and both of you will be in serious condition."

"So what now?" asked by the black avatar.

"Phlox Raider, can you still fire a laser?" asked by the golden avatar.

"Yes. I still have enough gauge to fire one." Replied by the purple avatar.

"On my mark, all your moves will be concentrated on the ground near Chrome Disaster."


"Just trust me!"

"Okay! Okay! Here we go!"

"Night Raven's Absolution—Destroy!"

"Arrow of Justice—Eradicate!"

"Tesla Laser—Decapitate!"



The killer moves hit the ground as it collapse the same time the monster avatar fired his killer move but was hindered by the collapsing ground.

"I get it, by focusing our attacks on the ground, it will make Chrome Disaster outbalance and his killer move will fail and will receive a fatal damage." Explained by Diamond Priestess as she reloads another arrow to her bow.

(phew) "I'm glad it's over. Let's just wait for the ki—." Before Phlox Raider could finish her words. Someone came out of the ground—


"No way! He's still alive!?" Exclaimed by Diamond Priestess.

"As expected. He is truly a monster." The black avatar murmured as he stared upon the demonic creature slowly gaining back its strength.

"Now down to phase 5. Black Wings, Diamond Priestess and Phlox Raider, fall back please. Duke Knight and Graphite Edge(two avatars hiding behind a large boulder suddenly nodded), both of you will act offensively while Viridian Prism( an avatar sitting below the hill where Sun King stands also nodded) will be on the defensive. Midnight Lycan( summons a new pair of wolves) will handle all the weak points as well as the rear guard so both of you can move freely. If all else fail, I'll use my illusions to escape." The golden avatar explained as he watches from afar.


"Alright, time to tear that monster to pieces (growls)." The dark blue avatar, Midnight Lycan, started running around the Chrome Disaster along with his wolves as if they are stalking their prey.

"In the name of chivalry, I shall get rid of you from this world!" A blue armored avatar that looks like a knight in appearance and has a very long hair sticking out of his helm.

"You're going all noble again Duki." A blackish avatar with two swords sheathe on a scabbard on his back teased the knight avatar.

"Don't start a quarrel Graphite Edge! Its Duke not Duki." The knight avatar replied to what the avatar with the two swords said.

"I'm sorry! I was just easing up the tension around here Duke Knight." The avatar defends himself.

( FLASH! ) In a blink of an eye, the transparent crystal avatar from earlier appeared out of nowhere.

"I'm here to pick you up Priestess-san." The crystal avatar said to the indigo avatar Diamond Priestess.

"I'll stay and fight." The indigo avatar said to the crystal avatar.

"I'm sorry senpai but Sun King's orders."

"Wait! What do you—


The two avatars; Diamond Priestess and Crystal Symmetry disappeared leaving only the remaining six aside from Sun King facing the monstrous Chrome Disaster.

"I'm low in HP but I can still fight!" A purple avatar with tesla coils on her back shouted while walking beside a green muscular avatar with a heavy armor and is coated with an odd looking glass.

"Don't overextend yourself Phlox Raider. You're our only range fighter in us seven." The green avatar said to the purple avatar.

"Don't worry Viridian Prism. I know you're strong enough to shield me somehow. But, please use 90% of attention on the guards of our two swordsmen.

"Roger on that." The green avatar nodded.


The Chrome Disaster roared again! And it prepares to fire another flame breath as it charges up its mouth.

"Alright everyone, it's time for the climax!" The golden avatar said while unsheathing a double edged blade that is seemingly short and has a reddish brown orb attached to its cross.

"Let's finish our mission before the Kings arrive! BEGIN!"

Midnight Lycan and his wolves (growling) started to attack Chrome Disaster simultaneously on his rear sides but the beast is able to dodge them and knocked off Midnight Lycan with its tail.

"You're hardheaded, aren't you? But, that what makes you a perfect prey for the pack!"


The beast then fired its stored energy on the mouth and aimed for Midnight Lycan's position.

"Crap!" The dark blue avatar exclaimed.

( BOOM! )


A glass prism appeared in front of Midnight Lycan that is floating in mid air! Absorbing the attack of the Chrome Disaster.

( phew! ) "Nice timing there Viridian Prism. As expected of one of the Six Armors of the Great Wall." The dark blue avatar said in relief while the green avatar replied, "I thought you're the fastest avatar in this world? Don't rely on me often Lycan."

"I may be the fastest in speed but not in agility and reaction time."


The Chrome Disaster roared in anger and fired multiple fire balls on the ground at random!

"This is going crazy." Black Wings murmured as he gathers black feathers around his body and creats a rotating spiral.

"Look who's talking." Phlox Raider said while her palms started to glow again. "I'll teach that beast an electrifying lesson! TESLA TERMINATOR!"

An array of purple lightning is scattered on the ground destroying it.


A sudden explosion happened! The scattered purple lightning appeared in under the ground that is beneath Chrome Disaster.


The beasts roared in agony as he was electrocuted numerous times by the killer move made by Phlox Raider.

"Hey, this one's take two!" Black Wings exclaimed as he uttered some words—


A series of black spirals made by the circling feathers around the body of Black Wings. The spirals attached to Chrome Disaster and disabling both his arms and are being contracted slowly.

"I'm going to squish you like a bug!" shouted by Black Wings.

"That's too mean birdy!" The avatar with two swords on his back jumped over Black Wings and rushed towards the beast.

"Did I told you to stop calling me that!?" roared by Black Wings as Graphite Edge gave a thumbs up in return angering Black Wings even further.

"Just ignore him Black Wings." A blue armored avatar with a long dazzling hair run pass Black Wings headed towards the beast as well.

"Hey Draco! Taste my Twin Blades!" boasted by Graphite Edge as he unsheathed both the swords on his scabbards and prepares to hit the beast with them.


The Chrome Disaster countered by using both his arms in holding the two swords. But—

( SLICE! )

Both the arms of the Chrome Disaster are torn to shreds causing massive amount of agony and pain to the monster.


"It's made with Hyper Diamond idiot. The strongest material in this world!" boasted further by the twin blade swordsman.

"You're too boastful edge." Duke Knight unsheathed his sword on his scabbard as well as he stabs the Disaster with it on its abdomen further damaging it.

"Disaster, taste your own shot." The green avatar shouted as he points the glass prism earlier to the Disaster as it glows.

"Okay time to go!" Edge retreated away from the Disaster.

"Goodbye." Duke Knight said as he jumped three steps away of the monster but with his sword still inside the stomach of the foolish beast.

"PRISM REFLECTION!" Viridian Prism exclaimed as the flame shot at by the monster that was absorbed by the prism is reflected back to the beast destroying its outer shell.

"He's weakened!" shouted by Phlox Raider.

"Finish him off Duki!" teased by Graphite Edge again.

"I know! I know!" The knight avatar dashed quickly towards the weakened monster and grabbed his sword and pulled it off but prepares to swing it across the head of the monster.

"Say your prayers, my old friend."


The beast roared as it is about to witness its demise while Duke Knight swings his sword slicing the head of the monster into half eliminating him. However, a small glow appeared! And a timer also appeared on the ground.

[Time to Respawn: 60 minutes]

(phew) The knight avatar sighed as their mission ended.

"Yes! Mission accomplish!" shouted in excitement by Graphite Edge.

"Now that's a thriller." Said by Midnight Lycan.

"You don't say." Viridian Prism followed while Black Wings shrugged his shoulders and began to walk away.

"The end, now to wait for the Kings to finish the job." Phlox Raider said while extending her arms and lied on the ground.

( FLASH! )

Crystal Symmetry and Diamond Priestess appeared beside Sun King and the transparent avatar said, "Mission accomplish?"

"Yes. . .sort of." The golden avatar nodded.

"Why the gloomy face?" asked by Diamond Priestess.

"No, nothing. It's just. .nah, forget about it." The golden avatar answered hesitantly as the screen turned black and small beeping sound can be heard—

( BEEP! ) ( BEEP! ) ( BEEP! )

Inside a room

"Oh my . . . I overslept again. . .(yawns)" I said while getting off the bed after switching off the alarm clock.

"The replay Yukia-san gave me, I am amazed when I watched it." I thought while getting out of the room and headed to the kitchen. "I never thought Alister is that good of a tactician."

I opened the fridge and took out some eggs and milk. Scrambled the eggs (pluck) (pluck) (pluck) and poured them on a frying pan. I prepared the table with my own plate and glass cup as I poured milk on it. I took out some leftover rice last night and switched off the gas stove.

After 2 minutes of eating my breakfast, I turned on my Neuro Linker that I always switch off before going to sleep and I heard a voice message—

[Voice message: Uhm. Hello Shusuke-kun. This is Ayano. Can we meet today? Around 10:30 Am near the park. I'll wait for you there. Bye! 3 ]

"I guess I have plans for today. . ." I murmured while I suddenly let myself fell on the couch and closed my eyes. Suddenly flashes of image appeared before me—


"I said work! What in the world are you kids doing? If you don't do your job properly you won't get fed." A man in his late 50's suddenly shouted. He has grey hair and almost bald head with wrinkled eyes and pale skin.

"Mister. . .we're tired." A children about 6 years of age said while clutching his shoulders to his body.

"Tired?! How about me? Am I tired? Tired of taking care of you orphans!" The old man kept shouting angrily at a group of children hugging each other. Instantly, one of the children in the group took a step forward and spoke, "Mister, you don't have the right to treat us like this!"

The young boy's voice echoed across an old looking room with rugged floor and wooden ceilings. The old man, amazed but anger with the young boy's sudden words replied with a furious tone, "Young man, who gave you the permission to speak?"

"Permission? Who needs permission when speaking to someone as low as you." The young boy immediately answered the old man's question and the children around him are whispering at him saying, "Hey please stop it you'll make him madder." "Stop please, it'll only get worse."

"Stop? Why? We had enough aren't we?" The young boy fired at the group of children around him.

"Boy, please heed your friends' warnings. If you don't, you'll regret it for the rest of your sorry life!" The old man shouted right in the face of the young boy and raised his left arm and seem to be ready to punch him full force. As the fist of the old man swoosh with the air around it, it awaits its impact with the young boy's face. The young boy could only close his eyes and try to shield it with his two arms.


The punch landed! There was a sound of impact but the collision was so strong that it could only indicate that the child's face could've been destroyed by the fist of the old man. However—

"RAAAAAA!" The old man screamed loudly as if he is about to die. The pain and agony he felt is excruciating and he could no longer tell which part of his fist hurts the most. The children stared bewildered at what happen and the young boy also stared at the person right in front of him. The person has brown golden hair and with a strange eyes and is holding a thick wooden plane with a crushed area on its center. By the looks of it, the fist of the old man hit the wooden place right before it nearly touches the boy's face.

"Your. . .Your. . ." The boy muttered the same words over and over again and the boy in front of him finally talked, "Your welcome Shusuke."

"How did you do that. . .How did you managed to block Mister Masaoka's punch?" The young boy asked the boy that helped him escape a fatal encounter.

"Uhm. . .can't explain it either. . .but you can say I'm stronger than that guy over there." The boy bluffed while pointing at the poor old man.

"You rascal! Even though you're the master's son you can't just—."

Before the old man could finish his words, the boy with the strange eyes spoke, "Mr. Masaoka, as the son of the owner of this orphanage, I hereby dismiss you of your duties as house manager."

"What!? You can't do this to me! No! How can I manage to get money and eat! Mr.—

"No more words coming from you. Even though I'm a 7 year old, I am still powerful than you. Okay guys!" The young boy said to the group of children, "From this day on, you are now free from this old guy's tyranny. Thanks to Shusuke-kun!"

The old man tried to plead in front of the 7 year old boy while bowing his head, "Please forgive me! Please Mr.—

"Did I told you a while ago to leave? Now begone! Before I call the guard."

"You! One day . . . One day you'll regret this!" The old man whispered as he left the room with an angry face.

"Crazy old man." The young boy murmured.


"Hey Shu-kun! Hey!" A voice kept shouting my name over and over again and suddenly I came to my senses. I opened my eyes and gazed upon a sweet beautiful face of a female teen ager that has a pinkish hair and has dazzling eyes.

"Hey Ayano-chan. . ."

"You've been like that for. . .5 whole minutes! What's up? Are you tired?" The beautiful girl that is my senpai asked me while staring at my bewildered face.

"No, it's nothing to be concerned for. Anyway, you should be concerned at your sister?" I asked the girl beside me sitting on an iron bench. There steel poles right in front of us and glass mirrors on our back. Adults wearing business outfits like tuxedoes are sitting beside the two us. Some are reading newspapers while others are clicking on some holographic phone or something.


It is the sound being produced by the bullet train I'm riding right now. We are currently on our route to a hospital in Suginami where Ayano-chan's younger sister, Himiko, is hospitalized due to an accident caused by a drunk driver.

"Yeah. . .you're right. I hope Himiko is okay." Ayano-chan murmured these words as she stared on the floor below us wandering what to do or what to say to her younger sibling.

"Well, I envy Himiko-chan very much." I said while patting the Ayano-chan beside me.

"Why?" she asked while I answered slowly, "Because, she has a very loving, caring and beautiful onii-san to be with when she needs to."

"Owww. . . Shu-kun. . ." Ayano-chan whispered as she rests her head on my shoulders giving me an uneasy yet somewhat warm feeling.


The bullet train suddenly stopped and the train announcer's voice is heard as the doors suddenly clanked open.

"Welcome to Suginami! Please be sure to check your belongings and do not forget about them. Lost property after riding Train 2117—."

"Okay, Ayano-chan, we're at Suginami now. Time to wake up." I slowly tried to wake the girl beside me as she does and said quietly, "Wow, that's a quick ride."

We walked and talked while admiring the new sceneries before us. Ayano-chan's worried attitude about her sister suddenly diminished as I was able to give her a great day by treating her with some delicacies famous here in this area. As we continued our walk, we finally arrived at our destination, the hospital where Himiko-chan's being held.

"Nurse, where can I find Himeko Himiko?" The pink haired girl quickly rushed to the elevator on the left right after the nurse answered. She said to me, "Shu-kun, wait there okay? I'll ask Himiko if she want some visitors first."

"Whaaa—She totally left me behind." (sigh)

I decided to sat on a nearby chair while I stared on the clock stationed on the wall. I've been waiting for Ayano-chan for 10 minutes but she still hadn't come back. As I imagined things out of the blue, I remembered something suddenly.

"This is Suginami, the territory of the Black King. I might encounter unnecessary challenges here." I thought to myself as I decided to check my Burst Link match creator for any nearby challenge.

( CLICK ) ( CLICK ) ( TING! )

[Match List]

Platinum Crusader

"It seems I'm the only one here as of now. (phew)" I felt relieved as I closed the match list and spotted Ayano-chan.

"Shu-kun! Come quick! Himiko wants to meet you!"

Senpai quickly held my hand and dragged me to the stairs. We ran as if we are running away from something and there we stumbled on Room 204.

"She said she'd like to meet my boy— I mean best friend. He~he." Ayano-chan giggled as I nodded in response.

As she twisted the doorknob, everything went blue and the entire area is destroyed. My body turned back into the silver armored avatar known as Platinum Crusader and I am suddenly inside this rugged hallway facing the rooms in the hospital.

"I am. . .challenged? No way?"

I checked on my screen saying Platinum Crusader vs. Unknown Opponent.

"Unknown Opponent? What in the world is happening? The match list states zero burst linkers here aside from me.

"It seems you are lost little fella." A voice is heard across the other end of the hallway.

"Who are you? How did you hid from my Match List?"

"Oh, it's nothing really, what's more important. . .What're you doing here?"

"I'm here visiting someone. What do you want Unknown Avatar?"

The avatar's shady figure appeared as he finally appears right in front of my eyes. It has a black shady figure. And skeletal in appearance.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Black Vise." The black avatar said while bowing in a gentleman like manner.

"Black Vise? What do you want? A fight?"

"No sir, I don't want a fight. All I want is you to give me a moment to talk with you." The shady figure slowly approached me. As we stand face to face, he began to speak;

"I work for some crazy organization called the Society."

"The Society? I asked, "What kind of organization is that?"

"It's not its official name yet but we are working on it. It is a guild of some sort or a group that is dedicated on expanding our knowledge about this said Accelerated World. You, only know of some minor details about this world, don't you?"

"Yes, I only know a few information. I don't know the creator but they say if you reach level 10 you might have the chance on meeting him." I answered while deciding on being cautious in front of this mysterious character.

"That's right. But there is a theorized consequence if one reaches level 10; they say that Brain Burst will automatically uninstalls to everyone that has ever used it before." The shady figure said as he followed, "That's why we are here, we are dedicated on knowing more about this Virtual Battle field known as Brain Burst."

"Why are you telling me these things?" I asked the black avatar.

"It's because I am acquaintances with a friend of yours; Alister Smith?"

"How did you know that name?" I asked in a furious tone.
"I, not only know his name but he is known as the feared Golden Homunculus of the Oscillatory Universe."

"I'm asking you a question!" I shouted at the black avatar that seem to have pissed him off.

"Haha. You still don't know it Shusuke Yagami-kun?"

"How'd you know my name?"

"Do you remember the orphanage being run by a famous business family?"

"I forgot the name but I was in that orphanage. Why'd you ask?" I stared at the black avatar as he suddenly turns his back from me and began speaking once more.

"I too, is a part of that captivity. I am close with Alister and also I was the one who taught him how to use Brain Burst properly. We got ours almost the same time. Don't you know that Alister is the son of the owner of the orphanage?"

"I . . .don't. . ." "No way. ." I thought.

"He is also the one responsible of it being closed and the orphanage is moved in a far away church where most of us got adopted." The black avatar continuously explained.

"Furthermore, I met with Alister aka Sun King a three years ago in Ikebukuro. We talked about forming this Society to have more information in this spectacular world."

"I see. . .you want me to?"

"Join us Crusader. The reason why Alister gave you that power is that someday you might help him someday." The black avatar held out his hand and is waiting for me to hold it to accept the proposal.

"Let me ask—what will happen if I decline?" I asked the black avatar who seem to be startled on my question.

"Well, I promise you that I won't bother you anymore. But, remember this, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to do something that may result as a future in the other side that I know you treasure so much. I will wait for your answer anytime Crusader. Until then. . ." The black avatar said as he suddenly turned into a single black plate and disappeared out of the sudden giving me a victory out of forfeit.

"So . . .he forfeited the match and left." I muttered as everything went back to normal slowly.

As Ayano-chan opened the door, the lights tickled my eyes and the screen went black.


Mado no soto no keshiki
Utsuri kawatte
Kisetsu made ga atashi wo oiteku

Dare yori chikaku ni ite
Fuan no tame ni
Doushite ano toki kizukenakatta
Anata no sugata ga mienaku naru mae ni
Tatta no tatta hitokoto
Ikanaide ga ienakatta

Anata ga shiawase nara sore de
Ii nante zettai ni ienai
Nejima ga ata konna kokoro ga
Doushiyou wo mo nai kurai
Atashi wa kirai

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