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I've been reading several stories of Harry (and other characters) in which he is enslaved to Voldemort/Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy...I really do enjoy reading them, but it gave me a little idea...so this is the prologue of that idea! It's short, but it's just a start and I will be updating soon! Chapter one is already written, but I wanted to write some more before I update.

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"normal speech"


He remembered screams and pain, his own yell, his enemies cry and the soft thud Nagini made when her body had fell.

Had he not told her to hide? Had he not placed a portkey on her body? And yet…the fight he had been in was demanding but when she had come slithering out of the castle with a sword-waving madman on her tail, his focus had wavered. The boy had yelled his trademark spell and Voldemort had been just in time to counter it with a simple avada kedavra, but Nagini…The Dark Lord was not sure if the snake had wanted to defend him or if she just had been escaping from that fool Longbottom. It didn't matter now anyway, she was dead and with her so was his horcrux.

The pain he had felt…it was excruciating and adults around the battlefield had attacked as one when they saw his weakness. The boy himself had been in pain, grabbing at his scar and almost falling to his knees while a dozen stunners and even several crucio's were shot at Voldemort. The pain of those cruciatus curses had taken its toll, pressuring his mind and something had almost snapped within him. Luckily his magic had sensed danger and had taken away his consciousness so his body and mind could endure the pain. What had happened after that…well Voldemort guessed that several death eaters had escaped, but that most of them were captured.

Voldemort had an idea of the place he was in, a dark building in Knockturn alley where prisoners were held before they were shipped off to Azkaban. Although that wasn't possible anymore since Azkaban had been destroyed…It still made Voldemort smile.

He had not been visited yet, but he heard some sounds outside of his dark cell and he knew that his solitude was over.

His door was opened and several aurors walked in with their wands pointed at him. He arched an eyebrow at them and smirked a little, rattling the chains that bound his hands above his head.

"Welcome gentlemen." He said with a slight hiss in his voice. It had the desired effect because the aurors shivered.

"Come to visit the great Dark Lord Voldemort?" His magic responded to the name as it had done so many times before. A ward in his cell tempered with the effect, but a dark wind came up and slammed against the men, making them stumble and fall against the wall. Voldemort chuckled but he could see one of them still standing upright.

"Leave us." The man said. Voldemort stopped laughing and focused his attention on the man. He did not recognize this person, but the aurors nodded and stepped out of the cell (fled more like) and closed the door behind them. Silence hung heavy in the cell, both of them surveying the other. Eventual the visitor spoke.

"My name is of no importance to you." He said. He had a strange accent.

"You will learn to call me Sir." He continued while looking around the cell.

"I have to disagree with you." Voldemort answered in a very controlled voice. The man shrugged his shoulders and slowly took out his wand.

"We will see who wins." He pointed his wand at the Lord and a smirk slowly made itself known on his face.

"Let's start with your own favorite, shall we? Crucio."

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