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Chapter three

The smell of food was intoxicating and Voldemort closed his eyes. His stomach hurt and made irritating noises. He was hungry and thirsty, especially thirsty. He hadn't had anything to drink since yesterday evening and his throat felt dry and painful.

He could remember vividly how warm food tasted, how the juices of meat could caress his tongue and the sweet scent of vegetables and fruits could envelop his whole being. He had never appreciated food as much as now.

Now that he was alone he tried to move again. He did not like to be naked in front of others, he didn't even like to be naked in front of himself…Kurt had seen his nakedness as an easy access, he had not mocked Voldemort with his appearances and Voldemort was sure that Kurt had really not cared. Kurt just liked to hurt, a sentiment Voldemort shared with the man. But Harry? Voldemort was not sure. The boy looked to be capable of hurting him, he had enough hatred and anger for it so Voldemort was certain he would feel pain soon enough. But Harry was not a sadist and Voldemort felt a little out of his debt with the boy. With Kurt he had known what to expect, with Harry he didn't.

The kitchen door opened and the boy walked back inside, carrying a plate with bread and cheese on it. Voldemort had looked up when he had heard the door open and now his eyes were drawn to the plate of food. A large part of him was disgusted with the pleasure that spread through him at the thought of getting food. The other part was delighted. Harry came closer.

"You should ask for it." The delight disappeared and he stared at the food. He should just accept it and be done with it…but he was Voldemort. With Kurt the fight to accept something, like a 'privilege' had sometimes been easy to give up. Kurt had of course known of him, but being a wizard from another country he was not completely aware of everything Voldemort had done. This was bloody Harry Potter.

"Well, that seems to be difficult for you." He joked, stepping closer and placing the plate on the ground. Voldemort wondered if he was going to get it without asking, since the boy was moving closer. Maybe Harry Potter still was the little hero he had always been?

"Well, fine. There are a couple of things I want to clear before I go to bed." The boy left the plate fairly close to the cage and then seated himself. Voldemort took his eyes away from the food and stared at the boy.

"The minister has left a file in my kitchen in which everything Kurt has ever done to you is written. I've noticed he was working with rewards for you and I'm thinking of doing the same. I'll make a list of things you can earn, but don't expect too much. Today I have given you two rewards. Sight and voice. Don't think I won't take those away from you if I want to." Voldemort seemed to be ignoring Harry, but that was fine. Harry was not planning on giving in easily.

"Now, there will be rules for you and again, I will make a list." Harry tried to keep his nerves inside and he seemed to be succeeding in it. He really wanted to try something and he was a bit nervous to do it…He took out his wand and pointed it at Voldemort. He made a slashing motion so the leash that went from the Lord his feet to the cage fell away.

"Incarcerous." Ropes shot out of his wand, slithering around the man his chest and binding him in place against the bar. Another rope circled the Lord his feet and jerked his legs to the ground, making him sit with straight legs. Harry couldn't help but look at the man's genitals. Why was it so…intriguing? Harry had never really imagined Voldemort to have something as human as a penis and he wondered how the man would react if Harry made him hard…

He smirked a little when he noticed the glare he was getting and he couldn't let this moment pass…

"I had expected you to be…bigger than this." Oh yes! Voldemort really tried not to react, but Harry could see anger in his eyes and two red dots on his pale cheeks. Of course the Lord was big enough…it was just funny to see him react. But this was not what Harry had had in mind. He took a deep breath and lifted his wand. He thought back at every time that Voldemort had hurt him, that his death eaters had hurt him. The anger came quite easy, as if Harry was trying to find a friend that was always nearby. He opened his eyes, locked gazes with those red pools and whispered the torture curse. The red beam struck the Lord in the chest and he jerked, but it wasn't enough. Harry could see the mocking in the red eyes and he whispered the curse again. This time the man his whole body jerked. Harry said it a little louder, again and again until the curse stayed intact and he could see the man's body flinch and jerk. He stopped it, said it again and could see that the pain intensified. Again he stopped and again he used it. His lips were firmly closed, but Harry had all night if needed. His scar itched a little, but he knew that that pain was nothing compared to the cruciatus. He finished the spell again and could see little beads of sweat on the Lord's forehead. This was it, Harry could feel it.

"CRUCIO!" He yelled. The red beam looked more powerful and when it struck the Lord…Harry licked his lips in delight. His whole body arched, his head bumped against the metal bars, his limbs jerked but couldn't move due to the ropes. The man his head banged again and Harry could see muscles spasm under that pale skin. It was strange but so interesting to watch…and then the groan came. It sent shivered down Harry's spine. A deep groan full of pain and it made Harry wonder how the Lord would sound when he whimpered.

"Finite." The body slumped against the cage, completely leaning against the bars.

"Crucio." Again and this time there were more groans.

"Finite…Crucio!" He yelled. It was a very manly yell, deep and still a bit muffled but it was the result that Harry wanted.

"Finite." He looked so tired and when Harry stood and moved he could see that the man flinched just a little. His body shivered a bit and it was obvious that he could feel the after effect of the crucio.

"Sleep tight my Lord." Harry said, completely aware of the ropes that kept the Lord in a very uncomfortable position. He received no answer.

Wakening up had never been so sweet. His thoughts did not wander to friends he had lost during the war. His mind immediately provided him with the image of Voldemort, sitting in a small cage, bound and helpless. Harry felt a little bad. The man had to be hungry, and stiff too. He almost jumped out of his bed, changed his clothes and brushed his teeth. Everything was taking too long but eventually he could make his way downstairs, to the living room. He slowly opened the door and immediately saw the empty plate of food. For several seconds he just stared, but then he softly smiled. Kurt really hadn't changed a thing about Voldemort.

"You don't need any breakfast then?" The Lord jerked a little and Harry snorted. Voldemort had been sleeping!

"Ow I'm sorry. I'll be quiet next time." Voldemort moved his head and looked at Harry, which made the boy stop in his tracks. The red in his eyes was softer, a twinge of hurt glowing through them. Confusion was all over the man his face, as if he didn't fully understand why he was in a cage. It made Harry swallow. Those eyes did not belong to a madman and that made him uncomfortable.

"Oy! Voldemort! You still a sleep?" The red intensified and his face slowly changed from a soft expression to a very controlled one. Anger again bubbled in that gaze, but Harry still wasn't comfortable with this. What had happened?

"You hungry?" He asked, making his way to the kitchen door. He expected a fight, but the man glanced at the plate and then back at Harry.


"You sure? You ate without permission, so I'm fairly certain you're not." His jaw clenched and his gaze snapped away from Harry. The boy just shook his head with a smile and walked into his kitchen.

The floo flared and Voldemort looked up. He could see the red flames and he could hear the voice of a girl. The face of Potter's mudblood formed itself.

"Ow! Harry's not here?" Voldemort almost wanted to give a snarky remark, but she withdrew her head and the flames intensified. She stepped out, dusting the soot from her body. Her eyes were looking at everything in the room, as if she was trying to ignore him. It didn't work. Horror and disgust came on her face when she saw the pole, stained with his blood, and the pristine metal table. Her eyes snapped tp Voldemort and he could see pity in her eyes before she seemed to remember who he was. They kept staring at each other. Voldemort not in the mood to deal with another stupid Gryffindor and Hermione not certain about what she wanted to say. The floo flared again and this time it was her husband that stepped through. He immediately stared at Voldemort and his face got a disgusted look. It made Voldemort tense a little and he tugged a little on the rope that straightened his legs. He had tried to cut it with magic, but after levitating the plate of food he had been exhausted.

"Come on 'Mione." Ron muttered and he stepped away from her, walking to the kitchen door. She didn't follow but kept staring at Voldemort.

"Would you…" Her voice wavered and she swallowed, taking a step closer to Voldemort and staring him in the eye.

"You would have done the same thing to us." She said and she nodded as if she was trying to convince herself. Voldemort saw her joining her friend at the door.

"That is what you believe, miss Granger and if that is what makes you sleep at night I would recommend you to keep believing that. But we both know that you doubt because you do not know the answer. You will never know, miss Granger." He could see the doubt in her eyes, could see how uncomfortable she was.

"Weasley, you bastard. She's my wife now." The redhead grabbed the girl by the arm and almost pushed her into the kitchen. Voldemort smiled slowly.

"Settled with a Weasley did you." He didn't need to say more. The boy exploded, storming to his cage and drawing his wand. It gave Voldemort a thrill. This was funnier than irritating Potter.

"Well, they needed a replacement in your family, didn't they. Hope you get pregnant soon." Her eyes flashed with hurt and anger, and the boy jabbed his wand against Voldemort's head. He was furious.

"Say that again you jerk!"


"Enough." Voldemort had never noticed it, but as soon as Harry stepped in the room, his power could be felt. Perhaps it was because Voldemort had only been with Harry alone in a room, but now he could feel how powerful the boy was. His magic, light but not as much as it used to be, enveloped the power of the other two. Voldemort was sure that none of the children could feel it, but he did and it made his mind work.

"Don't pay attention to him Ron, it makes him happy." The redhead lowered his wand but kept glaring.

"Can't you punish him?"


"What? Mione come on, he's just a…"

"A what, Ronald?"

"Slave…" He finished, glancing up at his wife. Hermione looked away and Voldemort rolled his eyes. They could enslave him but they couldn't say the word? Pathetic!

"Let's go into the kitchen." Harry said, motioning to the door.

"No! Harry we can't! We had promised McGonagall to help put up some new wards around Hogwarts and point our secret passages to her. You know security has gone up since…Well." Ron glared at Voldemort.

"I'm not coming, take the map with you."

"But Harry we promised!" Ron whined. Harry crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

"Yes, and I'm not going. Go without me, it's not as if you guys really need me. Kingsley will be there, Charlie and Bill…You really don't need me." Ron looked disappointed but Hermione slowly nodded.

"Fine Harry, but watch yourself. I'll call you later, okay?" She took her husband's hand, glanced at Voldemort as if she wanted to say something but thought better of it. She and Ron left, leaving the room behind in an uncomfortable silence.

"Now, let's begin shall we."

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