The full title of this drabble is:

Doth Mother Know You Wearth Her Drapes?: Shakespeare In the Park With Dean Winchester

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: balcony. Dean waxes poetic (loudly and badly) in a desperate attempt to get Sam to lighten up.

A/N: When this drabble word first came out I couldn't think of a thing then. I'm playing catch-up. Also, I made up the first five lines of Dean's poem, but I believe the last line belongs to the late, great comedian Nipsey Russell. If it doesn't, and if someone recognizes the author, let me know and I'll give credit where credit is due. Drabble title inspired by one of Tony Stark's memorable lines in The Avengers.

Word Count Below the Line: 100, as usual.

Fargo, ND. Skeezy motel room. Blizzard. No internet.

Sam sits. He broods.

Dear God, does he brood.

Kill me now, Dean thinks.

He finally clears his throat and gestures hugely.

"Forsooth, upon that moonlit balcony yonder

Stood my one true love.

A red rose doth adorn her golden locks.

Smiling, she removed her token of our love,

She threw it to me, a precious gift from my lady fair.

I in turn caught the rose and tossed her back her hair."

Sam's dreaded broodface finally cracks. His shoulders shake and he busts out laughing.

Dean smirks. "I still got it."