Juni adored Fegan Floop.

It was obvious for anyone to see, the way Juni spent all his time watching him on TV, the way Juni would collect every bit of Floop's Fooglies merchandise he could lay his wart covered hands on, the way Juni only ever talked about Floop.

Juni could easily remember the day he came across the show, he was feeling pretty low and worthless and was searching through TV channels when he suddenly saw the man, bright and shining, uncaring of others opinion of him and filled with confidence. Juni knew from the moment he saw him, he was the man Juni wanted to be, or at least be friends with. He admired the way Floop dressed and acted crazily but what Juni really admired and loved about the man was how he always told viewers to believe in themselves, it made Juni believe that Floop was speaking to him personally.

Floop could always make Juni feel better about himself and if Juni ever met him, he'd tell Floop how much he meant to him.