Title: A Moment on the Beach

I do not own any of the characters.


Pairings: Blake/Tori, Hunter/Kelly

This is just what I want to have happen after the episode where the ninja storm rangers help the dino rangers.

The rangers have finally completely defeated Lothor and have left the fight against evil to the Dino Rangers. The rangers have gotten back to their lives as normal as they were.

Tori, Shane, Dustin, Cam and Sensei return to The Wind Ninja Academy to their teaching/mentor roles. Hunter returns to The Thunder Academy to his teaching position and Blake returns to his Motocross tour with Factory Blue.

Before they all take off Tori finds Blake at the beach walking along the shore looking deep in thought. This is when she decides that she will tell him how she feels about him. She walks down the beach to him and when she is close enough to him she slips her hand into his.

Blake is startled out of his trance when he feels a hand take his. He quickly glances over to see that it is Tori and a small smile spreads over his face.

"What's going on? We finally completely beat Lothor," Tori asks Blake.

Blake sighs before saying, "I am happy but as much as I love racing I just don't feel like its what I should be doing right now. I don't want to leave here to go back on tour and leave you and all my friends again."

Tori is surprised that Blake is saying this to her, she never thought that she would see a day that would want to give up racing.

"Well, what are you going to do about it? You are suppose to be back on that airplane tomorrow? Tori asks.

Blake stops walking and turns to face her, he takes hold of her other hand and rubs his thumb over the back of her hands. His eyes shoot down at the ground and then looks back at her and says, "Well, I was offered a teaching position at the Thunder Academy and would work near Hunter on a daily basis. I would also get to be with the girl that I love," says Blake

Tori sucks in a breath of air upon hearing this. Her response to what Blake had said was a giant smile that she was the girl that he loves. "Who would this girl be?"

Blake grins,"Well I think you know her, she is incredibly beautiful, smart, talented, brave, honest, respectful, trusting, responsible, one heck of a surfer, and so much more. She is you and I am hoping that you would be my girlfriend?"

Tori's smile could not have been bigger and she could not have given Blake a more enthusiastic response to his question which is, "Yes yes yes."

Blake sighs in relief and smiles. With his arms wrapped around her waist he spins her around a couple times before placing her back on her feet and softly kisses her.

They continue to kiss for about a minute before they are broken apart by something brushing across Blake's foot. Looking down they see a crab crawling by.

Both Tori and Blake laugh and with hands joined they continue to walk down the beach as the sun sets over the water casting shaded of pink and orange over the clouds and water.

This may become a multi-chapter story it all depends on the reviews that I get. Let me know what you think. Please..