A Moment on the Beach

Chapter 2

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Blake and Tori are watching the sunset on the beach when they hear the sound of people walking toward them. Looking over to see that the people walking to them are Hunter and Kelly.

Hunter and Kelly got together after their battle at the ebyiss of evil. They thought it would be safe to tell Kelly their identities as rangers as she would promise not to tell anyone what she knew about their true identities.

Once Hunter and Kelly reach where Blake and Tori are standing.

"Hey, little brother what is this big news that just couldn't wait that you had to leave 20 voicemail's and at least 15 texts about meeting you here on the beach?" says Hunter.

Blake laughs at that. "Yea sorry about that, I just wanted to let you know that I will be working at the academy with you teaching. I am not competing in motocross anymore, well at least not right now." Blake tells him.

"That's great!" Both Hunter and Kelly respond giving Blake a hug.

Hunter steps back and looks down at Blake and Tori's hands that are still intertwined and smiles before saying, "Are you sure that there is nothing else that you want to tell me little brother?"

Tori and Blake look at each other and nod. Blake then looks back at his big brother and says, "Well I guess there is something that I wanted to tell you and that is that Tori and I are now officially dating as boyfriend and girlfriend."

Hunter smiles wide as does Kelly who is already hugging Tori. "Well bro it is about darn time that you open your eyes and spell the obvious. I am so happy for you two."

Hunter and Blake shake hands.

It is then decided that the four of them would go to dinner somewhere now that it is almost completely dark out and getting chilly,

The two couples walk down the beach to a local restaurant that sits right on the beach.

Next time. The dinner date, the introduction of some other couples.

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