Skales scoffed at Lord Garmadon as he prepared to try and use the Mega Weapon once more.

"Why bother when it'ssss obviousssss you'll only fail again?" he asked mockingly, Garmadon glared at him.

"This time it can not fail! I'll use it to bring forth great warriors who can match the Ninja's elemental powers and defeat them once and for all!" with that he held the weapon up, sunlight gleaming off it's golden surface as a glowing nimbus of energy gathered around it. Light seemed to erupt out of it and circle a area in front of Garmadon and the Serpentine, they watched entranced unaware that this light wasn't just forming warriors for them, but instead reaching across the multiverse to find sutible warriors. And find them it did.

The first to appear was clad in pure black, his shoes, clawed gloves and belt a dark grey and helmet black on black forming a roaring lions head. Before the confused person could even question why he was there a second was dropped next to him the other looking bewildered as to where they where and why they where on the ground.

The second was dark green with a lighter green tornado like design on his chest white gloves and shoes and a neon green helmet looking like a birds head.

"Ahh Earth what's going on?" Green asked the other who was apparently 'Earth' who shrugged.

"I have no clue." If he was going to say anything else he was interrupted by a girl this time appearing in a light blue suite complete with a little skirt, unlike the others her leggings where grey and she had a dark blue wave on her chest, her helmet was shaped in what could most be likened to a horse.

"The bloody hell are we?!" She asked looking around and freezing when she saw the Serpentine.

"Ahhh Wind….how's that phobia of reptiles?" 'Wind' looked at her confused.

"You know how it is Water, I see a reptile I panic…..Why?" he started to turn before 'Water' turned him so he couldn't see the Serpentine.

"Trust me don't look." 'Earth' glanced over and yelped.

"Listen to her Wind trust me!" 'Wind' grumbled but didn't turn around and a forth suddenly appeared, shorter then the others and in a orange suit with brown markings not unlike a snakes and a serpent head helmet. He shook his head a little dazed and stared at the Serpentine.

"…Ice is gonna have a field day." He said dryly, 'Wind' glanced at him.

"Do I want to know why?"

"No!" the others chorused as a fith figure appeared clad in all white with blue highlights and silver snow flakes on her chest, her helmet was sculpted akin to a dragons head. She shook her head and look at the Serpentine, she stared for a moment before squeeling.

"SNAKE PEOPLE!" she ran forward and for some reason hugged Acidicus who looked to the other generals for help, 'Wind' stiffened.

"Pleeeeease tell me Ice was joking when she said 'Snake people'?" he whined not daring to look at her.

"….Do you really want to know?" the brown one said dryly as a final person appeared. wearing the same as the other males, only red with golden flames, his helm in a bird like shake again, but the beak had teeth like projections as well. Red looked around and stopped when he saw 'Ice' still hugging Acidicus.

"Should I be jealous?" he asked 'Ice' chuckled and let go of him and walked over to him and hugged him Red hugging her back, after a moment he let go and looked at the Serpentine.

"Ok who are you and why are we here?" the others snapped to attention looking at Lord Garmadon ('Wind' suddered and stood behind 'Earth' trying not to look at the snakes)

"I am Lord Garmadon-"

"…Please tell me it's like Lord Voldemort, and you made it up." Ice said dryly, Garmadon glared a little at her, though she was unfazed.

"And I have summoned you here to defeat my brother and his blasted Ninja!" the people shared looked not sure what to make of him.

"you know who I am, now who are you?" Garmadon questioned back, Red shrugged and stepped forward.

"We are the Power Rangers, I'm the leader the Fire Griffin Ranger or just Fire for short, these are my deputy Ice Dragon or just Ice, and Wind, Earth, Stone and last but not lease Water." Each ranger nodded when their element was said. "You still haven't answered why we are here though." Fire noted.

"I have, to defeat my brother and his Ninja." Garmadon corrected, Fire shook his head.

"But you haven't said WHY you want to defeat your brother." Garmadon frowned thinking, juding by their appearce they where warriors for good and wouldn't fight for him, unless…..

"He has taken my son, and brainwashed him into thinking his ideals I just want him back but my Serpentine warriors are no match for them." Fire clenched his fist and the Rangers looked to each other mutely debating what to do, then they all nodded and look to their leader.

"We'll get your son back, don't worry. What's his name?" Garmadon smiled, he had them fooled.

"Lloyd, Lloyd Garmadon, he's only ten." Ice hissed angrily hearing that.

"We sware, we'll do all we can to get him back." She said with conviction.

"Thank you." They nodded and Garmadon smirked soon the Ninja will be gone.