Just reposting something from my AO3 account over here. c: Some good old Sweet Devil!USUK mpreg and other fun things.

Nothing much else to say, actually. This was a roleplay with some awesome dude. He was England, I was America, yadda yadda yadda.

Warning: dom!Alfred/sub!Arthur, mpreg, inflation, watersports, and futanari. Enjoy~

They were ready.

The tall, blue-haired incubus stepped closer to his redheaded mate, a leather riding crop in his hands.

Both had undergone the transformation spell, and were ready to do the thing so ingrained in every living creature. Reproduction.

"Arthur." Alfred climbed onto their velvety bed, trailing his sharp fingernails up towards where breast buds poked through his mate's silk nightgown.

He wasn't with child yet. But he soon would be.

The slightly shorter male laid across the bed, filled with black petals of roses to create more of a sensual atmosphere between them. One leg resting up, with the other laying across with a soft bent into it, both of his own envious eyes kept a sharp glare towards the other with a hint of lust buried beneath them.

The long black wings folded backwards against his milky skin, the black silk gown rest against his body with one strap out of place and leaning against his upper arm. "Nnh.. Alfred~"

"Here." Alfred moved his other hand down, slipping a skillful finger underneath and inside Arthur's jet-black thong, before rubbing just the tip of his index digit along the damp slit underneath his mate's pitifully throbbing erection. "Gonna fuck you here."

He leaned forward slightly, his rosy lips crashing against Arthur's. Not for a kiss, but for a bite. "Mmhm. Smells nice and musky down there, whore."

The dark shades of clothing complimented greatly with his flawless complexion, bringing out the colours in his eyes. The rubbing of his slit, coupled with his pulsating length, so hard and throbbing for the other to satisfy him through their sex session, that instantly Arthur knew was going to be rough.

His sinful moan reached out, so sharp against his own scarlet lips that had darkened after his fair drink of red wine, that so far had not even affected him in the slightest… besides eager him for the violence between their relationship.

"Do me here, hard~ I crave you inside of me," Arthur spoke in a husky tone, placing his hand on the male's muscular arm.

The taller demon let out a low, dangerous growl, sounding more beast than man. "Mm. Begging for it already." He shook his head and laughed, removing his hands from groping and rubbing Arthur's eager body, in order to unbuckle and pull down his tight black jeans.

"Dammit. Wish I could still fuck you against a wall and hear you cry and beg me to stop..." Alfred sighed, taking his meaty girth into hand and stroking it lightly. "Oh, well. At least you're now mine forever. And you enjoy that." His lips curled into a sinister yet playful grin. "Ready to make some babies~?"

Arthur felt more intimidated by such a beastly impediment. The fallen angel was created from a sinful act with a demon, and being caught in the eyes of God.

But even though he was caught, he never felt bad or even dared to stop at all. Now, he was signed to be with Alfred until the end of time, to only make children and nothing more.

Arthur tugged eagerly at the buckle, as he pulled it from the sockets of the tight jeans so he could hold it, pulling it up his bare legs and even to his lips, to lick along it length-ways, wanting the other to become more interested. "I'm always ready…"

"Heh. That's good." Alfred's icy blue eyes narrowed, before he quickly jerked forward, slamming himself hard into Arthur's tighter, wetter, feminine entrance. "Nnngh-! Gah, fuck, you really need to relax!" he snarled, wrapping his fingers around the fallen angel's absolutely perfect childbearing hips. "Nnghh... shit, you're suffocating me, babe!"

As the other rammed himself inside of him with no questions asked, Arthur felt the thong string snap instantly into two from the force.

His juice started to coat the length instantly as he was pushed into so far and deeply, that he felt the male smack straight at the back in one single go. But his muscles tightened up so hard around the length, that it felt like the other couldn't move it at all. "Awwwyah~! Nnnh... Fuck... Yeees..."

Alfred bit down on his lower lip, closing his eyes and letting out a shuddered moan as Arthur somehow managed to tighten up even further around his mass.

"Fuck... ughh..." He scrunched up his nose, as thick, off-white juices gushed out from Arthur's pussy with each inward thrust. "Shit. You're making such a damn mess."

The incubus moved one of his hands further down, before giving the redhead's slick inner thigh a pinch. "Turn around. Get on your hands and knees, slut."

Arthur let out his tongue from the short moment of ecstasy he gained from the struggled thrust into his virgin pussy.

He was granted such a thing for this kind of event. It was something difficult that he had to get used to, but as he was broken by the many bouts of toy play he had, he got used to the feeling of large objects being jammed up inside him.

With no questions asked, he simply did what his master told him, rolling over onto his stomach and getting up onto his hands and knees, before pumping back his hips against the length. "Nywah~ Fuck me… Drill me deep," he pleaded, with a few more sexual feminine moans reaching from his rouge lips.

"Mmh... fuck... so hot and juicy..." With the other demon in such a slutty position, Alfred could have some fun with his mate's sexy little body, compared to silly old missionary style… "Nnh-!"

Alfred slapped the palm of his hand against Arthur's rosy rump, a chuckle escaping from his throat as he did so. "Shit. Nmm. Soon as I'm filling up your womb, I'm gonna pound that nice ass of yours." For emphasis, he gave one of the soft, perky globes of flesh a possessive squeeze.

Both straps from Arthur's jet black gown slipped off from his shoulders, with his crooked halo drifting a little above his head, so dark in shade and a very faint glow blooming from its broken shape.

Arthur squealed as his ass got slapped nicely and firmly, with no mercy. Their sex always had gone in such a direction, but each time, thinking on how it felt made him even wetter.

"So big~ Awwwh, you're so hot deep inside of me…" The groans turned a little louder, as the younger male took a nice fresh squeeze of his bright shiny cheeks, from lathering himself with moisturizer.

Alfred dug his sharp fingernails into the soft flesh, creating bright red scratches into Arthur's delicious peach-toned ass. "Mmhmm. And I'm gonna get bigger."

As if on cue, Alfred's member began to throb and swell inside his mate's slick insides, the head pressing hard against the entrance of Arthur's womb. Begging to enter.

"I'll go deeper... If you ask nicely."

Upon the perfect timing, Arthur dug his blackened finger nails deep into the velvet sheets, from the pin pricks against his cheeks from the male's claws.

Arthur bowed his head slightly and bit his bottom lip so hard, that he penetrated the skin, feeling a bit of blood run down the center and slip off onto the sheets themselves.

Such a deep penetration, hitting against such a sensitive spot that the other was prodding and penetrating just a little, and causing such horny screams. "Awwwh! Y-Yes! G-Go d-deeper~ P-Please…"

"Good boy." Alfred did as he was told, but couldn't resist bursting into laughter at his own taunt. "Heh, or should I say girl, now?"

Shaking his head, he squeezed Arthur's hips and thrusted as hard and fast as he could into that tight, begging heat, determined to fill up his mate with baby juices until he burst.

The raw demon meat was pounding so much inside of him, his darkened heart pounded inside of him even faster.

Such a teasing taunt against him over his real gender, but nothing much could be said besides muffled cries of bliss, wishing for more and more with greed in every content of his body to be devoted to sex until the end of time.

The taller male plunged harder and faster inside of his pussy, leaving juices drip out more and more as the penetration grew deeper.

The indigo-haired incubus ran the tips of both his thumbs against Arthur's stretched, twitching pussy lips, gently massaging them as he continued to pound hard inside his mate's womb. "Fuck... shit, m'gonna cum," Alfred grunted out, slapping Arthur's ass again as he bucked his hips rabidly, desperate to reach orgasm himself. "Gonna cum-!"

"C-Cum for me!" Arthur cried out, as the length reached deep inside his sacred chamber of heat, like a pot of lava.

His own length could hardly continue onwards, without bursting itself all over the nearly spotless sheets, save for his juice and blood smothered a little across it.

Arthur bowed his crimson locks across his eyes, having had left it grow a little from the past month. His hips pumped backwards harder and faster with the springs of the bed repeating the sounds of their actions, before bursting across the bed with his white sticky liquid, and his pussy giving into squirting juices.

Arthur's climax brought Alfred to his, and with a heated groan, the younger demon threw his head back and let himself release.

A flood of hot, extremely fertile semen gushed into Arthur's insides, pressing against his hot inner walls, and making his perfectly flat tummy bulge out.

Alfred couldn't stop himself at all, and continued to release as much as he could, until his mate looked about four months pregnant with triplets. He would grow much, much bigger, after all, but it was still a rather impressive start.

Arthur's eyes widened out for a moment, as the piping hot seed started to gush inside of his womb and began to inflate him up.

He felt his stomach grow and sink downwards closer to the bed, and luckily, the nightgown was made with elastic, otherwise his stomach may never fit inside of it.

Both of his demonized eyes started to soften with haze of bliss, his own length let out such a great mess across the sheets that he formed a puddle underneath himself, his upper chest dropping downwards after his arms had given into the new pressured weight.

"F-.. Fuck... Awwh… so... hot."

Alfred remained inside Arthur, even as his orgasm began to fizzle away. Just like a knotting dog. "Mm. Nice." Purring lustfully, the incubus reached one of his hands down to give his mate's bloated tummy a teasing, soothing rub. "You're so full already. Mmm. Like you're gonna explode."

He licked his lips and grinned, his palm patting the swollen flesh. "You're so fertile, Arthur. Good job."

Arthur's cock twitched a little as it slightly softened, but not completely. He turned his head with his slightly damp locks brushed from his eyes so he could see the other male.

The crimson iris in his eyes disappeared back to his emerald greens, after the little situation faded out for now. He liked the gentle rub against his large inflation, pressing his body back a little with a teasing growl played back towards him, feeling his skin being pressed on a little. "How long do I have until I spill babies~?


"Probably only a few months," Alfred replied, slowly pulling out of Arthur's female entrance, thick strands of pussy juice sticking to his softening member. "Mm. You're gonna gush that all out any second, I know it." He brushed his thumb against the redhead's twitching pink slit, coating his fingers with hot and sticky fluids. "Ooh, yummy. I just wanna drink it up."

Arthur closed his eyes away for the moment and panted, trying to hold back from all the cum spilling out so easily, but even then it began to drip without him able to do much about it at all.

With such a comment, the older male grinned and wiggled his hips, slapping his hands at his behind and opened up both of his entrances. "Don't be afraid~ Have a nice deep lick~" he encouraged the other, as he pushed out his hips more.

Alfred smirked again, baring his sharp pearly white fangs, and pressed his cool lips against the oozing slit. "Mm. Don't mind if I do."

With that, he gently brushed his slippery tongue along the hot line of flesh, before pressing the wet muscle inside the salty, juice-leaking hole. "Mmnnh. So thick..."

Arthur kept his hands clutched up onto his own milky flesh for longer, wanting the other to get in there nice and deep, so he could have a fun time being suckled and licked out with such a hot tongue.

With the male burying his tongue nice and deep, Arthur let out the loads from inside of him dribble out more onto the other, running down his pussy lips like rainfall. "Mnnh... So is your tongue… Awh…"

"Nnh, seriously, you're gushin' like Niagra Falls," Alfred cooed, lapping at the salty fluids dripping into his mouth like a panting puppy. "Soo yummy... Mmh…" He licked his lips, unable to take his hand off of Arthur's bloated belly. "You're gonna get huge. So, so huge..."

Arthur let out a few more deep moans as the other continued to lap along his pussy lips and walls, to taste more on the liquid which pours out, his length feeling so intrigued.

His hands remained holding himself open, his nails digging into his skin slightly, but the pain only made him more into pleasure. "Nnh~ Aren't I huge now?"

The younger demon gave a quick nod to Arthur's question, before shaking his head. "I know you're big now. But you're gonna get much bigger." Alfred let out a heated breath, dangerous arousal heavy in his voice. "'Til you can't even walk... haah... and all you wanna do is just get fucked..."

Arthur panted as his stomach emptied a little more, before it stopped, leaving him still so huge. But he would have to reposition himself if he wanted to get even more out of him. His wings fluttered a little, with the deep accent being brushed out by every breath against his heated skin, just the booming blissful voice caused him to sweat a little.

"Ooh, stay here," Alfred commanded, giving Arthur a quick slap on the ass to assert his dominion. He got off the bed, quickly darting over to a nearby table where a roll of leather tape was set. Grinning madly, the blue-haired demon quickly snapped off a big enough piece, before pressing it against Arthur's pussy lips, keeping the hot and thick fluids trapped inside his body.

The ruby-haired demon jumped from the slap so firm against his ass, leaving more of a deeper graze than already there. The sharp inhale between his teeth grew as he rubbed the mark slightly, before he turned his head to see what the other was up to.

"What you got there~?" he asked, so curiously, only to whimper as he felt something press against his pussy lips, and upon feeling over at it, the other side was made of leather. "Nnh…? What is this?"

Alfred just laughed, wrapping his muscular arms around Arthur's waist and pulling him up, so that the smaller demon was sitting obediently on his lap. "Don't want you to lose too much baby juice," he breathed icily, nipping at Arthur's shoulder with his razor-sharp fangs. "Feels nice having all that sloshing inside you, huh?"

A soft squeak slipped from Arthur's lips as he was pulled up by his waist, feeling the pressure increasing slightly, before he was placed onto the male's lap. He felt so heavy, but was light enough still to walk, but not very far and very long. "Nnh... G-Gah-!" He cried out as the sharp bared teeth latched straight through his skin, but he made out with a lust-filled moan. "Nnh~ I-It does... But... I want more..."

"You do?" Alfred purred huskily, both his hands rubbing circles into Arthur's belly. Right where their children would form. "Didn't you hear me the first time, pet~?"

Chuckling, he leaned closer and nipped at that delicious, rosy-pink earlobe. "I'm gonna be fucking your ass now. And I'll fill you up so much it's like you're getting an enema." The taller demon laid back against the pillows, leaving Arthur on his lap. "Ride me until you cum."

Arthur nodded, with his eyes moving half way, leaning back against the other with his legs tucked up a little, and nicely far apart.

He felt along the leather tape, pressing in a few places. Quite well it stuck on, even with his own juices leaking a little, but not much more than a few slithers.

Arthur turned his head back towards his master, cocking his head to one side, as the other nipped against his ear lobe and listened to the whisper. Such an intriguing comment as he was demanded to ride him. "Nnh... This is going to be difficult…"

With his back facing the other, it arched a little, with his hips moving forward, and he started to rub himself against the monstrous length. "A-Awwh~! I'm getting so wet... And you're not even in me~"

Fuck. So Arthur wanted to tease him, huh? "...desperate little slut," Alfred taunted right back, digging his fingers into the soft warm flesh of his mate's thigh. "Always so horny. And you're gonna get even hornier in the weeks to come..."

He let out a low growl from the back of his throat, taking his erection into hand and poking it against Arthur's taped-up pussy. "Ooh, so hot here. So smelly."

Arthur bit down onto his bottom lip as he moved himself more against it, to taunt the other further, even as the male suddenly gripped onto his thigh. A burst of volume came forth as he leaned his head back, feeling the sharp nails almost penetrate him. "Hhhhmnh! F-Fuck!" he cried out, only to have his taped up pussy pressed against by the thick erection, before moving his hand down and jerking at it. "It feels like it's burning to the core... Trying to drown me with its thick juices... Awwh~"

"Well, what are you waiting for, sweetheart?" Alfred bore his fangs and grinned up at the redhead demon, his hand trailing towards Arthur's juicy behind. "Go on. Fuck yourself." His other hand gripped Arthur's hip, moving him slightly so that his back entrance was perfectly aligned with the head of his thick, throbbing, manhood. "Come on. You know you want it, baby."

"Oh, I do... I really do…" Once the male aligned him up with the length to his ripe behind, he let himself plunge the member deep inside, with no hesitation.

Drowning the length straight up, he moved his body forth so his hands could reach out and clutch at the sheets. His back arched as he bounced his hips hard and fast, feeling his stomach wobble and bounce like his asscheeks, as they hit firm against the male's pelvis. "A-Awwh! S-So hot, s-so good~!"

"Nnh, you like that, sugar?" Alfred kept his grip on Arthur's hips, pulling him up and down on his rock-hard mass, delighting in the wet squelching sounds emanating from his mate's entrance. "Fuck... so good..."

His tongue slipped past his lips, giving him a more animalistic appearance as he fucked Arthur's core. "Nnnh, even though I've fucked you so many times... you're still so goddamn tight..."

Such feminine moans cried out from him, with his crooked halo that tried to keep up with his body movements. Arthur let the other use his palms to contain the rhythm and force of his body, moving down against the other, feeling his manhood pounding rough and deep, with the huge mass sticking out at his abdomen. "Fuck~ Awwh! More, more, more~ A-Awwwh!"

The blue-eyed demon grit his teeth and let out a heavy grunt, thrusting his own hips upwards to slam into Arthur as deep as he could.

Oh, he was so hot and tight in there, and no matter what, his mate's asshole was always tiny and craving his cock. Like a desperate whore. "Fuck... m'gonna cum!" Alfred announced, slapping Arthur's behind as he thrusted faster. "Get ready, slut!"

Arthur swung back his head, as the other rammed so hard against his prostate. His eyes rolled back from the pure delight of the other ripping monstrously through his body, to pleasure the both of them.

He shut his eyes so tight, as he didn't know how much more he could take before he bursts. "I... I c-... can't h-hold on much longer!"

The older demon cried out, seconds before the other was just about to. Arthur's milky flawless legs lifted up with his body leaning back, to place his hands onto the bed and balance out himself. "A-AWWH!"

As soon as Arthur's muscles clamped down around his member, Alfred threw his head back and growled, climaxing as hard as he could inside the smaller male. "Fuck, fuck, fuck-!" He bit down on his lower lip, his chest heaving as he filled Arthur's tummy with his own hot juices, making him look even more pregnant.

Arthur widened his eyes as the other came so hard up inside of his tight walls, forcing them to expand for the other to burst such thick hot seed deep inside of his ass, and reach up to the pits of his stomach.

Not even a cry slipped from his lips, but small screeches that hardly passed louder than a whisper, his mouth opened wide.

"So hot," Alfred panted out, placing a hand on Arthur's tummy and giving it another possessive rub. "So... fucking... hot... nnnh..." He spread out his mate's legs further apart, just allowing himself to release as much as he could, until his peak began to die down as quickly as it came.

Arthur panted so hard. His grip on the sheets had loosened, until he was just resting there with his thighs trembling. He let his legs just remain so open, after the other male continued to cum up inside. "God... ah... ahh..." He muttered under his breath. His stomach had grown twice in size, leaving him look as if he were at the peak of pregnancy already.

Alfred patted Arthur's belly, his thumb brushing lightly against the emerald-eyed demon's cherry-red navel. "Hah... not bad, sweetheart..." He laid there and panted heavily, for quite some time, moving his hands back down to his mate's thighs. "Nnh... now get off and c'mere."

Arthur struggled to even breathe, let alone move. The slight tickle against his navel made him smile slightly, before he went back to his doglike expression, with his eyes half way closed and his tongue hanging nice and low.

Having to go under the male's command, he slowly pulled himself out, and instantly, the cum started to leak so much from his back end, his legs and hands shaking as he crawled over to his master.

As soon as Arthur pulled himself off and crept closer, Alfred wrapped his strong arms around the smaller male and held him close. "Cutie." He brushed his cool tongue along Arthur's ruby red lips, closing his eyes as he started to lightly finger his pet's behind. "Mmh, now you're totally soaked in both holes. So hot..."

Arthur wrapped his arms around the male's neck, sweating and shaking as his body tried to take in so many hot sensations plowing through him. He could feel cum dripping down his legs, from his stretched out entrance that bubbles over with the hot load.

He licked over the male's tongue a little, as the other started to finger the inside of his anus, the slender digits pushing around the cum. "Awwwh... Fuck... Ah... Plug me... up..."

"Hm? You want a plug in there?" Alfred pecked Arthur on the lips, reaching his hand off to the side, and grabbing a thick bulb-like butt plug he always kept on hand.

Grinning, the younger demon quickly stuffed the toy inside his mate's ass, keeping his pet nice and full of juice. "Mm, there. Like that?"

Arthur nodded up towards the other in plea, such dangerous lust driven in his eyes, as he felt the toy being rammed deep inside of his hole, to stop himself from leaking. He turned around and laid on his back on the soft mattress, so he could place his hands on his giant tummy and rub at it in circles. "I... can't... even see... my length…"

"Ooh, poor you~" Alfred cooed teasingly, placing both his hands underneath Arthur's, and rubbing at the tight, swollen skin. "Mmh, I'm gonna have to fatten you up so your tummy doesn't explode!" The younger demon laughed softly, moving one of his hands back down to Arthur's soft, sweat-streaked leg. "Since you're so cute and skinny~"

Arthur nodded, feeling his legs squirm a little, as the other moved his hands from his stomach to down over to them. It was just teasing him even more.

He placed his head back against the pillow, a little roughly, with soft brushes of the petals rubbing against his face. "D-Damn... I... I need to pee..." he muttered under his breath, as the male rubbing over his legs didn't help the pressured sensation.

Hearing Arthur's embarrassing little plea, Alfred smiled coldly, pinching his mate's leg a bit harshly. "You do?" Well, he didn't want a make a mess in the bed... And yet, the bathroom was so far away, and the room was nice and cozy and warm, and...

"Heh. Okay." Alfred laid back down, his fingers gesturing for Arthur to get up onto his knees above his face. "Go on. Go in my mouth. I wanna taste it."

Arthur blushed deeply. It was indeed very embarrassing, but he didn't know how to say it in any other way rather than as such. He couldn't close his legs to try and rub away the feeling, and with the butt plug deep inside of him, it was a lot more difficult.

Then as Alfred gestured to him, his eyes opened up wide, and felt his cheeks scorch with a dark shade. But he couldn't just give up on the idea, so he slowly shuffled himself over onto his hands and knees and made his way towards Alfred's side of the bed.

He stretched one sleek leg out and straddled the male's head. The scarlet-haired demon reached down and blushed heavily, before he ripped off the leather tape, which evoked a little scream from him. But instantly, his pussy burst with liquids of all kind, dripping down and gushing into the other male's lips.

As soon as Arthur let it all out, Alfred tilted his head upwards and pressed his lips against his mate's womanhood, sucking and lapping up the juice and urine that came gushing out like a salty flood.

"Mmmh..." Alfred's own freckled cheeks flushed softly, and he closed his eyes in pleasure, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed the hot, foul-smelling fluids. Oh, could Arthur hear him swallowing all those juices? He sure hoped that his mate could.

He looked up at the ruby-haired demon with cold blue eyes, before nipping at the tiny, ultra-sensitive nub right below Arthur's balls.

Arthur panted hard as cum dribbled down from his tight pussy walls, only to gasp as he leaned forward and held onto the metal bed board, as if it was his last chance to live onwards.

The water pressure inside of his body was starting to ease, allowing his eyes to relax quite a bit. He felt so much better after releasing out his hot fluids into the male's lips. "Mmnh... yeah... d-drink it all down~" he harshly spoke, as he started to ride his hips forwards and back, to feel the male's lips and tongue press against it more.

It was not long until a sudden bite against Arthur's clit forced him to cry outwards, and the demon trembled from the sudden feeling of his most sensitive part being bitten.

After he ensured that Arthur had completely finished releasing that pressure in his pussy and bladdr, Alfred pulled his mouth away from the trembling pair of hairy pussy lips to smile up at his mate.

"Ooh, you taste so good, princess," he cooed, patting the hugely inflated tummy right in front of his face. "Nice and juicy and hot. Love you like that." Alfred let out a sigh through his nose, his cool breath hitting Arthur's warm, damp, feminine flower. "I ought to dress you up like a cute little slut and let you get raped by another demon. While I watch. That sound fun, honey~?"

Arthur did soon finish off, and felt himself relax so deeply now, without much care for the world. The pregnant demon moved back a little, so he could try and see the other, but he found it so difficult with his big tummy bulging in the way of the other's face.

Still, he could hear the intended insult, which caused him to scrunch up his face a little… and push his pussy against Alfred's face to keep him quiet, before raising it up again so the male could speak. "Nnh... W-Wait, what!?" It took him a moment to realize what the male was up to. "Huu?! You... You wouldn't dare... "

"Oh, I would," Alfred answered coldly, digging his sharp nails into Arthur's firm behind just to hear him scream. "Heh. Remind me, who's the slave in this relationship, again?" He licked his lips hungrily, giving that sensitive little pussy button another sharp bite.

"Nnh. And you won't be able to resist. Not when you get pathetically horny." The young demon wiggled out underneath Arthur, enough so that the redhead could finally see his face. "Not when you're craving cocks even bigger than mine."

Arthur widened his peridot orbs slightly, but a loud scream reached from the back of his vocal cords as the other demon dug his sharp nails into the raw flesh of his behind.

Panting hard, he looked down to the other. "I-I'm your slave..." That was the last thing he muttered, before another scream burst out. He moved his hips forward and back, to try and get the other away from his sensitive area.

Right there and then, he was so horny. But he was not that far yet, he needed quite a push to get him begging down onto his hands and knees for cock. Otherwise, he would just take it as he pleased. "Nnh... Good luck with that~"

Alfred just grinned and laughed at his slave's reaction, shaking his head condescendingly as Arthur squealed and whimpered in the throes of heat. Like a little puppy. "Hah... well... I'm spent, baby." He sat up, placing Arthur into his lap again, before kissing the smaller demon on the forehead. "Mm. Don't cry, we'll have some more 'playtime' tomorrow."

Chuckling softly, the sapphire-haired demon reached behind himself and grabbed a thick vibrator from underneath the pillows, giving it a quick squeeze to turn it on, and pressed the head against Arthur's pussy. "Want it, cutie?"

Arthur looked down at the other male, and reached his hand over to touch Alfred's cheek, as he moved and sat up with himself on the male's lap. He leaned in a little and rest against the other, having a soft kiss placed onto his forehead.

Alfred can be sweet when he wanted to be, but it never lasted long, until he turned sour from sexual tension between the two psychotic lovers.

Arthur pouted out his bottom lip as the other told him that they will leave the fun until tomorrow, but as the other pulled out such a huge vibrator, so thick and juicy, his legs started to shudder from the pressure of the vibrations against his juicy womanhood. "A-Awh! Yes, master... s-stuff it all the way~"

"Are you sure you're not just gonna piss yourself?" Alfred teased softly, rubbing the vibrating tip of the toy against Arthur's throbbing little clit, before moving it downwards, and sliding it all the way inside the other with a nice wet squish. "Mm. So cute."

He thrusted out a few times, breathing sharply through his nose, as thick strands of off-white juices squirted out of Arthur's pussy. And then, Alfred started to move the sex toy at an upward angle, the vibrations putting pressure on the older demon's second sweet spot.

Arthur furrowed his eye brows upon such a comment, feeling even more embarrassed from his weak bladder, but as he reached out and touched the male's shoulder, he let out a vast inhale.

He could feel his mate sliding the vibrator all the way up inside of his chambered walls, the soft gunked noises made from the liquid swishing against the toy, as the younger demon thrusted it a few times. Pants of pleasure as he moaned loudly, turning even louder as the male pressured sweet spots inside of him. "A-Awwwh! Y-Yes! That's it~ Awwh!"

Alfred kissed Arthur right on the lips again, pulling him down onto the soft sheets of the bed. "Mmmh. So cute." Alfred pulled the ruby-haired demon closer to his bare chest, one of his hands on Arthur's tummy, the other groping at his plugged ass. "You're such a slutty little mess. Love you like that." Giving the smaller male another kiss, Alfred closed his eyes, a soft breath escaping his mouth. "Mmm..."

Arthur pressed his scarlet red lips against the blue-haired male's, nice and deeply, as he was moved over and laid down onto the soft velvet sheets. He could feel his silk nightgown resting up at his chest, as if it were to be a vest bra.

The older demon wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck. as he kept the kiss close, before breaking to breathe. "You always make me a mess.. Stuffed with cum and toys... Awwh…"

He panted softly as he let Alfred have another kiss, diving his tongue deeply.