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Chapter 4

Clarisse after her conversation with Joseph went to her suite and after having changed her clothes,she went to bed.
Just turned off the lights her head was full of a million questions. First, she wondered why they had crossed the border again.

She scolded herself for this, she knew it was dangerous, especially with Joseph.
The last time they had crossed the border and they were let go,they found themselves in each other's arms to exchange passionate to a queen having an affair with her Head of Security!And if they were seen? Clarisse could already imagine the headlines: "The Head of Security wins the heart of His Queen!New scandal to the palace." She shivered then she thought their conversation just now. Before Joseph had lied to her or he had already forgotten what had happened between them in San Francisco? Sure, "Clarisse thought" for him it must have been a night like any other with a beautiful woman!"She could have been one of the many
for of a long the years she had always heard of his love affairs though she had never dared to ask him even though they had become best was precisely the problem FRIENDS! Over the years their relationship had changed many it was just a professional relationship then became friendship,great friendship,one look was enough to understand what the other felt. They had learned to know and have confidence in the ... Clarisse was horrified at the thought: friends exchange passionate kisses like the ones they were given?Friends touching and causing shivers down the spine in the body of the other as happens to them?Friends love each other?
Could really define what was between them as LOVE? Clarisse shivered could really love Joseph, her bodyguard?

Well of course he knew her better than anyone else, he has seen her laughing, crying, with and without make-up, he saw her destroyed by the death of his son, afraid of losing the throne and happy in his arms for ensuring that the Renaldi back Joseph had always been part of her life to the point that she couldn't live without rare days when he took a vacation was a nightmare for her.

But she had to maintain was a queen!She couldn't behave more like a schoolgirl with her first crush!She had to stop thinking about Joseph in other ways except her head of security!He had to not be alone with him most especially when they are in America!

"How do I return to San Francisco? After everything that happened last year?!I can't let go myself again! Without the pressures that there are here in Genovia,I forgot who I am ... it shouldn't happen again,i'm the queen! "she thought

"Damn yoy Joseph!Why you're so attractive, beautiful blushed at the thought-with your husky voice that would send chills to every woman and... your kisses that would make insane any woman sane." This was precisely the problem HIS KISSES!

Clarisse remembered about the night of the Indipendence ball, about how she was happy to amelia, how Joseph after they had danced and he led her out of the room, sent away the guards, took her hand and kissed it he whispered: "I want to show you something!"

They went into a room,she couldn't understand what it was becouse it was lit only by the moonlight that came from a French door that opening on to a large and Clarisse was stunned by the sight around the illuminated garden.

"Is beautiful,isn't it?" asked Joe

"Oh, I'm speechless. It 's wonderful! Charlotte did a great job! "

"I'd wanted to go with you in the garden, but as I said before:someone has already occupied it"said Joe and he got a laugh from Clarisse as had happened before on the dance floor.

Seeing her Joseph's knees trembled."God, how che is beautiful" he he said to her: "Here, however, we have more privacy"
At that comment Clarisse stiffened. She knew that if they had not kept distance would happen something that they would repent. Clarisse changed the subject: "It 'a beautiful night, isn't it?"

"Yes finally,It 's just all went well despite initial concerns"said Joseph

"It 's just all went well thanks to you Joseph" Clarisse felt compelled to tell him the truth "if yuo weren't, now Baron Von Troken would be celebrating and I wouldn't be so happy!"

"I didn't do anything, and as I say to you always,is a pleasure for me to serve you, not because it's my job, but because you are a queen fantastic and a wonderful woman!"

"Thank you, even if you're the only one who sees me as a woman and not just as a queen," she replied. Her tears were threatening to fall then added, looking at him "Thanks for everything, you make my job a lot easier even when you say "good morning" in the morning. Give me the strength to go on and make me feel like a woman! "

Some tears fell from her face.

Joseph closed her, put his hands over her face and he wiped her tears. "I will always be here for you, Clarisse!" And finally he kissed was a sweet kiss and he pulled away immediately to try to see her both looked in eyes, smiled at both then Clarisse kissed him again.

But now all the passion that had been held back for years, re-emerged immediately and they deepened the kiss. Joseph's hands were placed on her waist and held her close to him in an almost possessive. Her hands were around his were in ecstasy, with that act were expressing all the love that they were denied for years.

When they broke away for air,they couldn't breathe.

Clarisse then spoke: "I have to go to the party, it's late" she was still shocked by what it had happened.

"No wait, stay with me a little!" he said as he took her in his arms and began to kiss her neck. Then between kisses he added: "Tomorrow you'll leave and we'll be away for three weeks becouse I'll have to stay here with Mia!"

At that moment, Clarisse felt a loved woman. It was the best feeling she had ever experienced in her life. Every rational thought was out of her mind and she could only say "I'll miss you"

"I'll miss you too!"said joe then he looked into her eyes and he saw much LOVE. He closed her and kissed her more passionately than before, as if they wouldn't be seen again.

Clarisse smiled to herself in the darkness of her suite. And with that sweet memory she fell asleep!