A/N: Another one I just quickly whipped up this evening, so it hasn't had a beta. Hope you like it anyway.


By mara-anni

Rose had finished with her shower and was feeling particularly energised as she pulled the tea bags out of the two coffee mugs and dropped them into Disposal. She turned to the fridge for the milk and gave the carton a swish – they'd need to make a stop back on Earth for milk again soon.

She put their breakfast plates away before taking the mugs of tea with her to the Control Room.

The Doctor wasn't there, just his leather jacket thrown over the jump-seat.

She made a quick turn and headed down the hallway. "Doctor?"

"Yeah, in here!"

She found his bedroom door open and went inside. She heard him clinking around in his en suite. "I brought your tea."

He opened his bathroom door, shaving cream all over his face and took the cup from her. "Thanks."

He was about to take a sip, but she stopped him. "Don't you think you should get rid of that stuff first?" she said, pointing at his cheek.

A bubble of mirth rose up in her, along with a warm affection. For someone so smart, he could be adorably daft sometimes.

He shoved the mug back into her hands, but he left his bathroom door open. She placed his mug down on the bedside table, then sat herself cross-legged on the end of his bed, opposite the bathroom so she could talk to him while he shaved, and started on her own cup.

"So, where are we goin' today?"

"I thought we might go to Hop. I haven't been there yet but always wondered why they called it Hop, now we can find out. I've got a feeling you'll want to wear your trainers."

She laughed, nearly choking on her tea. She'd worn through one pair of trainers already, that's why she'd taken to wearing boots. She took a breath to reply when she heard him snarl something that she couldn't quite make out…though she thought she got the general gist.

"Did you nick yourself again?"

"It's your fault, you were making me think about other planets and I lost concentration."

She watched him wince in the mirror and pull at the tissue box on the basin. The tissue tore in half and his scowl deepened.

"Humans. Always babbling," he went on. Rose hid her smirk in her cup. "Still, not as bad as Graske. They don't babble 'cause their entire vocabulary consists of just thirty-four words and three syllables. Sheelosh have the most ridiculous and useless form of propulsion in two galaxies. And Beldeans have giant heads that span six feet, but dumb as door posts. Their heads are filled with mostly bone and mush, they're literally pea brains…and they don't even use one hundred percent of its capacity. Of course you humans…"

She got to him before he could finish that sentence and force her to smack him. She stilled his hands that were violently yanking at the tissues.

"This box is faulty," he said.

Rose plucked a perfect tissue from the box, and smiled up at him. He was still frowning down at her and she managed to stop herself from laughing. It wasn't easy.

She dabbed gently at the tiny cut, then pressed the tissue against it.

"I can see you trying not to laugh."

"If you didn't use such an ancient razor, you wouldn't have this problem."

"I like this razor."

She pulled the tissue away to check that the bleeding had stopped.

"There we go," she said. "All better." She sent him a pout as she spoke.

He snatched the tissue out of her hand, but didn't start his grumbling again. Instead, he picked up the old brass razor and started on his other cheek.

She grabbed her mug off the floor by the bed where she'd left it, and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?"

She grinned. "To find some trainers."