Jack Kelly ran across the street in Who-Knew-Where-Because-Jack-Certainly-Didn't-Know, pushing pedestrians out of the way frantically. The other boys across the street desperately watched this daring rescue mission. Moments before, Crutchie had tried to limp out across the paved white-and-black lined street to join the others, but he hadn't seen the black and yellow something-that-looked-like-a-carriage-but-wasn't come hurtling from the other direction and make a beeline for him. Jack pushed his friend to the ground as the whatever-it-was swerved around them and blew away. The two got up shakily, Jack checking Crutchie over to see if he was alright. He was, thankfully.

"Hey, Jeremy, you alright?"

Jack turned to see another Crutchie (wait, what?) come walking (without a crutch? What was going on here?) across the busy road. His smile faltered as he saw who Jack was supporting.

"Uh, who's that?" Andrew Keenan-Bolger asked, catching up to the pair.

Jack and Crutchie just stared.

"Andrew! What're you doing?" Andy Richardson shouted from the doorway of the Nederlander.

"Romeo?" Crutchie muttered as the other newsies ran to join them.

"Wait, what's going on here?" Andrew said as he looked between Jack and Crutchie and, well, basically everyone. "Why are all you guys in costume? The show doesn't start for another two hours."

The boys just stared at him while the other cast members ran up to Andrew.

"No, really, what's going on—" Andy's question died as he looked at Romeo.

Ryan Breslin and Race walked up to each other, staring each other down shrewdly.

"Are these guys really big fans or something?" Ryan Steele asked a bit nervously.

"Who are you?" asked Davey and Ben Fankhauser simultaneously.

The final straw was when Jeremy Jordan and Corey Cott walked up to the (now, rather large) group. Jack couldn't believe his eyes. There were three of him?!

"We should get into the theatre," Jeremy said after a long moment. "Ask somebody what's going on here."

Everyone agreed that was a good idea.