8 years ago

"Ne, Ichi-chan," A red-haired boy said as he sat beside me.
"What is it, Mi-chan?" I asked the unknown boy.
"Take this," The boy said as he gave me something. I looked at it. A half of a stone with a half star painted on it.
"I have the other one. It's a sign of out friendship and..." The red-haired boy trailed off.
"And...?" I said with confusion.
"A sign of my promise that we would meet again." The red-haired boy said as he hugged me.
"Y-you're leaving, Mi-chan? Where?" I said as tears started to well up on my eyes.
"To Hokkaido with my parents. I'm sorry Ichi-chan." He said as he patted my head. "But we'll see each other, again."
"Promise?" I asked.
"Promise." He said as he gave me a smile.

Kazemaru suddenly woke up. He looked around. He wasn't in a soccer field. He was at the caravan. It was just a dream from eight years ago.

"Kazemaru, are you alright?" Endou's voice suddenly said. It was more of a whisper. It was night-time and everyone was asleep except for Endou who just finished his night training and returned. He was about to sit beside Kazemaru to go to sleep when the tealnet suddenly woke up and looked a bit frantic.
"Yeah... I'm okay..." Kazemaru said as he took something from his pocket.

The half stone with a half star.

"That's so important to you, isn't it." Endou said as he smiled.
"Yeah." Kazemaru said as looked at it longingly. "I just don't remember his real name. All I remember is 'Mi-chan'."
"You'll see each other when the time comes, Kazemaru." Endou said. "You need to sleep, Kazemaru. The match against the Genesis is tomorrow."
Kazemaru nodded and went back to sleep.

-somewhere the Aliea Academy-

"I'm telling you, Gran. We need Kazemaru Ichirouta on our side. He may be Endou Mamoru's weak point and give up on fighting us just to get Kazemaru back." An old man said. (not thier 'father'. It's a random old man whom I could think of as their master.)
"But the question is, how? How do we ge Kazemaru if he's always with his team mates. You told me to get him without being noticed." Gran said angrily. Somehow, this Kazemaru Ichirouta sounded familiar. He just couldn't place it.
"Injure him to the point where he could barely stand. I'll send the ambulance when they call the hospital. I can get Hoshina to hack the telephone systems and the call would be directed to us instead of the hospital." the old man said.
Gran thought for a moment before agreeing with him. "I know how to go along with your plan now." And with that, he walked out of the room.

After a few moments, Ulvida entered.

The blue haired female had a visible scowl on her face.

"You called for me," Ulvida said rudely.
"Yes. This is about Kiyama's case." The old man said.
"What about Hi- Gran?" Ulvida asked.
"His childhood friend whom he knows as 'Ichi-chan'." The old man said.
"Childhood friend?" Ulvida asked with her eyebrows turning into slits.
"Yes, childhood friend. Kazemaru Ichirouta." The man said with an evil smirk.
Ulvida gasped. "Our target is his childhood friend?"
"Apparently. He doesn't know that Kazemaru is his childhood friend. I was surprised that neither recognized each other." The old man said.
"What are we going to do with him?" Ulvida asked. This time, she was somehow relucant to hurt Kazemaru because she didn't want to hurt Hiroto's feelings once he realizes that Kazemaru was his long-lost childhood friend.
"After he slightly recovers after tomorrow's plan, make sure he would turn to the Aliea meteorite's power than we force him physically." The old man said. "If he has a reason to continue using the meteorite's power, he would continue fighting Endou until the end. Because if we just force him physically, Endou could free him from the meteorite's control easily."
"Sounds like a good plan. I'll do it." Ulvida said and left the room.

The old man smirked to himself. "Prepare yourself, Endou Mamoru."

-Match: Raimon vs The Genesis-


"We are not going to finish this game. We just have to buy some time until we could injure our target: Kazemaru Ichirouta. Do you understand me?" Gran said as he commanded his team mates.
"Hai!" everyone said.


"Our match is about to begin. Let's do this!" Endou said with determination to win the match and stop the Aliea Academy.
"Aa!" everyone agreed to their captain.

The whistle blew.

Raimon started with with a kick off.

Kidou dribbled the ball until it was stolen by one of the Genesis.

The match went on until...

Kazemaru was very scared that he couldn't keep up with his team mates and the Genesis. He couldn't steal the ball.

Gran saw that Kazemaru was distracted and looked at his team mates that was saying 'It's time.'

Gran let Kazemaru steal the ball from him. Kazemaru kept on pushing himself until the Genesis attacked him mercilessly and continuously. Only God knows when they were planning to stop.

Kazemaru's scream of pain rang in everyone's ears as they watched with pure horror and shock. This was worse for Endou.

"Kazemaru!" Endou screamed as he wished he could rush and help his friend. And secret crush.

After Ulvida's attack, it all ended. The beating ended and Kazemaru dropped on the ground.

He was breathing heavily and eyes were half-closed and hazy.

Neither of the Genesis moved as they watched the other Raimon members rush to their injured team mate.

But Gran saw something that seem to be familiar. It had dropped from the tealnet's pocket after Kazemaru collapsed.

That stone... it couldn't be...

His eyes went wide when he recognized Kazemaru's face.

Ichirouta... Ichi-chan... No wonder it was familiar.

Kazemaru Ichirouta was his long-lost childhood friend.

The ambulance came and Gran saw Kazemaru telling something to Endou before losing consciousness entirely. Endou's hands were clenched. Fubuki placed a hand over Endou's shoulder and told him something.

"Our work here is done." Gran said with a stoic face for covering up his real feelings.

And with that, a purplish-light erupted from a black soccer ball before they disappeared.