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Gibbs opened the screen door and walked back into the kitchen. "Grills heating up."

Tony glanced at his watch, already twelve thirty. "I thought for sure Abby would be here by now."

"I'm sure she'll be here soon." Reaching around Tony, Gibbs grabbed a pickle chip from the tray Tony was filling. He popped the pickle in his mouth then kissed Tony's cheek.

Turning around, Tony leaned against the counter and gazed into the steel blue eyes.

Gibbs' hands dropped to the counter on either side of Tony's body. He knew Tony wanted to ask the question, but just couldn't figure out how.

"You were the first man." Gibbs' eyes stayed locked on Tony's as he waited for a reaction.

A second later Tony swallowed hard. "There's only one woman you would have trusted enough to-"

Gibbs nodded.

"We're here!" The familiar female voice called out.

"In the kitchen." Gibbs answered as he stepped back.

She walked into the kitchen and stopped eyebrow raised. "Not interrupting are we?"

"No." Gibbs rolled his eyes.

"Hey Boss, Tony." McGee nodded as he walked up and stopped beside Abby, Ziva a step behind.

"We're the first one's here?"

"Yep, as always." Tony chuckled.

"I held her off as long as I could." McGee smirked.


"In here Duck." Gibbs called back

Ducky and Palmer appeared with smiles.

"Guess we're all here." Abby tried to contain her excitement.

"Actually, we have one more-" Tony stopped in mid sentence as the final person walked into view.

All heads turned and stared as Fornell walked into the dining room.

"What?" Fornell looked at his watch, then back up at the people staring at him. "It's not even one yet."

"Steaks." Gibbs said as he walked in and sat the plate full of steaks on the table, in the center of the other dishes.

Abby clapped grabbing a plate and starting to fill it up. The others followed her lead.

"You okay?" Tony asked approaching Fornell who was standing off to the side of the table, almost in the living room.

"Hum?" Fornell turned towards the voice.

"Are you okay?" Tony asked again.

"Yeah, fine." Fornell nodded.

"Are you gonna eat?"

Fornell glanced at the table then back to Tony. "Um, yeah. In a minute."

Tony shook his head. "He told you?"

Fornell's brow furrowed. "Told me what?"

Leaning closer to Fornell, Tony whispered. "How I made him take me right across the table."

Running his hands down his face, Fornell blew out a long breath.

"No one's asking you to lick your food off the table." Tony smirked.

Eyebrows raised, Fornell stared at Tony.

"And it will definitely happen again, so get used to it." Tony said as he strolled away.

Shaking his head, Fornell made his way into the kitchen, he definitely needed a beer. He paused when he saw Gibbs standing there holding two beers. He accepted the one handed to him. "Thanks."

"You look like you need it." Gibbs said as he leaned back against the counter.

"Yeah." Fornell glanced out at Tony, then back to Gibbs. "You're sure you can handle that one?"

Gibbs smiled as he looked out at Tony, then nodded. "Absolutely."

"You told him-" Fornell paused as Abby and McGee walked through the kitchen and out the back door. "You told him I knew?"

Gibbs shrugged. "I told him one person knew, he made the connection."

"Anyone else make any connections?" Fornell smirked.

"Abby knows." Gibbs took a swig of his beer.

"So after dinner you're gonna tell everyone?"

Gibbs nodded as Ziva, Palmer, and Ducky strolled through the kitchen and walked out back.

"You have your four word speech worked out?" Fornell chuckled.

"Think it's more like six words." Gibbs snickered.

Fornell glanced at the table, Tony the only one left piling food on his plate. "Guess I should get a plate."

Rolling his eyes, Gibbs chuckled. "Does it really bug you that much?"

"Come on wouldn't it bother you if I told you I screwed someone on my kitchen table?"

"I don't lick your table, I eat off a plate."

Fornell's mouth opened slightly. "You two are way more alike than you realize."

Sitting around the picnic tables, everyone had finished eating and was talking across the table to each other. Gibbs cleared his throat and the table went silent as everyone turned to look at him.

"Tony and I are-" Gibbs paused as he decided what word to, in love, moving in together. "In a relationship and he's moving in here."

The group of people looked at Gibbs then Tony.

"Finally." Ducky chuckled.

McGee grinned and looked at Ducky. "I know. Like it's a big surprise."

Tony glared around the table. "You all knew?"

"Come on Tony." McGee rolled his eyes. "The coffee's, the lunch, you disappearing to the director's office countless times this week."

Tony's mouth dropped open.

Unable to contain herself any longer, Abby ran up behind Gibbs and hugged him around the neck. "I'm so happy for you!"

Gibbs rubbed his hand over her arm. "Thanks Abs."

"Not to mention all the drooling you have done over each all these years." Ziva laughed.

Gibbs glared at her. "I do not drool."

"Actually, you do." McGee said."A little bit." Gibbs' glare turned towards his other agent.

"When Tony wears the shoulder holster!" Ziva tried not to laugh.

"Totally." McGee smirked. "You're eyes dilate and you rub your hand over your mouth." He mimicked the action.

With a wide grin, Tony looked over at Gibbs. "The shoulder holster, really?"

"Don't you start." Gibbs snapped at Tony.

"It's been awhile since I wore that." Tony wiggled his eyebrows. "Think I'll have to wear that on Monday."

"I don't think so." Gibbs glared at Tony.

"Well I could always go get it and wear it tonight." Tony chewed at his bottom lip. "That and nothing else."

"Alright, discussion's over!" Gibbs bellowed.

Not even Gibbs normal bellow could stop everyone from laughing.

"Just face it." Tony rubbed Gibbs' shoulder. "You were drooling over me and everyone knew."

"I didn't know!" Abby couldn't believe she'd missed that.

Gibbs rolled his eyes, but the harshness left his face. "Ogling maybe, not drooling." He saw Tony's smile, the love on the younger's man face and without a second thought he leaned over and kissed him. When he pulled back, he saw the surprise on Tony's face, then heard sigh's and aahhs from the people around them.

"That is so sweet!" Abby smiled.

"There's ice cream and cake in the fridge." As soon as Gibbs said it, the people ran for the back door. He chuckled and shook his head. They were like kids, so easily distracted.

Fornell and Ducky were the only two left at the table and they both moved down to sit next to their friend.

"I've never seen you be affectionate in front of people." Ducky smiled.

"Yeah." Gibbs sighed. "First time for everything."

"He's good for you, always has been, even as a Senior Field Agent."

Gibbs gave a nod.

"Did you tell the good doctor about the table?"

"Jesus Fornell, get over it!"

Ducky's brow furrowed. "What about the table?"

Fornell grinned over at Ducky.

"OH!" Ducky laughed. "Don't let me find you two in autopsy!"

Gibbs and Fornell both stared over at Ducky. Then they both started laughing.

Pulling up to the house, Gibbs stepped out of the car and slowly walked towards the porch. A woman pushed open the screen door and emerged with a smile. He walked up the steps and stopped in front of her.

"Agent Gibbs." She smiled. "Pleasure to meet you."

His eyes narrowed.

"I knew when you called for the appointment, your name wasn't Gavin." Marie paused. "I know most of Abby's friends, she's never mentioned a Gavin, but she talks about you a great deal."

Gibbs nodded. He'd used Abby's name hoping it would get him in to see Marie faster.

"If I had met you first, I would have been able to tell Tony, you were the one in love with him." She grinned. "You might hide your feelings but your aura speaks volumes."

"Right." Gibbs snickered.

"Even after what's happened, you don't believe."

He shook his head.

"Then why are you here?"

"Shouldn't you know that?" He smirked.

"I know you have something to say, and a few questions." She motioned towards the chairs on the porch. "Have a seat."

"I'm not staying long."

She folded her arms across her chest. "Okay."

Taking one step closer, he kissed her cheek, then stepped back. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"I don't have to believe in what you do to thank you for doing it."

"All I did was tell Tony the truth, he made the decision what to do with that information." Her smile widened. "And it was the right decision."

"Enjoy the rest of your day." He nodded as he started down the porch steps.

"They're happy for you."

He paused on the second step.

"She thinks it's interesting that you haven't questioned him as to why he still doesn't call you Jethro."

Turning around he stared up at her.

"It's because the two true loves of your life have always called you Gibbs. She did and now he does."

He shook his head.

"Right, not exactly ground-breaking information." She knew it would take something major, something that no one could possible know, for him to even remotely take her seriously.


She leaned against the porch pillar and stared out at the sky. "You wanted to get a ring, but you thought it was too soon. So you bought the key ring and asked him to move in instead."

His eyes narrowed.

She shook her head at him. "Tony wanted the ring." She saw Gibbs clench his jaw. "Would have said yes to anything you offered...he still will, when you're ready to offer it."

He ran his hand down his face.

"Love isn't about some appropriate time frame, it happens instantly for some people." She grinned. "Like it did for you when you met Tony." She took a deep breath. "He's your soul mate, always has been, always will be."

"You got this all from my aura?"

"Some of it."

"The rest of it?"

"You already know how."

Turning back around he headed down the stairs and toward the car. Climbing in he never looked back, just drove away.

Pulling into the drive, he parked behind Tony's car and climbed out. He stopped as he reached the porch steps and took a deep breath. Putting his hand in his pants pocket, he touched the small box. He'd never admit to anyone that he'd gone to see Marie and he knew she would never speak a word of it to anyone, even Abby. The ring...she was right. He had wanted to buy a ring for Tony that day, but felt it was too soon. However, he was going to fix that mistake, tonight. Touching the box again, he smiled. Making his way up the steps, he opened the door and stepped across the threshold to their home, ready to start the next chapter of his life with the man he loved...the man he would spend the rest of his life with.