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Chapter 19

I've Come Too Far

"It's not- is it?" Natasha whispered, turning to stare at Clint with wide yes. She realised that Bruce's secret was more than likely exposed. She pulled him carefully into the hallway, remembering the way to navigate back. "Is there anything we can do?" She asked, knowing there were probably some of Loki's minions on the prowl. They definitely didn't want to run into them. Clint didn't even have a wand now. He was helpless, and would depend on Natasha if it came to a duel. And he could barely hold himself up, anyway.

"I don't know, it's not Wednesday. It's not supposed to happen," Clint said shakily, "Merlin, I don't know. We should go warn the others, see if they are okay!"

"Bruce won't hurt them," She replied, unsure but hopeful.

"I hope not. He prides himself on having never hurt anyone. I don't want him to-" Clint cut off when he heard a sharp howl.

"No. Bruce won't hurt anyone. Loki, on the other hand…" She led the way, only having to take down one of her previous Slytherin allies to clear the way. Looking up at him, she clicked open the door to the main corridor.

"Wait here, you're unarmed," She instructed, worried about him. The boy had lost his wand, his best friend had went wolf, and he had just been tortured.

He winced as she knocked out a Slytherin, hearing another howl. "Okay," He nodded, letting her walk forward, peering out. Clint did not like this. Being unarmed was a serious disadvantage. He wanted to get into battle.

Natasha opened the door only enough for her to slide in, wand at the ready if anything were to happen. The wide corridor was unusually dark, and she started to think that her arrival was anticipated. She moved silently along the walls, wanting to cast Lumos but not wanting to bring any attention to herself.

She only listened for Bruce, though slightly unsure of what she was listening for. Another howl perhaps? Natasha braced herself, hearing some sort of approaching footsteps from the next room. The floorboards of the old mansion creaked, but only a little to her soft footing. This was someone, something, big.

Clint wanted to obey her orders, but his friends were in trouble. If not from Bruce, then from Loki or one of his minions. He shuddered, taking off after Natasha, being sure to keep silent and a good few paces behind her.

Clint paused at a door, peering inside. The room was empty, but it was filled with weapons. The armoury. Of course the Odinsons would be rich enough to have an armoury. They had a dungeon after all. The manor, Asgard, was practically a castle. He didn't want to be unarmed so he slipped inside. No guns, nothing too muggle, but he did spot swords and a many arrows. The room was beautifully decorated, most of the weapons used as an ornate display. However, Clint was willing to risk stealing something, so he could help in battle. He'd give it back! Eventually he selected a golden bow and a dark leather quiver, with gold accents, pulling it on. He did archery as a kid religiously and was pretty damn good. This could defend him, if his magic couldn't.

Natasha heard a door creak open, but waved it off. They didn't know she was there, or else they would have attacked her. She clutched her wand tightly, opening the door, before walking hesitantly into the candle-lit room. She looked around. Empty, a dining room. Or so she thought.

"Ahh Natasha," Loki cackled, his smirk growing as she entered into the room. "I guess it's just you and me now."

Natasha's wand shot up to him as he spoke, eyes widening only slightly. "Where are the others?" She demanded, features tensing.

"Our grand ballroom. The chitauri have captured my brother and your pathetic friends. And poor Barton is as good as dead," He held his wand up, aiming for her, "Expelliarmous. Now come with me, love."

Natasha held back a bit of a smile. Clint wasn't dead, and the almost irony almost made her laugh. She stepped forward, her wand being jerked out of her hand. Luckily he didn't break hers, like he did Clint's. It would be better to do as he told, anyway, even though her instincts told her to run far away. Maybe she wouldn't end up dead.

Loki pressed the tip of his wand to her neck, "Let's go," He growled, pocketing her wand quickly, and walking her through to the grand ballroom. He wanted everyone together after all. "You're just in time for the show."

The room was massive, marble flooring, long windows and curtains, complete with several chandeliers. Instead of having them lit, however, Loki just had a few candles flickering. In the centre of the hard floor was Steve and Thor, the pair chained together with the same unbreakable chains Clint was wearing.

Natasha looked behind her for a moment, as if to check for Clint. She half-regretted making him stay back, but knew he would at least be safe. "What do you mean a show?" She asked carefully, avoiding his eyes at all costs.

"You see...I'm going to kill your new found friends, traitor. You get to watch them all drop like flies, one by one they will go," He chuckled as they entered the grand ballroom. He cast a spell, chaining her up like Steve and Thor, before having his minions throw her to the ground, "I will just have one of the guys fetch Barton, and then we will find the nerd."

Natasha struggled against her restraints for a moment, her eyes wandering towards both Steve and Thor. "I'm so sorry..." She apologized, not knowing what they had been through, but probably able to assume. They were vastly outnumbered, it turned out, ten or so unharmed neo-death eaters lining the walls. One stood behind each of them, holding a wand to their heads. The second part of his speech made her smile slightly, remembering Bruce was still out there. Hopefully he'd be able to interrupt this. A werewolf on their side was a good thing.

"I am just glad Tony isn't here," Steve murmured softly, leaning against Natasha.

"I'm sorry. We should have gotten Fury...not been so rash," Thor whispered.

Loki smirked, "Don't worry. I'll get your little boyfriend too, if the dementors don't," He chuckled clapping his hands together, before reaching down to cup Thor's chin, "Did you really think this would be easy?!"

Thor tensed at his brother's touch, still unable to move. He jerked his head away, not wanting to face the person he thought to be his brother. Before this, even, he had never hated him. He still didn't, but it was very hard to be on his side. To feel any sympathy for him. He remained silent, not having anything to say to him. Not ever.

"So...who to kill first," Loki tapped his chin, shaking his head a little. "Not Natasha. I'm saving the best for last," He leered at her before turning to Thor, "I want to draw your death out…" He commented, his gaze settling on Steve, "You. You're unimportant. Disposable. A Hufflepuff."

"There is nothing about Steve that makes him disposable!" Natasha hissed, struggling again against her binds.

Thor's jaw clenched, not wishing his friend to face death at his brother's hand. "You do not know what you're doing, brother!" He said finally, pulling with all of his strength on the spell that bound him. "Stop now, and we can all make it out alive."

Steve shook his head, trying to keep his breathing steady, "I-It's okay," He stuttered out, hating the fact he will never see Tony again. It was scary, and he was far too young to die, but at least he wouldn't be alone. He just wished his friends wouldn't need to die too.

"No, Thor! I've come too far to give up!" Loki shouted loudly, aiming his wand. "Avada-"

He cried out as an arrow sank into his hand.

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