"Intoxicated" : A Trylle Fanfiction

'with a taste of a poison paradise...'

Finn just did not understand his attraction to that girl.

That girl. Just the thought of her made him grit his teeth in a mixture of love and frustration. Maybe it was her windchime laugh, and the way her eyes crinkled up at the edges when she did. Maybe it was her hair, unruly and reckless and carefree as herself. Or maybe it was the way she kept slipping from his grasp, escaping his protection - running away.

He sighed and ran his fingers restlessly through his own hair, tame from product. He'd always enjoyed the thrill of the chase - it was the challenge that was the best part of being a tracker.

However, he'd never dreamed of a chase like this. Of a girl, so close and yet so far - of a relationship so possible and yet so...not.

"...i'm addicted to you..."

His heart stuttered as he remembered the mischievous smile that played on her lips all the damn time, as he remembered the feeling of those lips pressed against his own for the briefest of seconds before she slipped away once again. He remembered the chase, the adrenaline rush - the girl.

The girl.

It always did lead back to her, didn't it?

He closed his eyes and sighed as he thought of that impossible, incorrigible, and entirely irresistible Princess.

"...don't you know that you're toxic?"