"The mail came! The mail came!"

Colin ran around the Lodging House, shouting as he went. The rest of the boys thundered down the stairs sleepily. Jack walked into the living room and almost ran smack dab into Colin.

"Who's it for?" Race asked, searching for a cigar and yawning. It had to be around somewhere.

Colin continued to run around shouting, bearing no mind to Race's question. Crutchie limped down the stairs rubbing his eyes, and Colin knocked him over. They went down in a mess of legs, feet, wood, clothes and paper.

"Watch it, Colin!" Jack hurried over, pulling the boy up and grabbing the letter. He flipped it over from the big red 'H' seal, thinking that this must have been a mistake. The Newsies never got letters like these.

"To Mr. Specs, Newsboy's Lodging House, No. 9 Duane Street." Jack read outloud, and Specs hurried over, his eyes wide behind his glasses.

"That's for me?" he asked in astonishment, and proceeded to tear open the letter. The others crowded around as he read, his eyes growing ever bigger.

"Dear Mr. Specs, you have been accepted at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

The newsies gave each other confused glances.

"There mus' be some mistake," Romeo put in. "There ain't no such things as witches or wizards!"

They all jumped as someone pounded on the door. Colin lept up and ran to go answer it. His mouth widened as he looked up and up at the giant before him, who wore a scraggly beard and was graced with black beetle button eyes.

"'Ello," Rubeus Hagrid said. "This the Newsboy's Lodgin' House?"

Colin nodded dumbly.

"Thought so. Was told by Professor Dumbledore you lot might need some persuadin' about Hogwarts."