This is my first The Bill fan fiction. It wouldn't have be possible without my beta reader, the very talented EmmyLovett. Thank you!

Chaos reigned around him, but Callum's attention remained focused on Emma, and the doctors battling to save her life. Naked panic marked his features; as he stood aside, uncaring of the sight he made, covered in dust and ash; helpless, letting the medical staff do their work.

She should never have been in that building alone, and if she died, it would be his fault...

He pushed the thought away, savagely; feeling the suffocating panic overwhelming him again, before fighting it back down. He didn't do panic. The paramedic that he had argued with walked past him, with a scowl, but Callum ignored him. Emma was all that mattered.

Sally rushed up to him: her own features a mask of worry and panic. She glanced up at the tall sergeant uncertainly, seeing the raw panic and worry that he normally hid so well. The idea of a man like Callum Stone falling apart, was suffocating. She'd seen him angry and frustrated, but nothing like ever anything close to how he looked now.

She reached out hesitantly, wanting to give comfort, but the bustle and activity around Emma subsided slightly, as she was wheeled away to another part of the hospital.

Callum stepped forward, "W-what's happenin'?" he asked as the gurney carrying Emma vanished down the corridor.

"We're sending her for a CT scan and some x-rays. We think there may be some internal bleeding. Broken ribs at least. Its normal procedure under the circumstances. She arrested three times on the way here, and we're taking every precaution."

Callum felt his world slip out of focus, briefly, before gathering himself together. "W-what are her chances?" he asked, his voice catching slightly.

"If she makes it through the night, then she just may get through this. It's really too early to tell. I'm sorry, Sergeant."

Later, when she was settled in ICU, Callum sat with his cap in his hands, alternating his glance from Emma's bed to her hospital window. The machines she was attached to, bleeped and blipped with only the slightest of reassurances. Right now, they were the only things keeping her alive...

He paced the room, not liking being inactive for long. His shift had finished hours ago, but he was past caring.

He paused in his pacing as a nurse came in, smiling at him almost sadly.

"She's in good hands," she said, checking on the notes at the end of the bed, replacing it quickly before moving up to check vitals and make adjustments.

Voices were raised in the corridor, before the door to the room was slammed open. With the promise of action, he was instantly on alert, ready to deal with whoever was barging their way in.

"Just a min..." he began before a MET warrant card was shoved unceremoniously under his nose.

"I'm her father, Sergeant!" barked the grey haired man, just shorter than Callum, followed by an even shorter woman.

"Sir, I'm..." Callum started to acknowledge, but the DCI wasn't interested, and waved him away.

Callum shook his head, looking down at the floor, for once, managing to hold back the retort, he'd normally shoot back, under different circumstances.

With the arrival of Emma's parents, the room was once more a hive of activity, as doctors crowded around the bed, explaining what was happening.

Frank Keane glanced over at Callum, as a doctor whispered something to him, and he nodded.

After the doctors had left, Frank walked over to where Callum stood.

"I'm to understand that you saved my daughter's life, Sergeant," he hesitated over his name.

"Stone, Sir. Callum Stone. About earlier..."

"Forget it, Sergeant Stone," he said waving away his apology, as if swatting an irritating fly. "If it wasn't for you, Emma would have died at the bomb site. At least now, she has a fighting chance."

Callum swallowed his eyes flicking to Emma and her mother, sitting at her bedside. " she?" he asked, hoping that his question or his voice didn't betray how he was feeling. If he had the power to turn back the last couple of hours...

"Critical. They've warned us to expect the worst. If she makes it through the night, they will be more hopeful."

Frank turned to watch his wife and daughter, before turning back to Callum. "Thank you, Sergeant, but I really need to get back to Emma. I suggest you go home and get some rest. You need to find who did this, and bring them to justice."