Chapter 1

Leah's pov

Stupid Cullen's can't even protect their pathetic little human I mumble in my head as we head to the clearing in our wolf forms.

"Shut up Leah"

"Get out of my head Jacob"

"I will when you stop calling Bella pathetic"

"I will when she stops being pathetic"

"Leah Jacob that's enough" sams voice rings in my head

"Stay out of this sam" I reply angrily not wanting him to get involved

"We are almost there I don't want that mind reading leech to hear you" Sam says worriedly

"Please I don't need your concern" I scoff

"I know you don't but if he hears you thinking about Bella like that he might try to hurt you"

"Bring it on if he wants to violate the treaty let him" I reply smugly

"Leah please just be quiet for the rest of the way," Sam said in a tired voice


End of chapter 1

I know im I the process of another story but I had this idead in my so I went with it ill still be continuing my other one