Chapter 3

Leah's pov

god that stench It smells like a corpse doused in perfume I thought as I smelt the leeches as we stepped into the clearing I looked around and saw their leader and his wife, Bella and dickward and then ice queen and the man child finally I looked at the last one id I swore I stopped breathing the most beautiful creature I've ever seen.

She was small and petite with short spikey hair and dazzling gold eyes, she could pass for an angel and the smell she smelt different from the rest she smelt like strawberries.

"Leah what just happened" my brother Seth asks curiously

"I think I just imprinted," I say shakily I hear a growl I look away from my angel to see dickward glaring at me.

"You bitch," he says venomously still glaring at me

Everyone looks at him shocked

"Don't call her that" my angel growls out at him in my head I do a happy dance delighted my mate was defending me

"Edward what's the meaning of this?" the blonde doctor says sternly

"That dog just imprinted on Alice," he says angrily

Alice such a beautiful name for a beautiful person I think dreamily

I hear the pack laugh at me

"Shut up" I mumble

"Imprinted what does that mean" my mate asks confused

"It means you're her mate" doc said amazed

Alice looks shocked before running off and it my heart breaks

My mate does not accept me now I know how Sam felt when Emily did not accept him at first

"Leah go home we will talk about this later," Sam says softly

Not wanting to be away from my mate I go to disagree


"Now Leah" Sam says gently

Nodding I walk away not before looking at the place my reason for living was once standing

I will be writing longer chapters later but for now I was just testing if you guys liked it

End of chapter 3