Final Fantasy XII OC Story

Chapter 6

Stella's P.O.V. :

When the airship landed me and Larsa abandoned ship as soon as we could, but unfortunately one of the guards spotted us. We ran out of the Aerodrome and hid in the crowd outside until the Imperial soldiers finally gave up on their search. "That was to close for comfort." I nodded to Larsa as we walked over to a large stone wall and sat down upon it.
My eyes scanned the city for a moment, from my point of view it was a huge crowded city with loads of Imperials guards walking around. "We will need help if we want to go into the Lhusu mines, I've heard its quite a dangerous place." I looked over to Larsa as he spoke, agreeing with his words. "The Lhusu mines are just up ahead, though I hear there's not much left there these days." I recognized that voice! I looked around and spotted Balthier and the others to the left of us. I poked Larsa on the shoulder and smiled as I spoke. "Perhaps they can help us?" Larsa nodded to me as he walked over to them. "You on your way to the mines? Then please allow us to accompany you. We have an errand to attend to there."
As the group turned around I could see their eyes widen as we walked over to them. "Stella? Where have you been!" Vaan ran over to me and gave me a bone crushing bear hug. "Can't breathe..!" Vaan quickly let go of me mumbling he was sorry. "Friends of yours?" I nodded to Larsa as Basch spoke to him. "What matter of errand?"
"What errand? I could ask the same you." Balthier smirked as Larsa answered. "All right come along then. But do me a favour and stay where I can keep my eyes on you, it will be less trouble that way."
"For us all." Larsa started looking over his shoulder, and as I followed his gaze I saw Imperial soldiers close in behind us. Larsa walked over to me and grabbed my hand as we started following the others.
Vaan moved over to us and asked Larsa for his name. "Oh I.. I'm Lamont." I guess he needed a cover, being Vayne's brother and all. "Lamont huh? Well don't worry, you're in good hands. Right Basch?" Balthier and Basch sighed, I guessed Vaan shouldn't have said his name out loud.

Once we arrived at the mine entrance we heard some people approach us from the right, so we quickly hid around the corner. It seemed like a Judge in golden armor and the Marquis were talking about the Nethicite. "Halim Ondore VI, the Marquis of Bhujerba. The Marquis served as mediator at the negotiations of Dalmasca's surrender. It would appear that he is somewhat less neutral now." Balthier looked over to Larsa as he spoke. "They say he has been helping out the Resistance."
"They say many things."
"You are certainly well informed, who did you say you were again?"
Vaan entered the conversation at that moment telling us we had to find Penelo in the mines. Was she missing? I guess that's why they were here. "And Penelo is your?"
"She's a friend. She was kidnapped and taken here." I had to hold back my laughter at the look on Vaan's face as we started walking deeper into the mines.

Inside the mine were a lot of monstrous Undeath ready to fight us with everything they had, it annoyed me to no end how they even crawled out the floor to get to us. Not to mention the awful smell the Undeath gave off. Luckily they weren't that strong so we easily got rid of them without wasting a lot of time. Once we arrived at the back of the mine we seemed to stumble upon a room full of Nethicite. They looked exactly like the stone Larsa showed me earlier, just a little less refined. "This is what I came here to see." Larsa pulled out the stone as it started to shine bright, I think it was reacting to the other Nethicite in the room. "What's that?" Vaan asked with a curious look on his face. "It's Nethicite. Manufacted Nethicite."
"Unlike regular Magicite, Nethicite absorbs magical energy. This is the fruit of research to the manufacture of Nethicite. All at the hands of the Draklor Laboratory." Larsa walked over to the wall of Nethicite and started examining the material. "I guess you were right, this is where they are getting their materials." Larsa nodded as I walked over to him. "Errand all attended to then?" We turned around to see Balthier moving closer to us as he spoke. "Yes, thank you. I shall repay you shortly."
"No, you'll repay us now. We have too much on our hands to go on holding yours. So where did you hear this fairy tale about "Nethicite"? And where did you get that sample you carry? What do you know about the Draklor Laboratory's? Tell me, who are you?" I stepped in front of Larsa, trying to stop Balthier from moving any closer. "Not one step forward." I glared at Balthier as Bagam'mam entered our conversation.
"You've kept us waiting, Balthier! You slipped away in Nalbina, we missed you! First the Judge and now this boy, this whole affair has the smell of money. I may have to wet my beak a little." Bagam'mam walked over to us as his chainsaw like weapon started roaring. "Keep you snout in the trough it belongs, this thinking ill befits you Bagam'mam."
"Balthier! To long have I gone unpaid, ill carve my bounty out of that boy!"

"No you won't!" I couldn't take his endless jabbering anymore! He was threatening to hurt my friends, and he was going to pay for it. "Stella, calm down."Balthier pulled me back to him when I moved towards Bagam'mam. "Where's Penelo, we're taking her back!" Vaan tried to calm me down as he saw Bagam'mam walking up to us. "Why keep the bait if you've landed the fish? We cut her lose on the way here and off she ran! Crying like a little baby." Larsa threw the Nethicite to Bagam'mam's head and picked up the stone as he ran off to the exit. "Larsa, Wait!" I ran after him as the others were left behind with Bagam'mam and his gang. I felt bad about leaving them but it was nothing they couldn't handle. "Nice shot!" Larsa turned around to face me as I catched up to him. "Thank you, now we have to get out of here before anyone else finds out." Once we were out of the mines we unfortunately ran into the Judge and the Marquis we saw earlier. "Lord Larsa, I see that you've been out walking without the company of your cortege. Who is this girl following behind you?" The Judge turned to face me. "You must take care with such undesirable's around. "
"If it is a crime to wonder off on one's own, then I too am guilty. Marquis, I trust that your estate can accommodate another guest?"
"Why not."
"Judge Ghis, I shall heed your counsel. I will not travel unaccompanied anymore, come on Stella. " Larsa grabbed my hand as we walked up the stairs on our way to the Marquis's estate.

Vaan's P.O.V. :

As we ran from Bagam'mam and his gang, we found Penelo on our way out. Even though I was thrilled to see she's all right, I couldn't help but worry about Stella and this Lamont kid. Why was she so close to him? And why did she run off with him? Once we reached the exit we hid behind some of the pillars to see the Judge talking to Stella and Lamont. "What's Stella doing down there? And what's the deal with that Lamont?"
"That's no Lamont." I turned to face Balthier as he spoke to me. "Larsa Ferrinas Solidor. Fourth son to Emperor Gramis, and brother to Vayne. "
"What? That kid?" I looked over to the place Stella stood a few moment ago before Fran started to speak. "Do not worry, I believe he will treat her well. " That was exactly what I was worried about. "Nobody knows men like Fran does." Balthier said to me as Basch spoke up. "Our purposes lead the same way: to Ondore. We must find means to approach him." I suppose that was right. "The Marquis is channeling money to organizations opposing the Empire. We'll start there."