"Hay have you heard this" America asks as he throws the paper on the table, "It's supposed to be the most haunted place in Brittan"

China yawns, "Not interested, aru"

"Ha that is 'cause I'm the most haunted place in the WORLD" Russia says.

"Ai ya Russia, did you have to say that, aru?" China asks with a hint of fear in his voice.

"Of course" Russia says.

China looks a little crept out by Russia's statement.

"Are you just too afraid, hehehe" America taunts.

"No, i just think it is a waste of time, aru" China says in defence.

"Scardy cat, scardy cat!" America sings.

"I am not, aru!"

"Scardy cat, sc..." Russia smacks America in the face.

"You do not have to do that every time he annoys you, aru" China tells Russia.

"No he was annoying you though" Russia points out.

"I know he was, aru" China looks at the newspaper, "i am still not going no matter what America says, aru"

"S-scardy ... cat" America groans.

"Quite" Russia kicks him.

"Shut up, everyone knows when it comes to ghosts you are the scardy cat, aru" China tells America.

America suddenly goes quiet.

"That shut you up" Russia says.

"I am not going and i am not a scardy cat, aru" China says.

"Pr-prove it haha... ow" America says.

"Fine, i will aru! What do I have to do, aru?"

America pulls himself off the floor, "spend one night in the haunted house, if you run before the night is over you'll have to wear a sign that says I'm a scardy cat for one whole month"

"Good idea i was getting board hear" Russia says, "I will also come"

China hits America on the head, "that was for annoying me, aru. I am going to pack, aru"

"Can i help?" Russia asks.

"If you must, aru"


Russia follows China back home.

China picks up his hello kitty teddy while Russia picks up his decapitated toy. China packs the hello kitty, a manga and his pj's along with his hair brush and toiletries. Russia just restocks his vodka in his jacket.

China picks up his backpack, "is that all you are taking, aru?"

"It's all i need" Russia tells him.

"If you say so, aru"

Russia and China meet America outside the haunted house.

"It's scarier than i though..." America whimpers.

"You baby, aru" China says.

"Still not as scary as me" Russia says.

"If you say so, aru. Can we not go in now, aru?"

"Ok" America starts to cling to Russia.

"Huh?" Russia just looks at America.

They head inside.

"I'll take him" Russia says and starts walking with America still clinging onto him.

"Fine, i will be in the lounge if anyone wants me, aru" China says.

After changing into his pj's; China sits on the sofa and hugs his hello kitty teddy with a cover round him. He starts to read the manga he brought with him.

America is still clinging to Russia, "how can i sleep like this"

"Why are you here, i am fine by myself, aru" China asks.

Russia picks up America and drops him of the sofa. China continues to read his manga and Russia takes a drink of vodka. A minute later America realises and starts to cry

"What now, aru? Do you want me to call England, aru?" China asks.

"It's too scary but i can't run away or I'm not a hero" America announces.

"If you say so, aru" China says and yawns.

Russia pulls up the cover a little bit more over China. China drops his manga and soon falls asleep. China ends up leaning on Russia.

"Huh? Oh" Russia says.

America is moping at their feet. Russia falls asleep on the arm rest. A few hours later Russia wakes up to find China has gone.

"Huh? AMERICA!" Russia yells.

"Huh?" America sits up.

"Where is China?"

They hear China yell, "RUSSIA!" but cannot see where from.

"Huh? CHINA! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Russia calls.


"I'M COMEING!" Russia pulls America up, "America you came too"

"Waaaaaaaaa!" America cries.

"W-WAIT, D-DO NOT DO THAT!" China begs.

"WHAT, WHAT ARE THAY DOING? ... CHINA!?" Russia calls.


"I'M COMEING!" Russia pulls America by the arm, "come on"

America is still crying.


Russia gets closer to China's location, "I'M ALMOST THERE HANG ON!"

"Why, why, why, why?" America sobs.

"Shut up"

China is sitting in the corner while three ghost children dance and sing.

"She's gonna fall soon, she's gonna fall soon" they sing.

Russia slams the door open, "CHINA!"

"RUSSIA!" the floor beneath China falls, "AI YA!"


China lands on the bottom floor with a loud thud.

Ghost kids sing, "She fell, she fell"

"He is a HE" Russia snaps.

The ghosts kid laugh and disappear, "hurry the house is gonna fall"

Russia calls down to China, "I'll try to get down to you!"

"My side hurts... is that...?" China says.

"What is it?!"

"I... i think i am... bleeding, aru. I think something has gotten impaled into my side, aru"

"Don't move"


America is wimpering outside the room.

"Come on let's get down there" Russia looks for a stair case or something. America continues to cower, "idiot"

Russia finds a staircase leading down to where China is.

Russia kneels down beside China, "are you ok?"

"n-no, my side hurts like hell, aru" there's a small puddle of blood underneath China.

"Hold on" Russia carefully helps China up; he takes off his scarf and wraps the wound.

"But that is your scarf; Ukraine gave it to you, aru"

"You're life is more important"

America is standing behind them and is still crying.

China blushes, "maybe we should leave, aru"

"I agree" America says.

"Ok can you walk?" Russia asks.

"No, my side hurts too much, aru" China says.

"Ok" Russia picks him up.

This makes China blush some more.

"Right let's go" Russia says.

They get out before the house collapses. China has passed out, holding onto Russia's coat.

"We have to get him to a hospital" Russia says.

The blood has begun to seep through Russia's scarf. They go to the nearest hospital. A few days later China wakes up.

"Huh... how did i get here, aru?" China asks.

"I carried you hear" America says.

"Idiot" Russia says.

"But i remember holding Russia's coat, aru" China says.

"Like i said ... Idiot" Russia says.

"Thank you Russia, aru. Um... America" China sits up, "can i speak to Russia alone, aru?"

"Ok" America leaves.

"What is it?" Russia asks.

"I... um..." China's face has gone red, "i... wanted to... to tell you... um..."

Russia looks at China expectantly.

China hasn't noticed his stitches have burst open, "i... i mean... i... l"

"Uh, nurse" Russia calls.

A nurse comes into the room, "yes?"

"The stitches..." Russia says.

"Oh, i see" the nurse stitches China back up, "be careful now" she eaves.

"What did you want to say?" Russia asks.

"Umm... i... l-l-l... l. o. v. e. u, aru" China's face is bright red.

"I l. o. v. e. u"

"Oh, ummmm ..."

"I knew it, aru" China hides his face into his pillow.

"There is nothing wrong with it i ... just wasn't expecting it"

"I can even say it right but i do, aru" China says through the pillow.

"Well ... I have feelings for you too... but I've ... never felt Th-this way before?" Russia blushes slightly.

"Really, aru?"


China peers over the pillow.

"Do ... You... you know... want to be...?" Russia asks.

China nods his head.

"Ok" Russia smiles.

"Okay America, you can come back in, aru" China says.

America dose not reply.

"I guess he left aru" China says.

Russia looks outside the room, "yep"

"Now what, aru?"

"Guess go back to our lives and ... see what happens"

"Okay, aru"

Russia and China smile at each other.