Russell poured his milk into the cheerios as he sat at the table that Tuesday on a cold day in January as Carl and Rosemary were talking outside. It seemed as if they were having car troubles by the way it sounded. Today was the day where they were going to go to an entertainment day at Shady Oaks where singers would come and sing to the seniors. If they got the car running then they'd be able to go.
Russell ate his breakfast slowly. His spoon felt heavier this morning. He ate a few spoonfuls of cereal and stopped eating for a moment, not hungry at all.
Dug walked into the kitchen with his usual happiness but his smile soon vanished once he looked at Russell. "Young master, you don't look well."
"I know." Russell answered in a sick, tired way. "Do you think you should stay home?" the dog asked looking over the boy's pale looking face. Russell was about to answer yes when he kept listening to Carl and Rosemary's conversation.
"I think we have to take the car in. I don't know if we're going to make it to the entertainment day Carl."
"No Rosy, I've been waiting weeks for this. We're going no matter what. We can just take the car to the garage and walk to Shady Oaks because it's close by."
"What about your car, can't we take that?"
"It's been acting strangely as well. I'll get that fixed some other time. I really don't want to miss this Rosy. I missed it last year and you told me missed my favorite singer. He may come back this year. Besides you go to this every year and you never want to miss it."
Russell sighed. "I can't ruin their plans Dug. Mr. Fredricksen really wants to go." Russell said. "Are you sure you'd be able to make it through the day young master?" Dug asked making sure. He never saw the young master like this before? His face was so pale and he looked as if he didn't have the energy to do anything. "I'm sure Dug. I'll probably be better in the afternoon. Maybe this is only for the morning. I'm probably just really hungry and don't even know it."
Russell really didn't want to go to school but he knew Carl would be angry with him if he ruined his day. He'd been talking about this ever since Christmas. Besides there was a reason he needed to be in school. He needed to give in his book report so he wouldn't lose points. He worked for a month on the three page essay. He could make it through the day, he knew he could do it.

The bus would be here any minute. Russell grabbed his backpack and threw his coat on along with his hat and mittens and walked out to the snow.

"Good morning Russell." Carl and Rosemary greeted both getting into the car. "Good morning."
"Remember to go to Emily's house after school Russell. We'll pick you up by dinner time." Carl said to him.
"Sure." He didn't know why he had to go to Emily's. Didn't he trust him when he went home with the dogs? For a moment Russell seriously wanted to tell them he wasn't feeling well, but they looked too excited. They were too busy to even look at him.
"See you later tonight." Carl said as he looked at Russell the second Rosemary drove away.
Carl glanced back at Russell.
Did he look unwell?
The bus came.
Russell got on and sat down.
"Hi Russell." Emily greeted him in the seat next to him. "Did you finish your book report?"

"What do you want my Mom to make for us once we're home? She has those little pizza's."

Russell didn't want to think about food. "Sounds good." He said.
Emily noticed Russell's pale, unwell looking face. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah fine."
Russell spoke no more. School would take his mind off his strange feeling stomach.