"Carl, Carl wake up."
Carl opened his eyes to see Rosemary. "Hey how long has he been asleep?" she asked. "About an hour or so." Carl whispered.
"Here let me take over."
"Rosy, Russell won't go back to school. He got sick during class and he thinks that everybody's going to make fun of him when he goes back."
A smile came to rosemary's face as she bent down to the sleeping Russell. "Well it's time for a childhood story."
She began shaking the little boy gently. "Hey baby doll, you don't want to sleep the whole night away."
Russell opened his eyes and turned to see Rosemary.
"Hi Aunt Rosy." Russell tiredly said as he wrapped his arms around her in a hug. "Aw, I haven't seen my sick little nephew yet. How are you feeling?"
"I'm better."
"And why aren't you cheery about it. Stomach flu stinks. I'd be glad that it was over."
"Mr. Fredricksen says I have to go back to school tomorrow." Russell said in a moaning way. "And is this all because of your embarrassing moment?"
Russell only nodded.
"Sweetie, you're not the only or first person in the world who has thrown up in class. Doesn't it happen at your school?"
It was true? He always heard the 'alarm' whenever it happened. There were screams from the classroom and then seeing the grossed out classroom lining up in the hallway along with the teacher speaking to the person who threw up and then walking passed the classroom.
"Russell, when I was ten years old I threw up in front of my whole cafeteria."
Russell's eyes grew. "Really? You must have been so embarrassed Aunt Rosemary!"
"I was but everyone who was in the cafeteria that day made me get well cards." Russell thought for a moment. Would the class make him get well cards? That would be good if they all did feel bad for him.
"Go to school tomorrow. Nobody will make fun of you."
There was a knock at the door as Carl went to answer and was greeted by Emily. "Hello Emily, how are you?" Carl asked the little girl. "I'm good Mr. Fredricksen, is Russell feeling better?" she asked.
"Yes but I don't want you coming in, Russell will be in school tomorrow. What's that?" Carl asked seeing the envelope in her hands.
"The class made these for Russell today. We hope he comes back tomorrow, it's too quiet without him."
Carl laughed. "I'm sure it was. It's always different without him talking or being energetic. Thanks for stopping by Emily."
"Who was that?" Russell asked when Carl came back into the room.
"Emily, the class made something for you." Russell took the envelope. It said, "GET WELL RUSSELL, FEEL BETTER' on the front. Russell opened it and out spilled a bunch of get well cards. "Get well cards!"

'Russell I hope you feel better and that you'll be back tomorrow. We all miss you. And if you heard me, you're not disgusting.'

'Hope you're better soon Russell. Come back soon because it's too quiet without you. I'm sorry for what I said. Stomach flu stinks.'

'Hope you're back Monday. Feel better soon. I have always hated the flu.'
- Jimmy

'Hope you don't throw your intestines up.'

'Don't feel bad Russell, it happens to everyone, including me. I'm tell you that story another time. Be back tomorrow or I'll eat your pencils.'

"So are you going to school tomorrow?" carl asked smiling at the little boy. Russell smiled up at the two, so happy and cheered up from the miserable two days.
"Yeah of course."