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Kyouka Suigetsu – A Silver Lining

Chapter One

An Average Day in the Life of a Tasty Soul

"Daddy!" small sandaled feet thundered across dark, wooden flooring, hurried with childish excitement on their search.

Flashes of people wearing black clothing darted past her as the small girl ran, turning familiar corners and long white walled corridors that ran parallel to the large buildings either side. A small green garden in the centre looked well pruned and attended to, just one of the places she usually found her father lingering. However he was not around. Pausing with a thoughtful pout, the young girl ground to a halt and took a deep breath, looking out of the norm but no one gave her so much as a sideways look anymore. She could see them, the crimson ribbons that floated around her in a sea of darkness; but one of the tricks she had been taught that would put her ahead of most of her other classmates.

And then she spotted it, the ribbon she was looking for. It had always felt a little strange compared to the others, as if the ribbon was out of reach or not really there, but it was how she knew who it was. Beaming she took off running again, trying not to trip herself up with her sandals she noticed he was there, his back to her as he spoke to someone. Her father was dressed in the same black outfits as the others, a white sash around his waist where a katana would someetimes hand, but he was speaking to one of the few that wore a white haori that made them special, or so she believed as people often bowed to them respectfully.

"Daddy!" she yelled happily as he slowly turned, a warm smile on his face as always but the rest of his face seemed shadowed to her confusion.

"There you are Amaya."

"Time to get up Amaya-chan~!"

Starting awake from the alarm call, emerald eyes opened and stared up at the wooden ceiling above her. Laid flat on her back the teenager stared silently into oblivion, completely forgetting that she had just been woken up by her human alarm clock. Those dreams had been occurring more often over the past few years however as always she was woken before long. It annoyed her not being able to understand them or to see the people around her clearly, only their words seemed to reach her through the fog of her dreams.

"Amaya-chan~!" the call came again before being followed by an opening door.

In her doorway stood her tall alarm clock, a mop of blonde hair peaking out from under his amusing green and white striped hat. Unlike most others in that day and age he was dressed in a somewhat traditional Japanese kimono and pants, accompanied by his blocky sandals. She had never questioned his taste in clothing, it would probably be too strange to see him wear anything else.

"I'm awake," she grumbled, throwing her pillow expertly into his face making Urahara stumble back.

Despite the projectile that had been thrown at him he continued to grin at her as it slipped down into his waiting hands, "hurry up or you'll be late for school!"

"It's my last day," Amaya rolled her eyes before yawning, "I can be late if I want to."

Although in all honesty she had never been late to class before and wasn't planning on changing that. Urahara placed the pillow back as Amaya hurried around her room, pushing him out of the door complaining about living with perverts to his horror.
"H-How could you say such a thing?!"

Shutting the door behind him she sighed and quickly dressed, listening to Urahara recount her words to Tessai with exaggerated sobs. Chuckling to herself she couldn't help but smile at his childish behaviour, she still loved him even if he did act like a child sometimes.

Once dressed she darted out of her room and through the sweet shop, ruffling Jinta and Ururu's hair to the former's annoyance, she paused only long enough in front of the towering and muscular form of Tessai to grab her breakfast with a sound of gratitude. Urahara was still moping until she kissed his cheek as she passed.

"See you later Hara-chan," she used her nickname for him which always succeeded in getting a reaction out of him.

Half of the time he complained that she made him sound like a girl, but today he merely beamed at her, waving her off with her small dysfunctional family at his side. Amaya waved back as she took off running down the street.

She had been with them for eight-almost nine-years and yet it seemed like she had been with them for longer. Urahara had taken her in, raising her and their expanding family. Ururu and Jinta were like her younger siblings, the shy pig-tailed girl often quiet but she had a stronger side about her that very few ever saw. Likewise the fiery tempered young boy had a softer side that they were lucky to see, often shown when Ururu was hurt despite his affectionate bullying. Urahara was the mix of strange immaturity and insanity that added colour to their family while Tessai was very much the mothering-hen of them all; Amaya had always believed that the only thing bigger than his tall stature was his warm heart. And then there was her, the odd one out of them despite how odd they all really were. Average build, long brunette hair that she often tied back out of her way but for a wayward fringe that often brushed into her green eyes. Normal.

Oh she knew of Shinigami, Hollows, spirit particles and Soul Society, but she was hardly like the others. They were all special in some way, with a great power that gave them an edge. Amaya just had a large reiatsu that often drew Hollows to her. She had asked her carer a number of times why but he had always dodged the question, changing the subject or giving her half-truths. In the end he had merely described her as being special but she failed to see how. Every time a Hollow came to devour her soul she had to be rescued. It was most infuriating.

"Morning Amaya!"

Snapping from her thoughts once again, something that had become a bad habit, she looked up to see her friends waiting for her. Some thought it strange she had friends younger than herself, rather than those from her own age group, but she had believed they were more interesting people, not to mention it was all down to one particular orange haired kid that she was friend's with them in the first place. And she had been right; they were just as strange as her family, with their abilities that made them unique and strong. Amaya could safely say she had more fun around these few than those from her entire year group. The group of four teenagers stood waiting, one of them bounding towards her happily. Almost leapt upon by the auburn haired girl, Amaya feared being smothered as she was hugged tightly by the kind hearted, and somewhat ditzy teenager.

"Wow! You're going to be finishing school today, I'm going to miss you!" Inoue exclaimed trying her best to not look upset, "we'll all miss you, right?"

The tallest of their group who looked older than even Amaya, although it wasn't hard considering she didn't look any older than them, nodded silently while their other somewhat odd friend adjusted his glasses in embarrassment.

"Of course we will…"

Amaya sighed with a smile and managed to pull herself from the girl, "don't worry Inoue-chan, I'll still be around. I'm not planning on leaving Karakura town anytime soon."

That seemed to brighten her friend somewhat.

"Oi, we're going to be late," the somewhat annoyed tone made her twitch, "Amaya's already said she's not leaving Karakura so no need to get too bothered by it."

"Kurosaki-kun!" Inoue looked upset but Amaya held up a hand.

"The carrot-top is right, we should hurry up."

Ichigo did a double-take as he realised what she had called him, twitching as she merely smirked as she started walking, Inoue beside her, Ishida also deciding that they were going to be late and hurried up his pace while Sado lingered only for a moment. Shaking his head, Ichigo strode after them.

School passed quickly, Amaya had bid goodbye to her friends and made her way towards her last day of school. Being eighteen years old she would have to decide what to do next, either going onto University as her teachers had offered, or look for a job. Although the idea of going to University was tempting she also couldn't help but think there was something else she should be doing. Her teachers were happy with her grades, coming out top of her classes although it was no surprise considering she had spent most of the summer reading books on all her subjects, and so was Urahara but she found herself bored as she sat there listening to the headmaster give them a speech. Amaya had entertained the idea of working in the sweet shop for the moment until she decided what she wanted to do, she knew Urahara wouldn't mind. In fact he'd probably offer her it when she got back.

Before she knew it school was over and she could safely say she didn't feel any different. Shrugging, she walked out of the gates with her hands in the pockets of her jacket only to feel a piece of paper in them. Frowning, she dug out the crumpled note only to glower down at it.

'Please pick up tonight's dinner on your way home~! Love Urahara.'

Grumbling under her breath she deviated towards the supermarket, she hated shopping-duty. But at least this meant she had choice of what they would be having for dinner, perhaps she would even pick up some ingredients to make her chocolate brownies that had won the hearts of the Candy Shop's residents several times. She blamed Tessai for giving her a joy of baking at a young age.

Things were quiet even as she left the supermarket, noticing it had turned darker in the time it had taken to grab the things for tonight's meal. Amaya didn't care much, in fact she enjoyed the cool night air and the shining stars above. Humming to herself her mind went back to her dream from that morning, trying to discern the shadowed face she had called father. She knew Urahara was not her father – she didn't need to see how different they looked to know – but she still thought of him as a father to her, but she never knew what had happened to her. There was big black gap in her memories from eight years ago where she could remember nothing. All she knew was that she had woken up inside the sweet shop to find Urahara smiling kindly down at her ten year old self, another expression in his eyes that only lately she had understood. Sympathy. Amaya never understood why.

That's when she heard it, a Hollow's roar. And it was nearby. Freezing, her eyes widened, slowly turning to see the lumbering creature crawling from a black hole in the air. If the bone white mask that covered its face – somewhat frog like – didn't give the creature away, it was the gaping hole in its chest that was a dead giveaway. Cursing she could only hope that it had yet to sense her. There were two options for her; run or wait until she was sure it was after her. However as the Hollow cocked its head towards her there was no doubt in her mind. Taking off running, Amaya could feel the thundering steps of the creature following her.

"God, give me a break!" she yelled out loud.

Tearing around a corner she cursed her stupidity as the Hollow merely leapt over the houses to her left, landing crouched in front of her. Sometimes she just wished she was completely normal.

An over-sized katana suddenly sliced through the Hollow's mask from behind, cleanly cutting the creature in two. Amaya staggered back from the sheer force the blow had been delivered with, the Hollow disappearing to wherever they went, leaving Ichigo stood there in his black Shinigami garb. Shouldering his abnormally large sword, he smirked over at her.

"Slipper-hat thought you'd need some help."

Sighing heavily, Amaya suddenly had an idea that made her smirk, "you're just in time!" she held out the shopping bags, "you can help me carry them back to the shop."

Ichigo's face fell making her snicker but he begrudgingly took the bags after sheathing his zanpaktou on his back. Walking side by side towards the shop, Amaya couldn't help but eye him up as she always did when she saw him in his Shinigami form. Catching her looking at him Ichigo arched an eyebrow.

"Nothing," she noticed they were already close to Urahara's sweet shop, "thanks for the help."

As she took the bags back to carry inside she paused as he suddenly grasped her arm with an oddly serious look on his face, although the majority of the time he appeared to be scowling anyway.

"I know you don't like people always helping you, but even if Slipper-hat hadn't asked me I'd have come here because you're my friend. Friend's look out for each other, idiot.""

Blinking in surprise, not even registering that he had called her an idiot, Amaya slowly nodded and watched him leap away without so much as a goodbye, merely waving over his shoulder as he bound over rooftops and vanished to scout out the town. Somehow Ichigo seemed to have a strange way of knowing what was on your mind without actually knowing. If there was one thing Amaya was glad for, it was that she had made a friend of him that day a few years ago. Shaking her head with a smile, she headed inside to the excited shouts of the kids who were obviously eager for dinner. Urahara dived forwards to grab the bags for the food only to end up with Amaya hitting him upside the head.

"That's for getting me to do the shopping, you're not getting my chocolate brownies tonight."

The grey eyed shopkeeper looked mortified.

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