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Kyouka Suigetsu – A Silver Lining

Chapter Eleven

Continuing the Past

-Over 100 Hundred Years Ago-

"Mummy…Mummy?" Amaya wandered her home in confusion, pulling her dark blue kimono up slightly to avoid tripping as her mother had told her to do after many accidents.

Everything was silent. To anyone older than the little girl they would have known something was wrong but Amaya was innocent and naïve. She had tried to sense her mother's faint reiatsu but could not understand why she could not. Amaya had always been able to sense someone's reiatsu, no matter how small, and so it confused her that she now could not. Padding softly through the house in her socks, Amaya peered through each doorway in hopes of finding her mother.

Making it to the stairs, Amaya frowned at a sound she heard from above.

"Mummy?" she called but there was no reply.

Amaya had taken one step before an arm suddenly wrapped around her waist. Squeaking in surprise, she didn't fight as the familiar reiatsu of her father wrapped around her as he pulled her to his chest. Looking up at him with a smile, about to ask if he would help find her mother, she stopped at the strange look in his eyes. She had never seen her father look like that.

"Amaya, go and find your friend Hara-chan and play with them," he told her sternly but strangely emotionlessly.

Frowning, she began to feel worried, walking towards the door to collect her sandals, "why daddy? Are you going to find mummy?"

"Please do what I ask, Amaya."

"O-Okay daddy," she hurriedly ran out of the door in search of Urahara however she didn't get far before she stopped and smiled in realisation.

She could find her mother easily. Turning back towards her home Amaya put to practice her climbing skills she had used a few months ago to find Urahara and Yoruichi, carefully climbing up the tree beside their house before jumping from a thick branch and onto the balcony of her parent's room. Amaya caught sight of her mother's long black hair on the bed and beamed.

"Are you sleeping mummy?" she asked as she pulled open the door and stepped inside, bouncing over to her mother's side, not noticing the crimson that marred her mother's kimono in the dark room, nor the bloody katana that lay barely hidden beneath the bed.

Instead Amaya lightly shook her mother's shoulders, her smile turning into confusion.

"Wake up mummy! Mummy?"

Turning to look at her father who stood in the doorway, his eyes dark before he motioned for her to come to him. Slowly Amaya moved from her mother, looking up at Aizen confused.

"Daddy…why won't mummy wake up?"

It had been weeks since her mother's death and although Amaya had closed herself up to the world, she desperately tried to find something to pull her back out. Her father helped somewhat but he was often busy and it left her alone. Amaya had never truly been alone though, not when she could sense the reiatsu of everyone around her, but it did not stop her wishing she had someone with her. She hadn't even seen Urahara for a while, the blonde haired man having appeared shortly after her mother's death to console her, but she had heard he was busy being a taichou now. Instead Amaya had sought someone she had glimpsed when her father had first brought her back to the fifth division where she would now stay. Neither of them wanted to remain in that house. And it was then she made a new friend, the grinning boy who looked her own age who had stood up for her before Aizen had appeared.

Amaya was currently sat in the gardens of the fifth division once again with Gin, the silver haired boy practicing with his short zanpaktou while she watched in awe. He never practised around others however he had told her that he didn't mind her watching.

"You're really strong, Gin-kun!" she clapped her hands together with a smile, "I wish I was as strong as you."

Said boy cocked his head towards her with a frown, "ain't ya going to the academy?"

"Daddy says I can in a few months," she pouted, "daddy's teaching me stuff before I go like all about Hollows and Kido!"

"Oh, lucky you," he admitted but he didn't sound particularly jealous, instead he grinned and pulled her over to him, "why don't ya try with my zanpaktou?"

Amaya stared at him with wide eyes, "are you sure?!"

He merely nodded while she grinned sheepishly, taking the small zanpaktou, she couldn't help but giggle before waving it around as if fighting imaginary Hollows. Gin chuckled before falling silent as he watched her, somehow she could tell he wanted to say something and stopped waving around the deadly piece of weaponry.

"What's wrong?"

"Do ya like ya dad?"

It seemed like a funny question to her and it made her pull a face, "of course I do! Daddy can be a bit strict but…I love my daddy and he loves me."

"Are ya sure?"

The boy was shocked as she suddenly dropped his katana, staring at him shocked before angry tears began to form in her eyes.

"H-How can you say that?! Gin-baka!" she yelled before turning and running.

"Ah! Wait Amaya-chan!" he cried, trying to stop her but she was already gone.

Sighing, he sheathed his zanpaktou before running off to find her. Gin didn't like seeing someone cry, even more when he had somehow become the cause of it, it reminded him of Rangiku who he had begun to miss, his friend still in the Academy. In a way he too had been glad when Amaya had found him, unaware that he had wanted anyone to do so, but when she had asked him to be her friend he had leapt at the idea. Until he found out that she was Aizen's daughter. Even the young boy wondered how such a kind hearted girl could be that man's flesh and blood. That was why he had asked her that question he now wished he hadn't, he had seen a side of Aizen he doubted she had. His true side. And he didn't want to see another friend hurt because of him.

Amaya stared angrily at the white washed wall, hugging her knees as she sniffed and rubbed her eyes stubbornly.

"Stupid Gin…why did he say that?"

She couldn't understand the mean things people sometimes said about her father. Although most loved and admired him, there were a few she caught saying otherwise. Once such was Shinji, her father's taichou, she had overheard him talking with some of his friends from the other divisions. Amaya didn't usually listen into people's conversations but when she heard him talking about her father she had stopped in her tracks curiously. His words were still clear as day in her mind. He had told them he believed Aizen had killed her mother. Of course Amaya had leapt in on the group, startling them all as she looked at them angrily, telling them that her father would have never hurt her mother before running away. It seemed like something she was doing more of nowadays; running away.


Jumping at the quiet voice, she looked up to see Gin now stood there, not having sensed him due to her thoughts.

"I'm sorry Amaya-chan, forgive me?" he asked with a half smile.

Amaya puffed out her cheeks and looked away childishly but Gin had seen that she had been happy to see him. Leaning forwards, Gin grinned at her.

"I'll show ya how to use a katana."

Smiling slightly, Amaya turned back to look at him, "okay…" before she jumped up and grabbed his hand, "let's hurry! I'm meeting Hara-chan in a bit!"

Gin's bright blue eyes opened in surprise as she tugged him along by his hand, surprised at the sudden move and how quickly her mood had changed. A smile grew onto his face once again.

"Ya really interesting, Amaya-chan."

She looked back at him with curious eyes but said nothing as they continued running, not entirely sure of where they headed.

It hadn't been long before he had introduced her to another young girl of their age. Amaya had been somewhat jealous that she too had finished Shinigami Academy, the bouncy haired girl who had been surprised to see Amaya hiding behind Gin when they first met. Rangiku had smiled warmly and said hello to the smaller girl. It didn't take Amaya long to warm up to the slightly taller girl and often found herself spending her time in their company, but Amaya remembered the day when it had been growing late but she had been determined to find Urahara.

"Ya dad will be angry," Gin warned, following slowly behind her, Rangiku beside him with her hands behind her back.

"Don't you listen to the spoil-sport!" Rangiku urged with a grin, "you want to find your friend before you go home, there's nothing wrong with that….why do you want to find him again?"

The brunette girl swung her arms as she walked, following the reiatsu she could sense with ease. She had not really told them why she wanted to find Urahara, merely started walking and they had followed to her surprise. Amaya had never been so happy to have friends who followed her without reason or excuse.

"It's his birthday!" she grinned, pulling a small package from the obi of her kimono, waving the small wrapped present at them, "I want to give him his present before I go home!"

"Aw you're so nice Amaya-chan!" Rangiku beamed, "I'm sure your dad will understand then!"

The silver haired boy merely followed silently, not bothering to say that Aizen would still probably be annoyed. He had already scolded Rangiku for having a rebellious affect on Amaya but it seemed he had been ignored. Gin didn't want her getting in trouble with her father, not when he knew what the man was capable of, and even he did not know if the fact she was his daughter would protect her. Such troubling thoughts for one so young.
"Something wrong, Gin?"

He blinked, surprised pale blue eyes meeting emerald orbs, Amaya had stopped to look back at him curiously as if sensing his thoughts. It was a little strange how attune she was to the people around her sometimes.

"Nah," he grinned before pointing over her shoulder, "is that him over there?"

Amaya whipped round just in time to see a white haori slipping through a doorway into one of Seireitei's restaurants, she could also sense Yoruichi and several other reiatsus inside, no doubt they were there to celebrate his birthday. Grinning at having reached her goal, she took off running towards it almost leaving the two behind.

"Oi wait up!" Gin sighed while Rangiku merely giggled, quickly following after their smaller friend.

Edging her way into the restaurant, Amaya's wide eyes took in several of the patrons she did not know, shinigami and residents of Rukongai alike. A few glanced at them in surprise, not expecting kids to be there at this time but also because Amaya darted past them on Urahara's heels. She quickly found his table to the back of the building, several shinigami sat around the large table although there appeared to still be a few spaces. Amaya recognised most of them, Yoruichi was sat beside Urahara, a tier of empty bowls already in front of her, accompanied by a shinigami she believed was Urahara's lieutenant. She was around her own height, not looking much older funnily enough, her blonde hair in spiky pigtails but a hard look in her eyes as she glared at the nervously laughing Urahara. There was also another shinigami with them who looked as if he wished to be elsewhere, his face a deathly white colour but for a purple strip across his eyes and…well he was generally strange looking to Amaya.

Finally the group seemed to notice their presence, two of them looking surprised and yet a the same time they knew they shouldn't have been at the appearance of a certain young girl.

"Amaya-chan! What are you doing out here at this time?" Urahara asked with a grin despite attempting to chide her for being out late.

She smiled back at him, her hands behind her back, "I had to find you before I went home."
"Won't you father worry?"

She merely shrugged before holding out her small present to him, "happy birthday Hara-chan!"

For once he didn't cringe at the nickname, the same couldn't be said for her two friends behind her and the others at the table who snickered lightly, instead he stared at the small present with surprised eyes. Slowly he took the package with a small smile.

"You shouldn't have, Amaya-chan."

"It's for being my first friend!" she admitted sheepishly, kicking the ground at her feet but watching him unwrap the present from the corner of her eyes.

Urahara almost didn't want to unwrap it, just the fact she had gone looking for him to give him a present for his birthday, made him want to hug the little, kind girl. Truly she was a rarity these days, someone so innocent with good intentions in everything she did. He only hoped she would never change. Inside the small box was a small key ring of a blue bird that looked much like a species found in Soul Society he often heard singing outside his division. Taking it from the box, Amaya was beaming proudly as she stepped forwards.

"I made it, Gin helped me with the carving and Rangiku with the painting! I thought you'd like it."

"I love it Amaya-chan!" Urahara grinned just as Amaya leapt on him with a relieved hug, obviously worried that he wouldn't like it beneath her smile.

Smiling warmly, he held the girl back, "thank you Amaya-chan. I'll show you something special tomorrow if you come by my division."
Nodding in agreement, Amaya suddenly blinked as a familiar reiatsu appeared behind her.

"Already started eating without me? Jeez, you damn pigs."

"Shut your face!" the short shinigami opposite Urahara yelled making Amaya jump.

Shinji strode towards them, arching an eyebrow at the sight of Amaya hugging the birthday boy, but her eyes were on the man behind him. Her father showed only a glimmer of surprise at her being present before it vanished, turning into a smile; and yet she still knew she was in trouble.

"There you are Amaya, I was worried when you did not turn up at the division."
"I'm sorry daddy," she admitted quietly before looking up at him suddenly defiant, "I wanted to give Hara-chan his birthday present before coming home, I'm a big girl after all and I wasn't alone either."

Now he did look somewhat taken-aback at her outburst, his eyes wide behind his glasses before Shinji snorted, taking up a seat at the table with a smirk.

"Looks like she's going through her rebellious age early. She'll be a fiery one when she's older."

However Urahara was staring between Aizen and Amaya, he hadn't met her father before nor had she ever mentioned his name, and to learn just who it was, was certainly a surprise. For a while now he had been feeling a strange air around the man, something that Shinji seemed to have found long before. He could see the similarities between them now. Said little girl drew him from his thoughts as she gave him one last hug and slipped off his lap before wandering over to her father as if looking for a scolding. And yet as she stopped before him, Aizen's hand rested atop her head reassuringly, adjusting his glasses with a chuckle.

"Looks like you are growing up a little, Amaya. Since we are here we should have dinner, if that is alright with you Hirako-taichou, Urahara-taichou?"

Urahara cheerily piped up "of course you can!" before Shinji could send him away, scowling at Urahara for allowing him to stay before the scowl vanished as Amaya leapt onto a seat with a grin once again.
"Don't forget Gin and Rangiku-chan!" she cried, shuffling down to allow the two others to sit down also, the two looking a little sheepish especially under Shinji's glare.
If kids were present he would have to hold his tongue. However it was Urahara who motioned for them to join also despite a twitch that had appeared on his face as he realised how much this would all cost.

"I don't suppose anyone will split the bill?" he asked hopefully.

"Don't be silly!" Yoruichi slapped his back with a laugh, "it's your birthday! Your treat!"
"I don't think that's how it works…" he sighed morosely.

"Damn kids," Shinji grumbled under his breath before being scowled at by Amaya to the amusement of many.

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