A/N: Hello, gentle readers! I am the Denizen of Madness, the crazed writer of this story! Why is it called "Final Mix", you ask? Well, The Psychosis of N was one of my first fanfics, and thus, is of lower quality to what I am writing now. As such, Final Mix is a rewrite of my story with improved SpaG and prose. However, I will keep the original up for nostalgic purposes. Well, let's get on with the story!

"God, N, separating Humans and Pokémon? That's got to be the most idiotic plan I have ever heard!" Black was angry beyond belief. It's perfectly understandable, what with Black finding out that his friend/rival/love interest (in certain fan girls crazy little minds) was the leader of the evil organization he made his lives mission to destroy for some reason. They stood inside of Chargestone cave, near the entrance

"Seriously, N, what goes on inside of your head!?" He honestly wanted to know about N's thought process. It didn't didn't make sense to any normal human being.

N didn't respond to Blacks' question; his train of thought had derailed off into a place where basic logic held no power. A place that made the 'Twilight Zone' look sane. It was...

inside his own imagination!

You, the reader are advised to wear protective gear over your eyes as we peer to the inside of N's mind...


A loud, ear thumping techno beat sounded throughout a large,
seventies style dance club. Various Pokémon of all shapes and sizes danced to the funky beat, while others opted to sit at a bar tended by a Gardevoir and talked about their troubles, as many bar patrons would do. Suddenly, the spotlights that usually strobe around the place focused at the center of the dance floor.

Under, the glaring lights, a Beedrill and a Vespiquen began to dance like they actually were in the seventies, but with a slight difference. They danced to "Imma Bee", by the Black Eyed Peas. The various patrons stared in awe at the dance the bee Pokémon. Their elegant moves mesmerized the crowd.

The way that they moved their... thoraxes. Okay, I think we're done looking at this daydream. Let's go back outside, shall we?

And, we're back. Let's have a look at what transpired when we looked at Ns' mind.

N giggled like a toddler watching their favorite TV show."Hehe. It's funny because they're bees."

Black sighed and did a face palm. Why? Why did he bother trying to understand N?

Curiosity? Boredom? He wished that he knew. "You are a complete moron."