Ghetsis fell to his knees with his arms shaking and screaming like a cliché villain. His plan... his wonderful plan that he hatched up in five seconds. It was simple: Blow up the castle using a couple Voltorbs when N and his stupid little threesome was inside, collect the insurance money, then move to the Hoenn region using a false identity, then live out the rest of his days in a blissful retirement. He even had a new name worked out : Dennis Harmonika.

"No! How could I lose again to mere children?!" Ghetsis waved a hand at N, Black, and White in a kinda-sorta dismissive manner. "Even with the help of my failure of a son, you should not have been able to beat me! My team was unstoppable!" He motioned to a Voltorb, a very ugly Woobat, and a Burmy, all of which were out cold and burnt severely by Reshiram's flames. "Where did that power come from? What sort of power was that?" Ghetsis spat, quickly losing what little sanity he had left.

"Ghetsis, isn't it obvious?" White raised her arm like a heroine from some cheesy comic. "Our powers are love!"

Black adjusted his hat in a 'cool' way and smirked. "Justice!"

N smirked. "Sexuality," He said in a sultry voice as he came up from behind them and grabbed their shoulders.

Upon hearing this, Black tried to hold in laughter. And he absolutely failed at it.

White, on the other hand, blushed, and then smacked the back of Ns' head. "Would you stop?"

'My son is a pervert,' Ghetsis thought, with an embarrassed sweat drop forming on his head.

"Anyway," White said, regaining composure. "Ghetsis, for crimes against humanity, several attempts at manslaughter, child abuse, and just for being a gigantic douche bag, you are under arrest!" White dashed at the (formerly) glorius "leader" of Team Plasma, only to be met by a tranquilizer dart to the neck. She fell onto her stomach instantly, unable to move. Two darts also hit N and Black.

Ghetsis set loose a mad cackle and a slasher grin, as he was surrounded by the only people left in the universe stupid enough to follow him- the Dark Trinity*.

"What took you tools so long?!" Ghetsis scolded the ninja trio like they were children.

"I humbly apologize, my liege," One of them said in a sorrowful tone as they all bowed their heads in shame.

"Just get me out of here!" They complied happily. Two of the ninjas grabbed Ghetsis' shoulders, one apiece. The four did their teleport-y routine and fled. "Where's your power now, bitches!" Ghetsis shouted as he faded from view.

You may be wondering why they didn't just kill them then and there. This is because they are all idiots.

Our heroes were still barely conscious, and as Black began to faint, he muttered, "I should have struck a cooler pose..."

A/N: So, this used to be way shorter, but I expanded on it a bit. Yay me~! And yes, that is in fact a Tales of Vespiria reference. I merely heard the quote, though. I've never played the game.

*They're the Shadow Triad in the english version. But I prefer the japanese name.