HEY GUYS This is K.N. This Story is based off of Who You Are by lightpikachu08. I loved her story so check it out

" Vergier!" Eric screamed " Vergier"

Eric skidded to a stop in front of Vergier's open door. He saluted the Inspector before speaking

" We have him" Eric said gasping for breath

" Who?" Vergier said lifting up his coffee mug

" Phantom R sir" Eric Replied

Vergier's mouth fell open and coffee spilled all over his shirt.

Finally. We finally have him Vergier thought

" Take him to me" Vergier said

Eric lead him to the constablary headquarter's. In the interrogation room, sat Phantom R, back facing the door.

" It looks a lot like him" Vergier said " I have to make sure he is not a fake"

Vergier opened the interrogation room door. Phantom R didn't even flinch when the metal door slammed shut.

" Are you not Phantom R?"

Phantom R only dipped his head and nodded

" Ask me anything" He murmered

" Who did we rescue from the Effiel tower?" Vergier asked Phantom R

" Easy" He replied " Marie"

" Whats your dogs name" Vergier asked the Red-haired boy

" Fondue" he said softly

Smiling Vergier leans on the table and asks, "Let me see your face."

Phantom doesn't move for a few seconds. He then slowly gets up and walks toward Vergier, hat covering his face. He stops right in front of Vergier and lifts up his hat. Vergier watches the boy, wide eyed.

He is so graceful when he walks Vergier thought

Phantom R smiles at Vergier, his chesnut eyes in a far away glance. He then walks back to the chair and flops stomach first on it.

" Happy now" He murmers " Raphael is my real name"

Vergier smiles

I can't believe we have him. The famous Phantom R in our constabulary. Vergier thought

Charlie stormed in at the last moment.

" I heard we finally got him" Charlie said, smoothing down her unbrushed hair " Do you mind if I talk to him father"

" Charlotte you shall make no conversations with Phantom... Raphael. No conversations with Raphael"

" Raphael?" Charlie said " Is that his name?"

" Yes" Vergier replied to his annoying daughter " I have to do another job. Stay and play cards with Eric"

" Of course father"

After Vergier left the constabulary, she ran straight for the interrogation room. She stopped in front of the door and peered through the window. Phantom R was still in the same spot, sitting down with his hat over her eyes. She opened the door to see Phantom getting up from his chair and walking towards a bed. He took off his hat and placed it on the floor beside him. He them flopped face first on the bed, clutching something in his hand. Charlie walked toward him, eyes watching just in case he got up and ran out. He didn't move an inch when Charlie appeared and sat down on the floor next to his bed.

" Charlie" Raphael said " What a surprise"

" I read the news" Charlie said fiddling with her jacket " You didn't put up a fight did you. Just waltzed right in. My father was so giddy"

Raphael nodded

" Raphael. Whats wrong" Charlie said

Raphael didn't reply. Just layed there

This is normally not Phantom's behaivor. Something must be troubling him Charlie whispered to herself

She stayed on the Cold, stone floor. Thinking about Phantom's behaivor

I have never seen this before