Instead of the last featured characters, Bambi and Monroe, I'll be using a trio of sisters-thanks to the help of the wonderful Chase Lucifer Sparrow.

They are:

June Nixie Sparown-the popular one

May Pirro Sparown-the shy but smart one

October Vesta Sparown-the rebel/punk one

Now that, that is settled I don't really have much to say. This story is now officially taking off! Sorry for the long wait...I have been through a lot in the p ast month or two and I found it almost impossible to sit down and write without killing off a character or causing so much depressing emotions to flow with the words of the story I would just read it and think, 'I am such a fuckin' emo...'. Lol.

But no really February has a lot of bad memories for me. But ayee you move on an d pick it all right back with a smile, right?

Aiight, let's get on with this long delayed shit!

(I really don't know what is up with this like is spacing out words and just flug everything up. I re-read the blame thing like three times trying to fix it and save it...just a fair warning.)

Act 1: Fear and Paranoia of the DEAD! The Sun Spoke the Truth?

Day 1: Fujimi Academy


'I bet even mama would've never saw this happening...Maybe not even God did.' The thought crossed my mind as I looked at the almost unbelievable scene before me. I rejected the urge to pinch myself as I thought this was all just another dream that I was caught in so vividly that it seems almost real.

But almost only counts in horseshoes.

So, if this this is just hanging on the in between of "almost" then I either have a two-sided place in which I can pin this as. From the unconscious images that turn into something like a playlist of sliding wishes and memories creeping in to the lightest and darkest corners of m y mind. To the real world...a place I've come to enjoy despite my despise for it that runs so deep into my veins that I sometimes like to wonder if someone sliced open my arms into the blue vein that runs straight up it would I bleed out flickering flames because I kindle my very existence on hating a world I love.

"October! Get your ass up and go to the nurses office." a voice that I've learned to imitate because I've observed the way that it causes others to jump to their feet-prepared to do anything asked of them, even though the owner of the voice doesn't ask for much. Maybe it's because the owner of that voice, my sister, has learned that you don't get what you want by asking in this world. You have to demand it. Whether it be from yourself or others.

So she commands without mercy and lies without care.

Lazily I looked away from my heavy gaze upon the sun. Squinting up into the far away ball of flames was one of the odd relief's I found in this world. It was the brightest light in all the galaxy. In the light...there weren't many chances for darkness to sneak up behind you and entangle you in the dreadful tendrils of misery it enjoyed so thoroughly to wrap around the hearts of the healing and happy.

Brown eyes burned with a haze of orange. I guess she was pretty serious about this deal to have monthly checkups with the nurse of this new school. But I knew it was only because it would keep our tracks covered that had been imprinted by her skillful lying-or as she liked to call it "adventurous versions of the truth".

"June...don't you have some popular prick to hookup with in the bathroom?" I questioned closing one green eye of mine so I could focus in close enough to see her face burst with anger and disbelief. Hiding the truth was not something I indulged in, to certain extents. And so I found no purpose of beating around the bush when it came for June's obsession for fooling around with boys in a manner that made the fools of them and not her. She was held upon a high pedestal of want in the school...and she loved to play it off that she relished in the lusty gazes of her peers.

When in all reality? She had rummaged around in the violent parts of her mind and found the idea appealing to pierce all their wondering eyes with the point of an arrowhead.

Cheeks burned bright with anger as her usually caramel brown jewels blazed streaks of orange-nearing red. A hand flew over her ajar mouth, her tongue curling up as if to reach back in her throat and drag out the bitterly hateful words that would leave a sting of "I've-heard-it-all-before" in my heart. Pretty blue eyes and wavy blonde hair replaced June's features.

"O-October...sissy is right. If you miss one more appointment Marikawa-san is going to possibly report us to the office for insubordination." May, my other sister, said softly. It was the thing that conflicted us all. June spoke of lies and pleasing things to maintain a reputation, I blurted out truth and insults because I didn't care for society, and May... May didn't hardly speak at all.

Sweet and shy little May.

She'd always be pushed into the crowds of nerds and if it weren't for the fact she was the known bloodline of the Punk Princess and Ms. Perfection I feared that she would have also been treated as one. Teasing was a normal currency for her fragile heart at this point. But bullying was something she'd never have to suffer for the simple fact, others feared June and I. My summer opposite would make your life a living hell with the protection of never being able to be detected as the type to do so and if so? She could easily spin a tale of how there was no possible way in the world she could be involved with the torment you endured day-to-day. I, on the other hand, would simply pound your face in. Boy nor girl made no difference, that was just the genitalia marked on a certificate awarded to you for being pushed through a woman's own checked off gender.

I picked myself off the ground and shoved my hands into the pockets of my black skirt. It was knee length so besides the fact it wasn't the normal wear for this hell hole I couldn't get in trouble. I' d worn a long sleeved neon pink shirt, I'd cut the sides away and pulled black lace through and stitched it into the cuffs. I even had the courtesy to wear a pair of my most adored ripped up stockings and my combat boots that had equally bright pink laces strung through them.

Already I had listed about ten on-lookers staring at me in either disgust or devastation as I walked down the hall-that way teachers would at least think I was going to try and be a good kid for once in my life. I had learned to just let it go. Letting it get to me in a negative way meant changing myself or trying to change the way someone's face normally appeared.

That might have been the reason so many teachers tensed when I walked by. I'd gotten into so many fights, lead so many kids off the path of their classes, and had simply walked by someone only to flip up their skirt or unbuckle the belts of the boys who had their pants sagging. I think most people thought of me as a misfit who enjoyed the closeness to isolation greeted by others who drifted to me in hopes to understand...

No one will ever understand.

That I had come to terms with too. From the many things I had observed about this world I had come to the solution that it doesn't like being analyzed. And for those who dare defy it's rule to never question it, it pushed on a hell of a lot of bullshit to distract us. From this bullshit I'd gained the knowledge of how to stand alone but lead a nation. I'd learned to be me...

Sad part of this little victory in order to obtain this little golden knowledge I'd stored in the confines of my brain cells I had also locked away things in cells of their own. Repressed memories that had once been a present time that I'd rather not carry the proof of on my shoulders because that meant risking being found out.

The truth revealed. Having someone like me, who looked beyond, say, "'re not what you seem." was a nightmare of mine. Because yes, I was me, but there were pieces of me I'd rather not be.

I looked back up to the sun. Once, in between the months we had run out of medicine and I was close to completely losing my mind, it had whispered to me that it also had things it would rather not be. Like, per say it would rather not be the light that shown upon blood splattered battle fields...and the world was a war zone. Just as then I had run low on medication and before my sisters had shown up it had spoke words of a close end coming. Approaching faster than any of us would be able to comprehend.

To me it sounded like the same words my Mother had scribbled over walls and turned into the most twisted forms of bedtime stories.

"Are you gunna go today or tomorrow?!" June nearly screamed. Her high-pitched vocals brought me back from my thoughts-sometimes I wondered that I would zone out for so long that I would lose myself in the empty space of my physical mind that was cluttered mentally. I flashed my b right emerald orbs to her. "Is that an option?" I questioned with a smirk.

May smiled at me. At least someone thought I was funny. June groaned in annoyance at me-something I had grown use to over the years of living with her and May. It seemed I was the odd one out. Which was something that wasn't unusual to me. May an d June complemented each other. Balanced each other out. Me? Well I was the thin g that tested exactly how much it took f or an outside force to waver the balance of the two inside forces.

I loved my sisters. They were my heart.. .my reason to live. Easily I would be their shoulder to cry on or partner in cri me or the other secret keeper to where w e hid the body. But one of the things I couldn't make go away from the baggage t hat came in my individual person, not the luggage of out trio, haunted me day-to-day. Leaving me feeling that I had been cheated out of my other half that other s spoke of.

"Let's go get my dope ladies!" I joked l inking their arms in mine and beginning to walk just along the rim of the shadows. They laughed and shook their heads at me. I hated to admit that they were right. I did need to get cheeked out about how my mentality was. We picked and play ed. June spoke to us about all the point less drama she so loved simply because i t was funny at how serious people took themselves to her. May added in her own little plans of college and things her teachers were entering her in-writing competitions, science fair, some geek camp. I let them banter, making jokes and insiders with them as we walked.

Skipping was good. But it was better wit h my sisters. Even if they weren't technically skipping. But still...this was on e of the moments that gave me hope that the sun was wrong. The end wasn't coming at horrible rush of devastation and bloodshed. But a new beginning was sprouting out of the ashes of those very things.

Speaking of the sun. I looked up at. In the mix of it's glare I saw a black shadow crouching on the edge of the roof. It was a person. After today I would have to look into hitting up the roof, I might just make a new buddy. I waved up to it. "Heey! Don't fall!" I yelled up to the person with a goofy grin and a easy comfort in my tone. The person stepped away quickly...I frowned. Never had someone do that before...

"Alright, Ms. Fall. You may now enter the room which holds the person who will give you your dope." June said like a teacher proudly presenting her student to t he office of a headmaster who would make or break their chance of college.

'Quiet the comparison.' I thought to myself. May patted my back . "Just be honest." she told me knowing that it would their luck to have gotten me all the way here only to have me walk out because I didn't want the nurse prying to deep into my personal stuff. June snorted at this. "She needs dope, May. Not to be put into a padded room. Just t weak the truth a little." June scratched out May's advice with her own. "Tweaking the truth" as she liked to call it was like a motto to her.

I sighed, hiking my bag a little higher onto my shoulder than before. "Okay...wish me luck." I said dramatically, knocking on the door.

"Yes?" the door flung open before I could get a third knock in. But instead of being greeted by a smiling face I might a s well had been told, "Kon'nichiwa!" by a pair of overly sized boobs. I suppressed all the curse words burning on my tongue and the urge to walk off as I heard my sister's giggles behind me.

" you need girls need something?" the nurse asked in her quiet slow way. I pushed against her boobs, deciding it probably wouldn't be the first time some one had done so, and raised my hand. "Ye ah, I sure do! Thanks for asking!" I said sarcastically as I sat down in a chair . I could feel my eyes changing, more than likely to blue as waves of regret for deciding to for once do something I should that included school.

"October-chan!" Ms. Shizuka exclaimed. I rubbed my temples. "October is just fin e..." I grumbled trying really hard not to let this get to much on my nerves. Ms . Shizuka was...different than most teachers and nurses I had ever meet. Being a little bit ditsy in action and speech. Truly she was sweet and cool. I would just rather not have to see meant someone knew I had problems besides anger management.

"Oh jeez,'ve missed two check ups." she said as she looked at her computer screen. I nodded. "Yeah, well at least I didn't miss this one." I tried to be positive so when we got into the questions it wouldn't seem odd if I answered some of the darker ones with bubbly "Nope!"'s.

Like June said, just tweak the truth.

Like May had meant by telling the truth, get the dope and get out.

I'd mix the two together so that I way I wouldn't be besting one's advice over t he others. I'd tweak the truth to get the dope and get out. Yeah...that was a good plan. Silently I complemented my sisters and myself for taking their words together to make a pretty damn good combination.

Ms. Shizuka became serious as she began to ask me a list of questions.


"Nope." It's different...I'm just tracing old s cars.

"Hearing things that aren't there?"

"No ma'am." At least they aren't there to anyone else.

"Suicidal thoughts?"

"Nu-uh!" Thoughts and actions are different...especially when the action doesn't work.

The list went on and on. Most of it I answered truthfully. For what I didn't I twisted inside my head so it laid perfectly on the thin line between the truth an d a lie.

Propping my elbows on my knees I held my face in my hands. Closing my eyes I answered Ms. Shizuka's seemingly never ending list of questions like a robot on auto-pilot. I let my mind drift back to the person on the roof. It's figure was to block-ish to have been a girl. I knew of a group of boys who could easily be knit-picked to be hanging out on the roof.

But even though I was ridiculed and some what isolated I still had friends. Besides being the sister of one of the most popular girls at this school had the advantage of knowing someone even you had never even spoken a word to them in your life. Morita and his gang liked to hang upon the top roof. But they would have at least made a perverted comment to get u s on the roof. This person had just backed off...

"Thanatophobia?" she asked.

My gears switched. I could no longer give a "Yes" or "No" based on cold hard truth or clammy half-way lies. Mostly because I had no clue what she was talking about. A part of it being I knew I had phobias...I'd just never heard of this one.

"Fear of death. Being dead. How you'll die. It also has relations to fear of the unknown or loss of control." Ms. Shizuk a filled me in on what I could only guess was a nutshell of this phobia. I shrugged my shoulders. I had no fear in death , hell I'd tried to force myself into it 's apparently unwelcoming arms more than once. The unknown wasn't something I worried over...I figured if it was meant t o be known then it would be if not common knowledge a secret intelligence to someone. Lose of control...

I shook my head. "Nah." I answered. I've already lost control...I've gained it back...maintaining it is my only concern.

A few more questions later and Ms. Shizuka handed me my usual brands of medication. I smiled as I stuffed it in my skull bag. Ms. Shizuka pulled me into a hug, which could have turned into a accidental murder as I was beginning to loose oxygen. I patted her back and she pulled away from me, just in the nick of time too . I could practically feel my normally pale-tanned skin turning purple in the area of my face.

"Okage de, yoiichinichiwo sugosu!" I waved goodbye to Ms. Shizuka as I walked out of her office.

She waved back, a small smile spreading over her lips, "Dō itashimashite. Anata no tsugi no yotei o wasurete wa ikemasen ." she said softly. I nodded walking out of her office still smiling and waving.

'Don't hold your breath on it.' I thought lazily as I looked down the ha ll, searching for my sisters. I huffed realized they were no where to be found. "Get me to go to the nurse and then ditch me! Some sisters..." I grumble began to walk down the hall, kicking at the possibly spotless tiles hoping t hat I'd kick up dirt. That way I wouldn't feel like I was the only forgotten and neglected thing at this school.

I stopped to look at a clock. Soon the b ell would be ringing and kids would pour out of every class to head onto the next one. Just like any other day...

Leaning against a window I looked out at the gate that was a border line between the real world and school world. Two totally different places that still leaked reality back and forth into the other. Like a broken pipe line. Leaking out little pieces into each other but no one took the time to fix it because no one noticed.

Biting into my lip I caught a glimpse of a man walking, dragging himself forward as if invisible chains were crisscrossed over his ankles and thrown over his shoulders. His skin was abnormally grey. Not in a way of sickness or denying your skin the warmth of the sun for too many years, but, in a manner of death. As if this man was a member of the walking dead.

I leaned closer to the window, analyzing this "walking dead" man. A small, soft gust of wind brushed by and as his hair ruffled upwards I looked at his eyes. Rolled up towards the sky. Pale and milky as if he had spent too many years looking up at the sun and had finally burnt his eyes. If he really was a walking dead man I wondered if he had spent too many days glaring up at the sun because he was hoping for the miracle of life to fall out of the sky, gifted on the light of the suns ray.

His head feel back. Apparently even the gentlest of things unsettled this man. With his head back, lost white orbs blankly looking up into the sky that might as well have been dark nothingness, his jaw loosened from it's gritted pose. I watched at the gruesome leftovers that clung to his mouth. Red blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. Flesh jammed between his crimson stained teeth. In the back of his throat I watched as yet to be swallowed blood bubbled and rippled as I could only guess a eerie groan was escaping his throat.

I took a step back. Hearing things was normal to me. I lived with it daily regardless of how much I drowned my qwerks in medication. But seeing things...even my demented mind had never done such a thing to me. Yes, maybe behind the close doors of my eyelids when I had no choose but to lose myself in the darkest parts in my mind because people called this dreaming. I call it nightmares that have the possibility of seeping out of the tears I cry unconsciously because I consciously I am scared to wake up and find that these "monsters" and "just dreams" will form into reality.

I rubbed my eyes. Hard. Hoping that if I dug the point of my palms and the knuckles of each of my fingers deep enough I would push back the image I was seeing. I kept my eyes closed. Maybe I had been right from the get go.

This was just a dream. Y'know the type where everything starts off good and then it all goes to a miserable piece of shit.

'Kinemortophobia...' a voice whispered in the corners of my mind, the rasp in it's tone carrying it throughout my brain. Somewhere the information picked up at the call of the word that sounded familiar to me. Fear of zombies.

"Unnng!" a clammy hand wrapped around my wrist. Another rested on my shoulder and pushed my head back. Teeth settled on my neck.

I did what I did before I knew what I was doing. Jerking my elbow into the body that pressed against me I balled my hand into a fist around their clothes. "Ack!" it was an odd sound, like someone was being choked. Snatching my hand away from the one that had decided to grab at my wrist I turned on my heel and forced the body of the other down on them.

Stepping back I dug in my skull bag searching desperately for the knives I carried with me in secret. Glancing up as more groans began to rise from them I felt my heart drop and then my anger rise.

"Dumb asses!" I yelled in relieved rage as I starred at my sisters dizzily trying to separate from one another as they were in a complicated on the floor. June was loosening her tie as quickly as possible and I figured the awkward choking sound had been when I grabbed her clothes and forced her into May.

May giggled. June looked like she could rip my head off. "You should use your medication, Fall. You're pretty jumpy." May said softly as I pulled her up on her feet. She clung to my side like a child and I lightly pulled her closer by draping my arm over her bony shoulders. For some reason, out of the three of us, May wasn't as thick as June or I. Her thighs just did touch, her stomach was purely flat and free of any kind of fat, even her hip bones jutted out like small mountains over her flawless plain of a body.

"You shouldn't take things so seriously!" June snapped at me as she stood up on her own, unwilling to take either of our hands outstretched in an offering of help. I shrugged. I wasn't the serious one out of our little group. That was often left to May. I looked over my shoulder towards the scene just beyond the thin glass window. My sisters followed my gaze.

The walking dead man had rammed himself into the spaces of the golden-rust gate. His arms moved up and down, hands trying to cling to something that wasn't there almost like he was begging the air to create something in which he could sink his bloody choppers into.

"The fuck...?" June muttered under her breath. May remained silent but her questioning nature drawled her closer to the windows edge. I kept my arm around her, uneasily scared by the thought that if she leaned in too close she would become the thing the man was so desperately grasping at. "He's a walking dead man." I said just above whisper.

Blue and brown eyes flashed to me with the underlying thought of, "Not funny." in their gaze. I kept back the paragraph of description I had already embedded into my brain with a quick, hard bit of my lip. "He might possibly be a sickened man...trying to cure himself with the fix of drugs or alcohol?" May wondered aloud.

I shook my head slowly. This man wasn't just hung-over or high. Maybe he was sick...infected with some plague that would soon end the world as we know it.

'Great mind set you got there.' I sighed in annoyance at myself for always assuming the most overdramatic worse case scenario.

"Look, teachers on the scene." June commented taking a step forward. Her eyes narrowed I could already see the record button clicking red behind her black pupil. Prepared to store the most important details to gossip about when given the chance. I watched as I instantly picked out Ms. Kyoko and Mr. Teshima out of the small group of four teachers. More than likely they were the ones sent here to deal with the W.D Man because they were some of the ones who hung around the Teacher's Lounge gripping about students like me and how sucky their lives were.

Kyoko-san took charge first. Her red-painted lips moving sharply to her words that were no doubt even sharper with the undeniable request for the man to leave. His eyes didn't leave from their upturned gaze but he pushed deeper into the rails of the gate. There was no emotion or sense in the man's actions besides the obvious want to squeeze past the too-small gaps and wrap his begging hand around the throat of Kyoko-san and cease her rambling with a hard snap of his jaw.

I cringed inwardly as Teshima pushed past Kyoko. He rolled up his sleeve, a manly smirk on his chapped lips. I could already hear his words, "Let a man show 'em whose boss!" as he so oftenly like to say in the mix of gym class. It was one of his own little catch-phrases that made students groan in irked nerves and tired bodies being overworked. Teshima stepped close to the man, grabbing him by his shirt and leaning into him.

Threats were the only thing that could have possibly been falling from his mouth. He jerked the man back and forth. Kyoko rested her hand on his shoulder. Concern was wrinkled over her forehead and thought the lenses of her glasses she seemed to have an unnerved vibe about the man all of a sudden. Nothing seemed to faze either of the men. Teshima was still shaking and screaming at the W.D Man who simply gargled blood in the back of his throat.

"Something is in the back of his throat..." May whispered under her breath. Her blue gems grew bigger behind the large, nerdy glasses she wore. I nodded. she was right. His Adam's Apple jiggled up and down. Maybe he was finally trying to swallow the blood to talk. Possibly he was going to spit up more blood.

Request to leave had feel from Kyoko's lips.

Threats had fallen from Teshima's mouth.

Severed fingers tumbled out of the Walking Dead Man's throat as his head tumbled forward.

Teshima froze for a moment. I could see his muscles tense and the hairs stand up on the back of his neck from perplexing fear. A yell crawled out of his vocal cords and tried desperatly to reach up to the highest part of Heaven-hoping to catch a miracle from God. But miracles are rare and the end too much of a reoccuring normalcy.

As the reaction finally registered in Teshima's brain and delivered the message, MOVE DUMBASS!, to his nervous system. It was too late. The Walking Dead Man greedily embedded his teeth into Teshima's arm. As he fell back the chunk of flesh that the W.D Man had sunk his bloody "fangs" into stored away in his jaw as Teshima fell back. "Oh my God..." my sisters and I breathed in shock as we pushed together.

There was a mix of things in that moment. Shock in the fact another human being was openly feasting upon another, fear not only from the shocking scene that would easily leave someone traumatized but of what this meant for the world, and already forming paranoia.

Teshima twitched uncontrollably on the ground. He cupped his bitten arm to him like an athlete scared to let his freshly broken limb go-afraid that it was truly snapped out of place. Pain and uncertainty filled his now beady eyes. The three remaining teachers crowded around him. Regardless of the fact that they had now forgotten about the W.D Man it was clear in the way they looked from one another and back to Teshima that they weren't quiet sure about what had just happened. Or why it had happened. Or what it would mean for the future.

Finally, Teshima stopped. His body rested on the pavement of the school's ground. In the face of apparent death he let his arm slip out of his protective grasp and his eyes cleared of any emotion. It was a relatively small wound. Only about half the size of a fully spread jaw of a grown man. Yes, the Walking Dead Man had ripped a decent sized chunk out of his arm but...people had survived longer with completely amputated limbs.

The teachers wondered the same thing we did, 'How? How so...quickly?'

But, it didn't really matter at the time what the answer was that question. It was the fact that lead to questioning that meant the world. And that would be, very bluntly:

He was dead.

I grabbed my sister's wrists. "We need to leave this place. Now." I said firmly tugging them backwards. I couldn't honestly tear my eyes away from the scene that rested just below me. June nodded in silent agreement to me but May stiffened herself against my pulling hands. I glared at her. "May! Dammit now isn't the time to try and make a hypothesis! We need to go!" I hissed angrily.

May shook her head, "Look at his bitten arm." she insisted. In the moment that I had felt my sister's resistance at me trying to save our asses I had been able to look away from what might as well have been pulled from a bad horror film. Just like she refused me, I refused her order to look again. I didn't need that image completely branded into the darkest corners of my mind. I'd seen enough.

"Yeah, there's a big ass hole there! That's settled now let's go!" I said harshly. May's soft pink lips moved like she was in a race against herself to see how quickly she could move her thoughts into actually spoken words. I'd seen her do this a few times in our lives. Usually when she was trying to perfectly recite a textbook.

May sighed deeply. With her free hand she ran her fingers through her messy tendrils of blonde hair. "His fingers shouldn't be twitching on that arm. Maybe in the other one, possibly. But, too many nerves would have been extracted..." she whispered just above a breath.

I shook my head in confusion. Glancing back I caught the last bit of what would, for me, mark the end.

Kyoko leaned down, relief expressed in the small smile spreading over her almost-always frowning lips. I saw the bit of breath being taken into Teshima's body, the way his fingers twitched.

And the creeping murkiness seeping over his dark eyes.

Like whiteout. Making the old Teshima disappear.

As Kyoko leaned closer Teshima leaped upwards. Not in a hug. Not in a kiss. Not even in an attempt to get some. Hell any of that would have been better than what he did do. Which was a replica of what the Walking Dead Man had done; sinking his clean teeth into the elegant neck of Kyoko I felt my stomach drop as her horrified screech rattled through the glass.

Blood sputtered from her neck. Teshima sucked heavily, like a vampire trying very hard to neatly wipe his victim clean of any form of blood after weeks of not eating. Kyoko slumped in his hands. The terrified gleam in her eyes leaking away as her face permanently settled in the expression of giving up...

The two teachers backed away slowly at first then sprinted away. Not wanting to become the next living meal.

"What the hell is this?" June asked in disgust.

I glanced up at the sun. It's usual shimmer was weak now. I guess it was right...

My lips trembled for a moment as I answered without a shadow of a doubt about what I was about to say, "This...This is the end."

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