TITLE; A Long Time Coming

CHARACTERS; Harvey/Louis
RATING: T for now but will be MAJOR MMMMMM in some chapters, You have been warned!

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T/M for some sexual language/activity but not as graphic as my usual stuff per now... mainly M topics like sexual harassment, hazing, talk of abortion/miscarriage ect.

SUMMARY; The resentment Louis holds for Harvey runs deeper than mere professional competitive pettiness. At Harvard Law, Harvey lost a bet and had to do a dare; sleep with the no 1 of their class; Louis Litt. He failed, so he tried harder, and harder, until he succeeded. And Louis found out. Seventeen years later Harvey starts to realise the severity of his actions. Harvey/Louis poss. mpreg

"So... what's actually the deal between Louis and Harvey?" Mike asked as he watched the two Senior Partners go at each other in the conference room.

Jessica flipped through some papers,"Honestly, I have no idea."

"None what so ever?" Mike looked dubious. "C'mon, if I'm gonna be junior partner, I need to be in on the gossip."

Jessica chuckled, "The gossip, is that Louis is insanely jealous," she said and headed toward her office.

Mike snorted, "I guess I get that 'in the shadow' bit, but his billable is higher, now that he's a senior partner, he earns more than Harvey..."

Jessica chuckled again and shook her head, "Oh Mike, Louis isn't jealous of Harvey."

"Then what is it?"

"He hates him," she stated simply.

Mike just stared at her. When she didn't follow up on her statement he spoke, "What? There has to be a reason."

"Oh there is a reason," She said, "I don't know what it is, but there is a reason."

"Any guesses?"

Jessica put down her report, "Look, all I know is that when I checked up on my future employees at Harvard, Louis and Harvey were joined at the hip. Best friends. Next thing I know, Louis tosses Harvey out on his ass and postpones his contract two years for 'personal' reasons."

"What do you mean 'out on his ass'? They lived together?"

"He certainly had a habit of invading Louis' space," she murmured to herself.

"If they hate each other so much, so do you keep them both?"

At that she just snorted, knowing Mike wanted Louis out of his life, "Because they're the best. They make each other the best. After Harvey and Louis got hanging together, Harvey went from no. 24th to the 5th in his year. And Louis, he was always no 1, but he's a bit of a progeny himself."

"I get he's good, but..."

"He's also four years younger than Harvey."

"No way..."

"Oh way... but don't judge Louis too much. Harvey goes out of his way to piss him off at every turn. If I didn't know better, I'd think Harvey was pulling pig-trails."

"Kiss my ass Harvey -" Louis snapped at him.

"Already did that, sweetheart-" Harvey shot back.

Mike glanced over his shoulder to see Louis march of and Harvey stand there with a smug look on his face. "Yeah, I see what you mean."

Louis closed the door to his glass office and sat down. Even as he'd finally made senior partner, the youngest in the firm, he wanted to leave.

He really wasn't sure he could take going head to head with Harvey every damn day. He'd suffered it for twenty years. Granted, it had started out as an enjoyable competition, but it had quickly turned sour after... after that.

He fought down nausea. God, he couldn't even think about it without becoming sic.

Even tough they had been in the same year, Louis had been the lightly effeminate, geeky, five year younger kid who did ballet, while Harvey was the hot-shot player on campus who did boxing and played baseball.

They couldn't have been more different.

Yet somehow, he'd caught the interest of legendary Harvey Specter. Even back then being 'closed' by Harvey Specter was something girls bragged about.

Later he realised the many of the girls bragged to cover up their hurt. The rejection.

Louis shook his head, he had a doctors appointment to get to.

Harvey watched Louis walk away from him. A pang of regret hit him in his chest but he pushed it down ruthlessly.

It was better this way.

Harvey chuckled at his own thought. Like it every had the possibility of being any other way. He shook the thoughts from his head. He had work to do and he'd be damned if he'd give 'Lucy' Litt another change to shove it in his face.

Seventeen years ago

"C'mon Specter, you lost, now you have to pay your dues." Tony snickered.

Harvey scoffed, "C'mon, anyone else. He's a guy."

"Some might not agree. He does ballet."

Harvey paused. He had to admit, that was actually a tad tempting. But he did not 'do' guys. Not even the baby-lawyer. Harvey glanced across the park to see the little prodigy with a book in his lap. As always.

The kid was attractive. Perhaps not conventionally, but he was. He was a good head shorter than Harvey. His hair was dark and wild, which really set off those hazel-green eyes. And the way he stretched his legs out as he got up-

"Oh oh oh, looks like Specter won't need much convincing," Chris taunted.

"Shut up," Harvey said and got up to follow his prey.

A/N; So I realised that there wasn't actually any stories that explored Harvey's and Louis' resentment for each other, so I decided to do it. I know the way I describe Louis might seem a bit OCC, but it has a reason, an additional reason than just being nearly twenty years younger in the flashbacks. So, please tell me what you think. The Mpreg is not definite yet. What do you guys think?

And do you know of any sub/bottom!Harvey stories? I'm having some trouble finding them! There really are too few. I've got one of those in the works as well!