Chapter 5

Seventeen years ago.

Whoever had thought Louis would be easy to get into bed was a stupid, stupid person, Harvey thought as he headed over for their study session at Louis' flat.

They had been 'going out' for three months and all he'd gotten was some heavy petting and soul-sucking kisses. He'd never waited this long on anyone.

Harvey smiled to himself as he felt the flutter of butterflies when he saw the lights on in the window. With a sudden burst of energy he sprang up the stairs. He chided himself slightly for acting like such a child, but he couldn't help it.

Knocking was something he had stopped doing a long time ago. With a barely suppressed incredibly silly smile on his face he walked into the apartment. He paused. It looked different.

It looked... warmer, more inviting. It was warmer, he decided and pulled his sweater over his head. It was down right toasty. Wonderfully roasting hot.

"Louis?" he called and dropped his bag by the couch. "Louis, I - oh..." he words died in his throat as he was Louis in just his boxers, with a thin robe hanging over his shoulders.

"Uh, hi," Louis replied, his cheeks fiercely red and his black fringe falling into his eyes.

Harvey just stood in the doorway, his jaw on the floor. One thing was feeling the long planes of supple yumminess that was the nineteen year old, but seeing the endless legs and all the golden skin he'd barely had a glimpse of before was making wires cross in his brain.

Louis walked up to him and pulled him into the bedroom. Only when they were flush together did Harvey notice that Louis was not just nearly naked, but aroused. Nervous, but aroused.

Harvey, never one to turn down a delicious treat, dove down and captured the inviting pink lips. Louis mewed into the kiss and pressed as close as he could. "I want you," he managed to get out between kisses and heavy breaths.

The older man paused momentarily, trying to clear his head a for a moment, "You-?"

"All of you," Louis panted, "I'm ready. Now. I need you."

Harvey felt a primal growl rumble in his chest as he roughly picked up his prey. Louis squeaked in delight and wrapped his legs around Harvey's waist. He purred happily, feeling the hot hands on his bum, holding him up.

Harvey put him down on the bed and pulled the boxers off of him with no ceremony. Louis gasped feeling the rough denim of his jeans against his skin. The hard front of his crotch against his tender parts. Impatiently, he pulled at his shirt, yanking it over the blond mans head.

It passed in such a flurry of desperate, hurried movements Louis barely could barely keep up, Harvey could barely keep up. But when all clothes were on the floor, and there was nothing but skin touching skin, the world slowed down.

So when Harvey kissed his body open and made him tremble in anticipation, it was worth it.

"Harvey," she greeted in a velvety voice.

Damn, she really was beautiful, in a Jessica sort of way, but younger, and blonde. Very, very blonde. She was scary, ruthless and cutthroat. Yes, he did need both to describe her. An absolute bitch. And their competition. If they had been competing.

"Narcissa," he replied.

"Given my proposal any thought?"

"Somehow becoming co-managing partner at your daddy's firm doesn't hold much appeal to me."

"It's a huge raise," she said, "and I heard you were back on the market. The rumour mill has it you're quite the whore mongrel these days."

"uh, I'm not really-"

"Oh shush," she said, "I'll have you moved to sit next to me. It'll be nice."

Harvey never thought he'd been so relieved to see Jessica heading over, "I'm sorry Narcissa, but I'm here for work-"

"Nonsense, you will sit with me."

"Actually," Jessica said, "Harvey will be sitting with myself and our colleague. As he says, this is business, as well as pleasure. I'm sure you know well you will provide too much distraction for Harvey's blood flow consistently going north."

Louis watched Jessica staring Narcissa down, and failing. She always was a prime bitch. But then again, so was Jessica. With a sigh he walked over. Who knew, perhaps she'd flee as soon as she saw him, like the old days.

"Hi guys, people are heading to their seats- Narcissa, long time no see," he greeted, pretending to be oblivious to the tension.

"Yes, long time. I was just trying to convince Harvey to sit with us, expand his horizons and all that," Narcissa said and straightened her back, almost successful in covering up her momentary lapse of confidence.

Jessica gritted her jaw, slightly irritated that Louis had just trampled in on what was actually far more than Harvey switching seats. She knew damn well Jackson-Brett was trying to take Harvey off her hands.

"That's nice of you," Louis said with a pleasant smile. "But I think we both know how that going to end. Hm?"

Harvey subconsciously stepped closer to Louis, his own shoulder slipping behind Louis'.

Narcissa's lips thinned for a moment before a forced smile graced her face, "wow, what's it been for you now? Eighteen years?"

"Seventeen," Harvey corrected quietly, "and five months."

Narcissa gave a nod to Louis, "you have him trained well," she said, as if they were talking about a puppy. "But then you alway did have him on a short leash."

Louis gave her a clearly unimpressed smile. "What can I say, he has issues with inconsistent authority figures."

"Indeed," she said and stepped away, "if you'll excuse me, we should be seated."

The second she was out of hearing range Louis turned to Harvey, "two weeks."

"Deal," Harvey replied.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Jessica asked. "Will someone explain what personal agenda just stumbled into my professional agenda?"

"Later," Harvey promised.

"-I mean, women's bodies have ways of shutting that kind of stuff down if they really don't want it," Atkin scoffed. "There are so few children born from rape, it's -"

Several people were staring at the man in shock.

"39 000," Louis injected.

"I'm sorry?" the politician asked.

"There are 39 000 children born from reported assault rapes every year- that would be the women attacked by strangers, the minority of rape victims, estimated to be about 7-8% of the total number of rape victims. Thats... 87 children every day, just in North America. Of course, that doesn't account for the dark numbers," Louis put his glass down, "Unless, of course, I misunderstood you. I can swear I heard you say women have ninjas in their vaginas protecting them from bad mens sperm."

If it hadn't been exactly what he had said, Harvey would have laughed at Louis' choice of words. But it wasn't funny. He gave Jessica a look that clearly said 'I told you so.'

Even Narcissa looked like she was sucking on a particularly sour lemon.

"The point-" Atkins interrupted, somewhat frantically, "Is that we must protect Christian family values."

A few people murmured their agreement, but no one picked the argument back up.

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