Hi all I'm back with another Fanfic for RB, I know I'm working on another Hawaii 5 0 too but I just had to get this down and posted. For some reason I just couldn't wait to start it haha. Anyway, this contains some SPOILERS for episodes 9 and 10 of season 3 if you haven't already seen it so I just thought I would say. So this is my own version what I might have liked to see, hope you enjoy! As always thanks to Jelly Bean Jenna.

NOTE: - My story happens in a different order from the show!

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Chapter 1

Andy felt numb, she was also heartbroken not only for her best friend and for losing Jerry the way they did, no she was also heartbroken because Sam had given up on them without a second thought and walked away. That right there was the most unbearable feeling in the world right now. So here she sat in her uniform staring at her front door willing her body to just move and get this day over with but she was frozen, this past week had been hell for her, her and Sam had spent every moment of their free time together either at the penny, his house, her apartment or just some other random place they ended up at. But not this week this week they had been avoiding each other since that night, their friend's knew something had happened between them but no-one was brave enough yet to ask either of them what it was. Andy so wanted to tell Traci, her best friend but she had enough on her plate at the moment with her problems too. Looking at the clock Andy thought back to the worst night of her life when the man she loved had just walked away;


The whole division was still in shock after what happened last night, losing one of their own was never easy but when you of all become a close family it's worse. Andy knew Sam had been avoiding her since they found out that Jerry didn't make it, her time had been spent with mostly Traci but she had tried to call Sam but every time she just got the voicemail, she left messages each time but he never returned her calls. But walking out of the station after an awful shift Andy found Sam standing looking at the flowers, messages, candles, teddies and other items that had been gathering up outside the station since word got out about Jerry. Andy knew Sam was hurting as he and Jerry were best of friends, had went through the academy together and practically done everything together, she knew he was grieving and everyone dealt with grief their own way but she just hoped that he was at least speak to her if only for a few minutes.

"Sam" Andy said gently as she approached him, she seen him stiffen at her voice for only a second but quickly hide it but she seen it and frowned "Sam please talk to me, you've been avoiding me since last night" she pleaded. Sam snapped his head around to look at her and Andy caught some of the emotions in his eyes but the one that shocked her was anger and she didn't know if it was directed at her or the whole situation.

"I watched my best friend lose his life last night Andy so excuse me if I don't want to be around you or anyone else right now" Sam yelled and Andy wondered if everyone in the station could hear him.

"Please don't yell Sam, I know you're hurt but don't take it out on me" she whispered as the tears finally began to fall. Sam pinched the nose before taking a deep breath; he just didn't know what to say to her;

"Look I can't be around you right now, I mean if I had listened to Jerry in the first place he'd still be alive right now" he said wishing he could take the words back as soon as he let them out. Andy looked confused at first until something dawned on her;

"You're blaming me for Jerry! I mean I was taught to go with my gut instinct Sam and you're the one who taught me that! Andy yelled she didn't want too but she was beginning to get angry;

"Yeah and I ignored mine and went with a Rookie's instead" Sam yelled back but Andy was the one to look away, she couldn't bear to look at him anymore, sighing she decided to turn to the tribute that had been left for Jerry before speaking;

"I want to help you, us through this Sam but I can't do that if you keep pushing me away" Andy whispered but it was loud enough for Sam to hear;

"I don't want you to help me Andy…I don't know if I can do us anymore" and once again Sam regretted the words as soon as he spoke them but this was for the best. Andy's head whipped round to lock eyes with Sam shock written all over her face;

"What so that's it the going gets tough and you just leave" she yelled not willing to believe what he was saying;

"I don't know but all I know is that I can't do this" Sam said in a calm voice motioning between them. His voice was too calm for Andy's liking but she had heard enough;

"Well if that's us finished then I'll leave you alone but out of all the people I've had walk away from my life or hurt me, I never thought in a million years that you would be one of them" and with one last look in Sam's eyes she turned and walked away, walked away from the man she truly loved, walked away from her future unable to stop the tears falling.

Sam stood watching Andy walk away he had broken his promise to never hurt her but he knew he was doing the right thing by letting the woman he loved walked away and that's when it dawned on him, he never got the chance to say those three little words back and now he never would".


Wetness on her hand brought Andy out of her thoughts and she was glad because this wasn't a day for her to dwell on her own hurtful problems, that night had been one week ago but this was Jerry's day and she was going to be strong for Traci, she would just avoid Sam. Glancing at the clock she realised that it was time to go, pushing herself up of the sofa she grabbed her hat, gloves and keys, walked out the door locking up behind her and made the short walk to the car before heading to Traci's, this would be a long day.

Pulling up outside Traci's, Andy noticed that Traci was sitting on the front steps staring down at the ground; the other plus Leo, Traci's mum and Jerry's family would meet us at the church. Andy got out of the car and quickly made her way towards Traci before taking a seat next to her; she didn't say anything she knew that if Traci wanted to talk then she would;

"It still doesn't seem real, I'm still expecting him to walk up these steps and say that he's sorry for being late home or for him to call and say he'll be late" Traci's voice was almost a whisper but Andy heard it, she got what Traci was saying but she knew for a whole different reason. Andy though didn't say anything she just nodded her head and held Traci's hand giving her the support she needed.

The car ride to the church was done in silence both of them lost in their own thoughts, when they were only one block away from the church Traci spoke but still kept looking out the window;

"Would you sing that song at the funeral please" she asked and without even looking at Andy, she knew Andy new what song she was talking about. Andy's heart quickened at Traci's comment;

"I haven't sang in front of anyone for a few years Traci, you know that plus no-one apart from you and Gail know I can sing" Andy said hoping Traci would let it be at that but this was Traci she should have known better;

"I wouldn't ask but this is important to me, when Jerry and I decided to get married we knew the risks of the job, Jerry said that if and when his time came he would like that song sung at his funeral. You're the only person I know Andy that can sing that song great" Traci she now looking over at Andy who was still looking straight ahead as they went through the front gates of the church, Andy sighed;

"Ok I'll do it for you and Jerry. But I'm guessing it's already been sorted" She said giving Traci a raised eyebrow. Traci just gave her a small smile and Andy was grateful that she had managed to pull a smile from Traci, a small one was better than nothing.

Andy watched as Traci made her way over to her and Jerry's family, while Andy herself made her way over to Chris, Oliver, Dov and Gail who were all watching Traci;

"How is she doing?" Oliver asked nodding in Traci's direction;

"As best she can be, I don't suppose it will feel real until after today" Andy said sadly. Andy caught sight of Sam walking towards them and she quickly got nervous she really didn't want to see him but she knew it would be impossible for her to avoid him here of all days but what she didn't expect was for Sam to just walk on past her without even looking in her direction a move that didn't go unnoticed by Oliver or Traci.

And there you have the beginning, please don't hate me yes I know it's hard to see Sam and Andy not together but please bear with me as the story continues. So what song will Andy be singing and will it be too much for Sam to hear since it hits close to home with him & Andy? And will Sam saying anything to Andy at all? Well find out in the next chapter which will be up soon.