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"Why do you think it was me?" Norway said rather annoyed.

"Well let's see now… you have MAGIC!" Iceland yelled as the third boy chased his tail.

"It wasn't me although I should have thought of that. I'll call England." Norway stated and picked up the phone and walked to another room. Iceland groaned. Why am I always dragged into these magically stupid predicaments? Iceland sat on his couch and sighed. He glanced up to see Hong Kong sitting on his feet, staring back at him happily. His tail never seemed to stop wagging and it was annoying. He reached over and flicked him lightly in the forehead. The other boy/dog recoiled and yelped as if he'd been slapped. He ducked his tail under him and looked back at Iceland with betrayal in his eyes. Iceland looked back at him shocked. He took a step forward as the other boy/dog took two steps back. Guilt played at his heart. It was as if his big brown eyes screamed fear.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay?" Hong Kong took another step away and looked back at him. Iceland covered his face with his arms. I'm sorry. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He stared up into calm yet concerned brown eyes.

"Dude, are you okay?" The other boy asked, completely normal.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just tired." Iceland replied. The brown eyed boy yawned.

"Same." He sat next to Iceland on the couch. Suddenly, Norway walked.

"I just got off the phone with England. He said he'll be over in a little while." Norway said stoically.

"Oh, hey Norway. When did you get here?" Hong Kong asked.

"Oh um you were asleep when I got here. England's coming over to uh talk to you." Norway fumbled over what to say. He's a terrible liar… unless he's lying to Iceland. Hong Kong suddenly stood up.

"Tell him to go home. I'm leaving."

"Don't leave. He has something uh important to um tell you."

"I think I know what he means, just tell him I understand and I won't launch fireworks outside his window during his 'hangovers' anymore." He said quickly and started chewing a stick of gum. Norway looked over at Iceland with his you-better-do-something-bitch look. The violet eyed boy sighed. He grabbed Hong Kong's wrist and dragged him in a closet, waited a couple of seconds, and opened the door. The brown eyed boy/dog tilted his head and wagged his tail.

"How did you know he'd be his dog self when he came out?" Norway asked curiously.

"I actually didn't know. I just took a guess." Iceland said in relief. There was a knock at the door and then England walked in. He was greeted by a monotoned 'hello', some barks and a 'why did you do it?!' England sat in a chair across from Iceland and Norway, while the fourth person/dog sat on the floor next to England thumping his tail against the tile.

"Flying Mint Bunny told me I had cast the spell while I was… out of it. Though, I looked through my spell books and realized the page was torn out." England stated while petting Hong Kong's head.

Iceland yawned and tried to listen to the conversation but he kept drifting off.

"You're okay with that, Iceland? Iceland? ICELAND!" Norway hollered at his brother.

"W-What?" Iceland yawned. Norway sighed.

"You'll be watching your friend while England and I figure out the spell, got it?"

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." Iceland said a little dazed. Sadly, he didn't know just what he'd gotten himself into.

Darn shame huh?

Is this story even any good? I based HK's dog side off my dog, Oreo. :)