"Dooctor?" Amy drew out the word, her eyes wide. She raced into the TARDIS console room, having heard a sinister and extremely loud noise emanating from it. Naturally, she assumed the Doctor had gotten himself into trouble as usual and had raced to sort him out, like always.

Amy was used to seeing odd things by now- she'd witnessed the past, the future, aliens, villains, spaceships, different planets- but what she saw startled her. And it took quite a lot to startle Amelia Jessica Pond.

The Doctor was dancing around the TARDIS console, grinning like an idiot, to blaring Lady Gaga music.
Amy quickly realized the horrible, eardrum splitting noise that had drawn her there was- god forbid- the Doctor's singing. It was completely terrible, and as the Doctor burst into the chorus of "Bad Romance", Amy hunched over, her eyes screwed shut and her fingers in her ears. Relieved by the absence of the awful racket, Amy opened her eyes hesitantly, and wished she hadn't. The Doctor was jumping up and down like a maniac to the beat, his lips moving soundlessly. Amy braced herself and pulled her fingers out of her ears. "Doctor?" She asked, but her voice was lost in the noise. "DOCTOR!" Shouted Amy, loudly as she could, and the Doctor froze and the music faded. He immediately busied himself with levers and switched. "Oh, hello, Amelia. I was just, er, testing, the TARDIS." He said nervously, straightening his bow tie.

Amy crossed her arms. "Testing the TARDIS," she repeated dubiously. The Doctor smiled weakly and nodded. "Uh, yeah. Was just checking the sound capabilities of the..." He trailed off and Amy rolled her eyes.

"I saw you singing and dancing." She said, slowly, carefully. "And it was painful. So don't let me experience it again." She paused. "Ever."

"What was painful? Amy?" A voice, unmistakably Rory's, rang out, and the Doctor and Amy turned to see him walk down the stairs to join them.

"You don't want to know." Amy told him severely. "It was more terrifying than every monster we've faced put together." With that, she wheeled around and sat down on the chair beside the console. Rory looked slightly confused, but knew better than to ask.
The Doctor broke the silence by clapping his hands. "Okay! Where to now? I know an amazing karaoke bar on Earth..."


"Only kidding, Pond." He tapped his nose, and then a grin broke across his face. "What about Ancient Egypt?" He asked excitedly.

"Will we meet mummies?" Rory asked timidly, raising a hand as if he was in school.
"Rory Williams! Don't be ridiculous!" The Doctor chided, and Rory looked slightly embarrassed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

"Of course we'll meet mummies!" Amy laughed giddily at this. "I vote for Egypt and mummies!"
"Well, I don't." Rory protested. "Let's think about this rationally-"
"Rationally? What planet are you from, Rory?" The Doctor hit a switch and the TARDIS shook. "Ancient Egypt it is!" He shouted, a maniacal gleam in his eyes. "GERONIMO!"

Amy and Rory hung on tightly to bits of wall and console, ready for their next bit of adventure.

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