"Yes, Amelia?"

"How long have we been up here? Because I feel like my head's going to explode." Amy squirmed slightly. The Doctor smiled and licked his lips. "Well, yeah. That's the blood rushing to your head. That's normal! Very normal!"

"How long, Doctor?" Snapped Amy. The Doctor tested his wrists. "I'd say three hours."

Amy groaned in frustration and closed her eyes. "This is terrible."

"Thanks for spelling that out, Pond." Replied the Doctor, "I really needed that."

"You're welcome." Amy replied graciously, and then sighed.

"Just so you know, this is all your fault."

"My fault?" The Doctor cried in outrage. "My dear Pond, you were the one who asked to see Owl City!"

"The band, Doctor, the band! I asked to go to a concert, not some alien city called Owl City in which we get taken by the local tribe and hung by our ankles. And then to have rotten fruit thrown at me." Amy looked aggravated.

"This is far better than some boring concert where humans flail their arms around," The Doctor said indignantly, and Amy scoffed.

"What, like you did when we went to see a Beethoven concert the other day, hmm? I think that qualifies as flailing your arms around and getting us kicked out." Amy said, suppressing a smile as the Doctor twitched.

"That was not the same! It was classical, beautiful- and plus I knew Beethoven well."

"Yeah, he didn't seem to think that."

"Bit early in his timestream, I suppose." The Doctor conceded, and glanced at the ground.

"Oh, it's Rory!" He said, sounding delighted.

Amy's face lit up. "Really? Maybe he can let us down!"

She looked down, her mouth forming a "Rory!" when his name froze in her mouth. Standing beneath them, looking quite haughty, was a reddish-brown monkey.

"That is not Rory." Amy said slowly, trying not to lose her temper. The Doctor beamed. "Isn't it? Well, no, it's a monkey, but it's an easy mistake to make really-"

Amy's eyes flashed. "When we get down from here, I'm going to whack you with whatever I'm holding at the moment. You'd better hope it's not hard."

"Monkey!" Yelled the Doctor, not paying attention. The money sat up. "Yes, good boy, maybe it speaks English!" He said hopefully. "Can you help us?"

The monkey hesitated; then wandered over to where rotten apples and bananas lay on the grassy ground. It picked one up and flung it at them, letting out what seemed to be a screech of mirth. The brownish banana sailed past Amy, striking the Doctor in the jaw. Amy winced. "Bad monkey." She muttered, and the monkey, still screeching, ambled away.

"What a ridiculous monkey! Told me my bow tie was odd!" Sniffed the Doctor.

"It is." Amy said bluntly. "And don't tell me you speak monkey."


"No, you don't." Amy told him.

"Are all gingers as scary as you, Pond?" Asked the Doctor, interested. Amy said nothing.

The Doctor began to hum to break the silence, but Amy cut him off sharply. "No. Just no. Please, if you value my sanity, don't hum."

"I'll have you know my 'humming' inspired the song you know as Ode to Joy-" He began, and then fell silent. Amy recognized this as a bad sign. "Doctor..?"

He gestured weakly.

A roughly humanoid figure with blue skin was looking up at them, talking rapidly in a foreign language. He growled wildly and made a chopping motion with his hands, before continued jabbering in high, stressed tones."What's he saying?" Amy asked the Doctor, eying the figure warily.

"I'm not sure," replied the Doctor, "But I think he's saying he's going to cook us."

"Rory needs to get here soon." Groaned Amy.

A smile spread across the Doctor's face and he opened his mouth.

"No monkey jokes." Amy said severely, and he frowned. "No fun."

"I'll hit you even harder." Amy threatened.

"You are one scary ginger."

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