Isabelle and Ratigan were walking down the street, coming back from a high society party.

"I only saw three guards." Isabelle said, fidgeting in her dress a bit, "For a place like that, you think they would have more guards."

"It seems they either like to show off or they are just stupid" Ratigan said, making the thief chuckle. She grabbed one of his hands and intertwined their fingers together ,making the professor blush.

She knows that he's a little iffy about holding hands, it was such an intimate gesture. She found it funny that the man who can be quite dirty in the bedroom is so shy when it comes to holding hands. But she felt him squeeze back her hand, giving her a soft smile.

The moment was was suddenly broken when a small mosueling just barreled between them, grabbing Ratigans watch and trying to run off. But Ratigan snarled and grabbed the child's arm, making her shriek. He held her up and the couple took a look at her.

She was small girl mouse, looking around six years old. She had messy black hair, brown fur and golden eyes. Her clothes looked worn out and she looked skinny. She looked up at Raigan with fright, her tail curled up around her body.

"You little ragamuffin!" Ratigan growled, "Give me back my watch!"

The little girl nodded and trembling, gave Ratigan his watch back.

"Now what to do with you?" he growled out, making her whimper. Isabelle sighed and looked at Ratigan.

"Padriac, put her down. Let me have a word with her."

Ratigan looked at her oddly, but he complied as he put the mouse down and Isabelle took her to the side, crouching to her level.

"Whats your name, sugar?"

"L-Lizzie, Lizzie Sh-Shaunessy."

Isabelle nodded and looked at Lizzie with a sharp gaze.

"Is this your first time stealing?" she asked, with the girl nodding.

"Lizzie, next time, choose your mark more carefully." she said, startling the young girl while Ratigan just raised an eyebrow.

"Also, don't choose big scary men like him." she said, pointing to Ratigan, "They could feel when you lift something from them and they move faster."

Lizzie looked confused, but she nodded. Isabelle then reached into her purse and gave Lizzie some money, standing up.

"Go get something to eat, sugar and remember what I told you."

Lizzie smiled and nodded, running off in a different direction. Isabelle watched her go and then looked at Ratigan, who was looking at her with amusement.


"I cannot believe you gave that child advice." he said as Isabelle took his arm, the two of them chuckling. Isabelle looked back, however, wondering if Lizzie will be alright.

AN: Here is my newest GMD story along with a new OC, Lizzie. Yeah, Isabelle is the type of person to give a pickpocket some advice. Read on as Lizzie integrates herself with the Cassidy's and Ratigan.

So, the first time we meet her when she tries to pickpocket Ratigan, big mistake. As you can see, he does not appreciate getting pickpocket, but Isabelle saves her. Lol. Lizzies story will come in later chapter.

Lizzie's looks are important to the story, I will say why in later chapters. If I had a voice actor for her, it would have been Heather O'Rourke, the little girl who played Carol Anne in Poltergeist.

I have to thank my fellow Ratigan fan, Cellenia, cause she gave me the idea to bring a kid into the story. Thanks hun!

Yeah, Ratigan has a problem with holding hands cause its so intimate. So cute when he blushes!

Anyway, enjoy and comments are loved! I don't own GMD, just Isabelle and Lizzie!