Annie heard the door to the saloon open and looked, seeing it was Isabelle. She was about o greet her when she saw the little mouse standing closely to the thief.

"Hello, Isabelle." She greeted and then bending down to Lizzie, who held tightly to Isabelle's leg.

"This here is Lizzie. She's going to be staying with us." She said.

Annie was going to say something, but was interrupted when Ratigan came into the room. He saw her, smiled and walked up to her.

"Hello darling." He said, kissing her gently, "What brings you here?"

"Klaus blew up my room…again." She said, making him chuckle. He then caught sight of Lizzie and frowned in surprise.

"Why is she here?" he said, looking at Isabelle, "Why is she even with you?"

"Lizzie is going to stay with us for now on."

Ratigan looked surprised from her declaration and then looked harshly at Lizzie, who tried to hide herself behind Isabelle's legs. Isabelle just smiled at Lizzie.

"Don't worry, honey. He doesn't bite…much." She said, making Ratigan roll his eyes.

"Isabelle, a word." He said, making look at him with exasperation and nodding, taking Lizzie to the pianist, Carl, and asking him to show her some songs. When he nodded, she walked back to Ratigan and took her to the back of the bar.

"Isabelle, why is this child, the same very one that tried to steal my watch, with you?"

"She needs a place to stay, Padriac."

"Why?" he asked incredously.

Isabelle then started to tell Ratigan about Lizzie and her parents and where she found her. His face softened, but he shook his head.

"Isabelle, you can't provide a stable life for that child. Why don't you just put her in an orphanage? What can you possibly give her?"

Isabelle glared at him and folded her arms.


AN: So, here we have Ratigan meeting Lizzie, again and is not happy about it. He really doesn't like it when someone steals from him, especially if it's a kid. Lizzie is just so scared of him all over again.

I finally thought of the name of that pianist in the Rat Trap, he looks like a Carl to me.

So, Ratigan doesn't want Lizzie around, but Isabelle is not letting him have any say in this. He should not have argued with her.

Anyway, enjoy and comments are loved! I don't own GMD, just Isabelle and Lizzie!