The Cassidy Group were at home when there was a knock on their door. Abigail went and opened it, gasping loudly.

"Nana Ella! Aunt Polly!" she said, moving aside to let the women in. First came in a middle age mouse with brown fur ans short blonde hair. Then came in a tall, older mouse with light gray fur and gray hair in a bun. She was walking with a cane, but her green eyes were alive and alert as she looked at the group with a scrutinizing gaze.

"Well, well, well, Neil." she said, looking over the eldest Cassidy, "It seems you grew up to a fine young man."

"Er, thanks, grandma." he said, wondering why the Cassidy Matriarch was here in London.

"Wheres Isabelle?" she asked suddenly.

"Shes upstairs. I'll get her." Abigail said, going up the stairs. Ella then saw Thomas, her eyes going wide as she took in his size.

"My, my, Thomas, you really had a growth spurt." she said, making the rat blush and look down.

They heard steps down the stairs and saw Isabelle looking at Ella with interest.

"Grandma, what are you doing here?" she asked as folded her arms, looking at her relatives. Ella took a deep breath and looked straight at Isabelle.

"Isabelle...have you gotten any letters from us, over the past few months?" she asked, making Isabelle look at her in confusion.

"No, why?"

Ella and Polly looked at each other and sighed.

"Honey."Polly started to say, "Um,..its...well...its about your mother."

Isabelle's ears perked up as her chest suddenly clenched.

"What about Mum?"

"I'm so sorry, Isabelle...she-she passed away."

Isabelle eyes widened as she began to shake.


"...two months ago."

The group instantly looked stunned while Isabelle's tremor became worse. When she couldn't speak, Neil spoke up.

"Why the hell didn't you tell us earlier?" he yelled, startling their aunt.

"We-We didn't know where you lived." she stammered, then she suddenly yelped when Ella whacked her with her cane.

"Polly, you know damn well why they haven't got our letters! The same reason we haven't been getting hers!"

That was when Rose noticed something.

"Wait...wheres Isabelle?"

That's when everyone noticed that the thief was gone, somehow breaking away from the conversation. But Neil waved it off.

"Its fine. There's only one place she's going to anyway."

Ratigan was in his office when he heard his door opened, making him growl.

"Fidget, if that's you, I told you I'm not to be disturbed."

He then heard a sob and looked to the doorway, seeing Isabelle with tears in her eyes.

"Isabelle, whats wrong?" he said as he quickly went to her. When she didn't answer, he closed the door and led her to the love couch.

"My-My grandma is here in London a-a-and she-she told me-" she started to say, sobbing loudly as he rubbed her back.

"Take your time, my dear." he said soothingly.

Isabelle took a deep breath and then looked at Ratigan with a tearful gaze.

"P-Padriac, me mum died." she said, making him look at her in shock, "She died two months ago and I didn't know."

She sobbed more as she held her face, her body wracking with sobs.

"I didn't know!" she wailed, making him take her in his lap and holding her tightly.

"Oh darling, I'm so sorry." he said as he rocked her in his arms, trying to help her with her grief.

AN: Here is my newest GMD story and this one has a lot of action and racism, so be prepared. In this story, we will finally meet Norman, Isabelle's evil stepfather. If you don't know who he is, look into my other GMD story, Into The Night. You will see what he did to her.

So, here we finally meet Isabelle's grandmother, Nana Ella, her crazy foul mouth talking grandma. If I had a voice actor for her, it would be Tyler Perry cause one of the people I based her on was Madea and I could totally see her with that voice. God, that's too funny! I don't know for Aunt Polly, she's not important right now. So, we have Isabelle finding out her mother died two months ago and she didn't have a clue. You will find out later why she didn't get those letters. So, shes grieving and heads to Ratigan.

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