Ella was sitting in the back of the saloon, smoking a cigar when Isabelle walked in. Her cheek was bandaged and it looked like it was still stinging her, but she sat down and looked at her grandmother.

"Now...tell me about Norman." she said, making Ella sigh and stub out her cigar.

"Alright." she said, "Now, you know, Norman grew up with your mama and daddy, right?"

Isabelle nodded.

"Well, he grew up in our town and he really like your ma. I could tell just the way he looked at her that he really loved Sophie. He was really smitten with her."

She lit another cigar and inhaled, then letting a cloud of smoke.

"But he wasn't like that with your daddy."

Isabelle's ears perked up, listening intently.

"Tobias was really well liked, you know this. He was nice to everyone, even Norman. He was fair and gentle as a lamb. Norman wasn't so liked, he was mean as a snake and treated everyone around him like dirt. He was always nasty to everyone. But, Sophie liked Tobias, which made Norman hate him more. But what really separated the two of them was the standing on rats. You know how your daddy was with rats and what Norman's views are on them."

Isabelle nodded, knowing how her father always were fair and treated rat equally; he was always friendly to them. Norman view on them were always demonic. That was what mainly separated them; like water and oil, they were separated.

"Anyway..." Ella said continuing, "When your daddy died, Norman saw this is as an opportunity and well, he married your mama. But Sophie still missed Tobias, I don't think she gave herself enough time to grieve."

Isabelle nodded, knowing that it bothered the family how quickly her mother married Norman, just two months after her fathers death.

"He didn't like." Isabelle said suddenly, getting Ella's attention.

"He didn't like me at all." she said, "I thought it was because I dressed like a boy and Thomas. But it felt like more..."

Sh trailed off, making Ella's smile at her sympathetically.

"Oh honey, it was more then that." she said, "It was because you're like your daddy."

When Isabelle looked at her in confusion, she continued.

"Honey, you act so much like your father. You look like Sophie, but there's so much of Tobias in you. You even got his eyes."

Isabelle looked at her in surprise, the information sinking in.

"Are you saying he hated me cause I acted like my Da?"

Ella nodded and then let out a deep breath.

"Now, when Norman whipped you..."

Isabelle flinched at that, the memory still was burned in her mind.

"Sugar, your mama didn't know until the last minute."

"What do you mean the last minute?"

"Isabelle, she didn't know what happened to you till you left Clearwater."

Isabelle's eyes widened at that and she tried to say something, but only sputtered over her words.


"Norman didn't let her know." Ella said, "I didn't understand that, Sophie just let that man run her life, she wasn't like that before."

Isabelle bit her lip, wanting to ask a different question.

"Nana?" she asked, "Did Ma ever got any of my letters?"

"...No, honey, she didn't." Ella said slowly, "Norman...kept them from her, like he kept the letters that we tried to send you."

Isabelle's head shot up and she felt a coil of fury twist in her stomach.

"What?" she asked tightly.

"He kept them from Sophie, he thought somehow he was getting back at you. Punishing you for disobeying him. But...it just made your mother sadder. That's why she died...cause she was so sad...she just gave up."

The two women were quiet for a moment until Ella sighed and stood up.

"Well, honey, I have to get going. Gotta head back home."

Isabelle nodded as she also stood up, hugging her grandmother. The elder mouse hugged back and then pulled away.

"Now, you remember what I told you?"

"Being three steps ahead of your man?"


They chuckled for a moment, but Ella then grasped her shoulders, looking at her with seriousness.

"Now listen, Norman has been acting crazier since your mama diedand he's gonna stay here in London. So be careful, alright?"

Isabelle only nodded, wondering just how much the preacher already affected their life.

AN: So, here is Norman's back story. I just noticed that its a lot like Snape's story from Harry Potter, but a little more darker. So, we have him hating Isabelle's father since they were kids cause he was so well-liked and his views on rats. He just got more pissed off when he married Sophie (Isabelle's mother), who he had an infatuation. So, when Tobias died, he took advantage of that and married Sophie, but it didn't exactly work as he thought it would, since she was still pining for Tobias and Isabelle acted so much like her father.

We also find out why Isabelle's letters never got to her mother cause Norman never gave them to her. He thought he was punishing Isabelle, but he just made Sophie sadder and she died from that. I did researched this; you can die if you are overly depressed.

Yeah, Ella smokes cigars and he gives good advice. Also, Isabelle calls her father Da cause she rather calls him that then father. We also learned why her mother never came for her after she got whipped.

Anyway, enjoy and comments are loved! I don't own GMD, but Isabelle, her parents, Ella and Norman belong to me!