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Daine sat at the edge of the dock, tears streaming down her cheeks. The battle had lasted for three days, and no one could find Numair. She looked into the water and tears streamed down her eyes. Cries of the animals around us sounded in alarm and fear. Daine raised her head as green magic poured into the castle from some invisible source. Black magic threaded through the green and hit the top of the tower with enough force to knock it down. Daine jumped to her feet and ran inside. Another long night was in store for her… just not in the way she was expecting.

The door to the throne room rumbled with the magic that was filling it. Daine put a shoulder up to it and pushed it open. The king was unconscious on the floor and two of the guards were strung up on the top of the tower. Alanna and George were firing magic at a strange subject that stood in front of the Throne. Thayet was slung over the kidnapper's shoulder and he was slashing his arm to deflect the different bolts. Daine called on the falcon sitting in the top of the spires. The falcon swooped down and slashed at the kidnapper's shoulders. A single cry of pain tore from the kidnapper's throat. Thayet took the chance and drew her dagger from the sheath hanging from the throne.

The dagger slammed into the kidnapper's stomach. He immediately dropped the queen and took off down one of the corridors. Daine watched him go into the forest and called her friends to watch where he went. Thayet stood up and brushed herself off. The dagger was red with the person's blood. "Daine, go find that brute and bring them back. ALIVE!" Alanna stood up from her place next to Thayet and followed Daine. She turned around to glance at her then continued. A guard handed her her arrows and bow then quickly returned to her post. Alanna smiled and they ran into the forest.

Daine called to a nearby fox and asked," Did you see a person run out of the castle earlier?" The fox nodded and led them to a small clearing. There was a figure curled up in a cloak. The hood was pulled over their face and the figure was clutching their belly in pain. Daine didn't care at first who he was. She could see the major blood stain spreading across the front of his (Daine could now see it was defiantly a man) shirt. She knelt down next to figure then lightly placed a hand over his wound. A single moan sounded from the figure. She tried to lift the hood back to see his face, but the man clutched his hood to his face. Alanna grabbed his hands and purple fire flowed into his body. As he slumped unconscious, Daine pulled his hood back. She gasped and Alanna sank to her knees. "NUMAIR!" Daine stared at his face and fell into unconsciousness.